The Entrepreneurial Attitude

Episode 58:

For more than 20 years, David Mammano has been a serial entrepreneur. Having started seven businesses from scratch, he thrives on starting and growing businesses.

Today he thrives on helping others start or grow their businesses by infusing the latest entrepreneurial principles and the entrepreneurial attitude into their strategy.

Relevant experiences include being a three-time Inc. Magazine 5000 Growth Company, the host of The Avanti Entrepreneur podcast, a TEDx speaker, an adjunct professor at the University of Rochester, and the author of business and college planning books.

David has started, sold, franchised, licensed, and taken on partners as well as investors with his companies. He’s done it all, and now Dave is ready to help others start or grow their companies.

David graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/Advertising. He is also a graduate of the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, an executive education program offered through the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

David’s community activities include being a local board member for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a local board member for Junior Achievement, and starting his local EO Chapter.

In 2004, David published his first book, “101 Things You Can Do To Become an Outstanding Young Adult.” His second book, “Make Love in the Workplace,” a guide to awesome culture in the office, was published in 2014.

David is a prolific speaker — speaking at hundreds of business and education events.

David is most proud of his family in Victor, NY, including three young children, Gianluca, Melania and Alessio. His hobbies include family activities, reading, cooking, eating, exercise and repeated attempts at humor.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • David’s background as a serial entrepreneur
  • David’s first businesses as a kid
  • Where the entrepreneurial spirit comes from
  • The entrepreneurial attitude and what it means to run your business like an entrepreneur
  • Why leaders have to force their teams to make decisions without them
  • “Make Love in the Workplace”: David’s book for improving workplace culture that he is giving away for free with a strategy session
  • David’s podcast Avanti Entrepreneur
  • How David pivoted from a business model that wasn’t profitable to one that became much more scalable
  • Why entrepreneurs rarely stick to the business that they start out in
  • What’s coming up for David in the future
  • “Main Street Entrepreneur”: a great book by Michael Glauser that David is reading right now
  • Why we are probably going to see a huge influx of entrepreneurs
  • Why you need to do whatever it takes (and why you can’t say “that’s not my job”)


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