Health Insurance for Entrepreneurs

Episode 247:

Eric Dalton is a longtime North Texas resident with deep roots in the community. Eric has strong family values and has twin juniors in College. After successful careers in the hotel and the cable industry he transitioned to the world of health insurance where he found his passion. He understands the importance of having your health plan work for you when you need it the most. Eric is licensed in multiple states for health, life, dental and vision plans. Eric is very proud of his high retention rate amongst his clients. The happiness of his clients is a direct result of listening to their needs and making sure they have the right coverage at the best rate. Eric’s philosophy is “whether you insure with me or not, make sure that you have health insurance and do not expose you or your family financially”.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why pre-existing conditions still matter with regards to getting insurance outside of ACA markets, and why they still affect your premium
  • Why “open enrollment” only applies to ACA insurance and not to policies purchased directly from insurance companies
  • Why it’s important to reevaluate your health insurance every couple of years and shop around for policies that better fit you
  • Why joining a “group” as an entrepreneur for a lower rate is a myth
  • Why your policy should be built for major health events like hospital stays, rather than minor events like doctor check-ups
  • How Eric sells insurance throughout Texas as well as within multiple other states
  • How to find plans that offer insurance benefits even for out-of-network doctor visits
  • How networks vary from provider to provider, and why it’s important to understand what is and is not covered
  • The difference between PPO and HMO plans, and why both options can be viable depending upon your health needs


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