First Deal | Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Success

Episode 81:

First Deal | Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Success

Joshua Paschall is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who is originally from Bronx, NY and is currently residing in Atlanta, Ga. He flipped his first property for a $3,000 assignment fee in September of 2013 while living in an extended stay motel (practically homeless) and going through the roughest time of his life to date. Since his first deal, he’s gone on to doing over 100 deals, purchased a home for himself and his family cash (no more homeless) 🙂 and has become financially FREE. Now he’s all about growing as a person mentally, spiritually, and financially. Also, he feels it’s his mission to help others who are going through what he went through just like his mentors have helped him.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Josh’s background & how he got his first deal in real estate working on a shoestring budget
  • How Josh’s first deal in real estate went down
  • Why it’s important to find the beauty in the struggle when looking for your first deal
  • Why you should trust your gut & the path that you are on
  • Why you need to ask yourself what you want in life
  • How the universe tested Josh on what he wanted
  • Why you need to have either time or money to get started in the real estate business
  • How having a mentor can help you accomplish your goals
  • How Josh’s faith saved him
  • How real estate investment can help you achieve your dreams



Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast. Coming to you straight from the smallest big town in Texas with your host, mentor and owner financing master, Mitch a.k.a. “Be the Bank” Stephen. The possibilities of life without a J-O-B start here. So, grab your pen and paper and listen up.

Mitch Stephen: You all just might figure out how to fail forward to financial freedom.

This is Mitch, and welcome to the Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast. I’m here with Joshua Paschall. He’s from Georgia and he’s got a very good story. He’s got a tremendous story. The man came from dead broke homeless, sleeping in a car, and today, well, let’s just say he went from no house to many houses and he did it in a relatively short period of time. Let’s get a word from my sponsors and we’re going to get feedback and we’re going to hear Joshua Paschall’s story. It is amazing.

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I’d like to thank my sponsors sincerely. They’re great people and I love them. That’s why they’re up there for you all to hear and get to know. Today, we’re going to talk to Joshua Paschall. Joshua, how are you doing this morning?

Joshua Paschall: Good morning, Mitch. I’m doing well. I’m feeling well. I’m happy to be here. Thank you for having me. It’s great to help some people out.

Mitch Stephen: I’m really glad that you agreed to do this and I know that maybe some of the memories that we’re going to go back to aren’t so fun to hear. They’re not so fun. It was a hard time in your life, and it might have been even embarrassing. So, I’m glad that you’ve got what it takes to come on and share it with people even though it’s not pretty fair in the beginning, because I think it’s really important and I think there’s a lot of people that need to hear your story. Can you give us a little background on you just so we know a little bit about who you are? Then I’m going ask you some questions about your journey.

Joshua Paschall: Sure, sure. Again, my name is Josh Paschall. I’m 27 years old. Mitch, I’ll be 28 May 4th next month. I’ve been investing in real estate. I did my first deal in September 2013 I believe and I’ve, like you said, just started from nothing as a lot of people who do the creative real estate investing field, they start with nothing and somehow make something. I started just grinding with no money at all and-

Mitch Stephen: Well, let’s talk about this though because you really did start at the bottom. At one point, you spent a night in your car, right?

Joshua Paschall: Yeah, yeah.

Mitch Stephen: Can I ask how that happened? How did that happen?

Joshua Paschall: Mitch, I had a lot of time to think about what really happened to me and I didn’t really have much security. I was at a time where … I heard you mention before good things sometimes happen … I mean bad things sometimes happen to good people. If you ask me, I’m a living proof of that. There just came a time where things got really hard. I was living with my mother and she started getting … Her health started declining as well as my brother. Just his health started declining around the time where I was only really working a part-time job, and we were all just one family helping each other out.

At that time, my dad really wasn’t in the picture and things just started getting hard. I was trying to figure myself out where I wanted to go. I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I was stuck in a position where I really couldn’t do much since I had to work a job. So, there really wasn’t so much I can do but it got to a point where things just got hard, and I ended up getting evicted from my apartment. I wasn’t able to pay my rent on time for the most part and I got evicted from my apartment. In the process, I lost all my belongings.

It’s really something that I don’t talk about as much. Not that many people know that this actually happened to me, only a few close friends. I’m sure after this podcast, there’s going to be a lot of people who knows that, but I really feel like it’s necessary.

Mitch Stephen: I really want to commend you for going to this place that you don’t like to talk about, right? I believe so. I know why you wouldn’t, but it’s part of your amazing story and it’s part of why you’re story is so amazing. How old were you when you were got put out on the street?

Joshua Paschall: I think I was about 24. I was turning 24 or something like that.

Mitch Stephen: I mean that’s an age where you really don’t … When I think about what I was doing when 24 and where my head was, it’d be really hard to be in the street at 24. So, you’re there. You don’t stay on the street long. I mean you find some kind of shelter or housing. What’s the next step after sleeping in the car?

Joshua Paschall: I mean I slept in my car one or two nights but there was always a plan on … Basically, my plan didn’t happen. The plan that I did have didn’t happen. Around that time, I think I was experimenting with real estate, trying to get into wholesaling, trying to break the ice, but I was still working my job, and around that time, I was taking a leap of faith. I’ve seen that if I stayed on this road, things may get bad for us. My mother, she was getting sick with her health. My brother was sick and I’ve seen myself getting put in the driver’s seat in a way to help out my family.

I’m going to just tell you the story. I only probably told one or two other people this actual story of actually what really happened to me. I was living in a townhome apartment complex or something around that time in 2013 or something like that, a couple of years ago, and I was experimenting with real estate. Here’s the real reason why I believe I got evicted. It all happened around the same time. Boy, this is an embarrassing story but it needs to be told.

My next door neighbor around that time, they had just moved out of their apartment and I think it has something to do with them just not … They weren’t really hygienic or clean people. Maybe not. I can’t blame them. Maybe it was the apartment they were in, but they had a whole lot of roaches, Mitch. As soon as they moved out of their apartment, all that stuff came to ours. I mean this was the first time I’ve ever lived in those type of conditions, I caught myself complaining to the people at the apartment complex wanting them to do something about my apartment that I really was just not happy with living in. I was overran by roaches, you know?

Mitch Stephen: Yeah.

Joshua Paschall: That put me in a position where I didn’t want to … I almost didn’t want to pay my rent anyway. I’m just like, “Oh, man. Like, I can’t live in here. I barely had the money.” So, I started formulating a plan. They weren’t really going to help me. They were not going to send any exterminators-

Mitch Stephen: Exterminators.

Joshua Paschall: Yeah. To really help me. So, I started formulating a plan in my mind to move my family out of this place anyway. I think I was working on my first deal. I was trying to put my first deal together and I was planning on moving us into a hotel. Around that time, money was pretty tight but I was trying to get into real estate. Just long story short, it all just happened at a bad time where I wasn’t even living in my apartment at that time. I was taking whatever money I did have and we were living in a hotel. We stayed at a little hotel to just not have to live there.

Long story short, one day, I come back from the hotel. All my belongings are still at my apartment townhome. I come back home one day from the hotel and all of my stuff is put out. I get there and everything I own is on the street. Now, mind you, Mitch, I may have been living in a townhome with some pretty hard circumstances but we were not bad people. We were good people. We had nice things, and everything that I own was put out. When I got there, my neighbors told me how everybody ran through my stuff and took my belongings.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this movie Coming to America but this is being in this movie with Eddie Murphy and they take all of his belongings. He’s a rich guy and he’s in a bad neighborhood and everyone seize all his electronic things. They just take everything, take whatever they can salvage and they ran with it leaving me with basically nothing. I just kind of had to pick myself up. I not only was set out, I was set out with just the clothes on my back. That was the hardest part being having nowhere to go and really not having anything to take with me. So, when I say I started all over, I started all over from the bottom with nothing and …

Mitch Stephen: Yeah. People say they came from the bottom but then … but you came from the bottom. How do you make your first deal? Tell us about your first deal. So, you’re staying in this hotel. By the way, is your brother and your mother okay now?

Joshua Paschall: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank God. Thank God. Yeah. For sure.

Mitch Stephen: Okay. Good, good. You’re killing me here. I’m glad there are some good news there. You’re in a hotel and you’re trying to make ends meet and you’re trying to buy your first deal. What happens on your first deal? Tell us about your first deal.

Joshua Paschall: Okay. My first deal, I started … I guess I learned from my mistakes trying to put things together. One thing I was doing terribly, terribly wrong, Mitch, and I even heard you say this, learning is in living. Sometimes you just gotta get out there and get things done. At this point in time, I was trying to do this business without really knowing what I was doing. I’m behind the computer. I’m behind the phone and I’m just not really out there making stuff happen. Deals are made in real life so to speak.

I think I went from a place of just trying to make something happen virtually. It’s a difference between doing something virtually when you know what you’re doing. When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s difficult if I’m not mistaken. I had to actually get out there and make a deal happen. I purchased a mailing list or something if I’m not mistaken and just tried to get my phone to ring while I was in the hotel. I just wanted my phone to ring. I ended up getting a lead on the deal.

This was the first deal that I ever worked on and it was … When I think back on it, it was … I couldn’t have done it without help because my first deal had title issues. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve never even owned a home or anything like that. I didn’t know anything about how to handle these issues but thank God I had my mother who’s older than me and who understood things more than I did who’s able to help me.

My first deal, I made a little over $3,000. It was a wholesale deal. I put a property under contract for $9,000. It was a really beat-up piece of crap property. The funny story that goes along with that, I tell people. I had gotten the property on the contract. I remember the guy’s name. His name is Kendrick, just his first name. He was almost like an alcoholic maybe. In your book, remember that guy that you said that was so hard to deal with?

Mitch Stephen: Mr. Hoboken?

Joshua Paschall: Mr. Hoboken. Yeah. Whatever. One of those guys who’s a drug addict or something.

Mitch Stephen: Oh, no. Yeah.

Joshua Paschall: He’s demanding money from you, demanding money. I had a guy just totally demanding.

Mitch Stephen: That was a different guy. That was a different guy. He was a crack-head or a heroin addict, and he needed a fix and he would hammer me like crazy because he wanted his fix and he knew I get … He figured I had money and he had these dealings over and over my head. Okay. So, you got one of these really difficult guys to deal with.

Joshua Paschall: It was so funny because I told him I’d pay him $9,000 for his property. We’re going to try to close this out in 30 days or less, but he had title issues and he just couldn’t understand why we had to wait. I really needed this money as you could tell. I was in the hotel. I really needed him to just cooperate and just let me try to do what I can do, let me do my job. He was making things very, very difficult on me but I couldn’t give up. This was the only fish I had on the line so to speak. I had to make this work. I was somehow able to make it work.

Here’s the funny thing. I found a buyer for that property in the neighborhood just by placing some bandit signs up. I didn’t even have money to purchase bandit signs. So, what I did was as I had the property under contract, I went down to the grocery store like Piggly Wiggly or something like that. I ask them, “Hey, I know you guys have all these boxes that you guys throw out. Do you mind if I take a couple of boxes? I’m about to move or something like that.” I made up some excuse. “Do you mind if I just have a couple of your boxes?” “Sure. Hey, you can have as many as you need.”

So, I packed as many brown egg carton boxes or whatever I can. I got in my car and drove down to Home Depot and spent like $10 on some wooden stakes. I had no money. Wooden stakes. I handmade my own sign with a magic marker and just stapled them to this wooden stake, wrote out “House for Sale” and my phone number, and literally, within maybe two hours of me placing those signs out in the neighborhood, I had an older woman call me who owned a property in that neighborhood. She was close to retiring. It says cash price. I think we put like 15,000 or something like that on the bandit sign. She said she had the money right now. She want to see the property.

I made an appointment with her to show her the property. She wanted to buy it for 12,000. She didn’t want to spend 15,000 on it so she’s decided to buy it for 12,000. She says she was doing her daughter a favor. She wanted to get her daughter into real estate investing so she was going to buy the property for her daughter. The only thing is she didn’t trust me. She wanted to meet me face-to-face, too. She didn’t know who I was.

I told her I wasn’t the owner of the property. I’m trying to sell in my position. So, she wanted to meet me face-to-face. I had to meet her at her home and sign a contract with her. The funny part about that story Mitch is why I went into so long detail about this is because while I was sitting in her living room talking with her, I had my nice presentation, I was going through the hardest time in my life. I had to not let her know that I was homeless.

I just remember one part in time when she was just about to sign this contract. This was me about to get her sign this contract. She was going to agree to pay me a $3,000 assignment fee. Around that time, what’s so funny is I remember a roach crawling on my head while I was sitting in her living room. Something that I must have taken with me from the hotel and I brought it into her living room while we were having this conversation about signing the contract.

All I can remember is “Oh, my God. I hope she doesn’t see this and kick me out of her house.” Come on, man. It wasn’t my fault. It was my next door neighbors’. They moved and we inherited all their bad luck. I’m just trying my best to stay strong and just make it. Long story short, I mean it was funny once I left that that happened.

Mitch Stephen: How important was that first deal? I know that you needed $3,000 but there was more to it than the money. How important was that?

Joshua Paschall: There was more to it than the money. It was very important. It let me know that I can do this. It’s that reality check. When I think about it, I had been trying to do this before this even happened to me. Sometimes I tell people that sometimes your time is another time. I had been trying to do this for a while and me personally, I think it was just my extreme circumstances that pushed me to not be fearful, to go and get it done. That was very important.

That was my first deal that I ever did but it taught me two lessons. It taught me that I can get it done and it taught me that “Josh, hey, if you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you, too,” because here I am, I’ve never done a deal before but I orchestrated that whole event from beginning to end. All these people were older than me, they knew more than I knew. I was in the most messed up position. I’m the one that had nothing to bring to the table. The guy had the house. The lady had the money. I just simply just orchestrated it and it-

Mitch Stephen: Well, that’s a really important fact. I want you guys to hear what he’s saying especially you guys out there that are starting with nothing. It’s the guy with the contract that has the power. You got a bunch of power when you have a good contract. A lot of power. It’s equal to the money and it’s equal to the possession. When you have the contract, you actually have control of a property for a certain amount of time. How much time did you give yourself to close on that first contract?

Joshua Paschall: I think I gave myself about 30 days if I’m not mistaken.

Mitch Stephen: It sounds like you might have went over 30 days because you had title issues.

Joshua Paschall: Yeah. That’s it.

Mitch Stephen: It’s really hard to hold that deal together when you have title issues and it’s going out of … when you’re going out of contract because your time is expiring. It’s especially hard when you have someone like you’re talking about an alcoholic or a drug addict that’s pounding you for the money and doesn’t want to understand that the reason you can’t close are probably their fault or at least on their side of the table, but they don’t want … They’re not listening to you. They don’t listen to that. They just pound you for the money all the time. I know how that’s like.

So, you got yourself $3,000. Let me just ask you. You said you had a job or you are working a job or you couldn’t stop doing your job. How much were you making at your job?

Joshua Paschall: I think maybe like anywhere between 13 to $15 an hour. I was selling timeshares basically. I was a travel person. I help book travels, reservations. But I’ll tell you one thing Mitch. That has also helped me with my skills in real estate. I learned customer service. I learned how to negotiate and speak with people over the phone. I had a at-home job. I stayed at home and I just book travel all around the world for people. I learned so many different skills that I still use to this day in my real estate business.

I want to encourage the people out there listening to me who may be in a similar situation or somewhere right now that they may not appreciate. Sometimes the beauty is in the struggle. Where you are right now you may or may not know, this is just preparing you for your next level, preparing your for your next step. My last job, that was literally my last job. It’s been years since I had a job but my last job that I did had that equipped me with so many skills that I still use to this day, it even happens where it comes to my hiring process where I’m trying to build a team now and I’m actually in a position where I’m hiring people now, Mitch. I look at how they train me and how they got me to the point where I am and I just implement certain things in my life. So, everyone out there, there’s beauty in the struggle.

Mitch Stephen: I love that. There’s beauty in the struggle. I like that a lot. I actually wrote it down. You got $3,000. You did your first deal. This light bulb goes off in your head and your heart and your mind and you’re saying to yourself, “Wow, I really can do this. This really does work. What’s next? How long is it now to your second deal? What is your second deal?

Joshua Paschall: Okay. My second deal was a fraction of that 3,000. I didn’t go up from there. Excuse me. I didn’t go up from there. My second deal was a fraction of that. I didn’t go up from there.

Mitch Stephen: That’s okay. So, you went out, you found another deal and you made another quick what? Thousand, 1,500-

Joshua Paschall: It was about $500. Believe it or not, I think it was $500. I did someone a favor at that time and just helped them out with a deal and they gave me a little finder’s fee. That was really shortly after. Maybe let’s say in less than a month, I had another check for $500. Then I didn’t have a deal for about another two months, but my deal after that got me about $24,000. I made a huge jump.

Mitch Stephen: Okay. So, you go. About how many days is it between the 3,000 and the 500? How many days is that more or less? Just round number.

Joshua Paschall: Maybe about another 30 days. Maybe.

Mitch Stephen: Okay. Then you go from 500 to 24,000. I really want to hear about that deal but how long till the 24,000 between the 500 and the 24,000?

Joshua Paschall: Okay. The 24,000 happened in January of 2014. My first deal was September 2013. So between then and January. January 2014 is when I had that breakthrough deal so to speak.

Mitch Stephen: Okay. What I’m pointing at here is he’s struggling and fighting before he makes his first deal, and he makes his first deal and it’s now still it’s five months till he hits the big one, but he hasn’t quit. He doesn’t quit. He keeps going. I’m guessing that you’re doing your travel job during the day or whenever you’re on the phone and you’re doing the real estate in-between that or you’ve just gone full-time at this point.

Joshua Paschall: You know what, Mitch? Honestly, by that time, I didn’t even have my travel job. I couldn’t live in a hotel and have that job. You have to have a landline. I lost my job. I lost my job. I’ll tell you what. When I lost my job, it made me appreciate my job so much because when I had my job, Mitch, all I can think about was getting out of it so that I can do real estate. You know, getting out of it so that I can do real estate. I felt like I was trapped. But when you have no way of having the income, any income is a blessing.

Even the people out there right now who are cursing at their job, cursing at their experience right now that they’re having, please take it from me because you don’t want to be without anything. So, find a healthy balance. That’s what we’re going to, I guess, talk about in this podcast, a way to find a healthy balance of want to get to where you are, but be realistic about where you are and how to get there. I had to find a healthy balance. I went to the extreme.

Mitch Stephen: How blessed you are to have a job while you’re trying to learn this because a lot of people want to jump, and I say, “Man, don’t jump. Don’t jump. Just prove to yourself you can do this in the evenings or on the weekends and stuff and make some money and put some money in the bank and don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. It’s a huge amount of pressure to not have a job and have to make a deal.” Because a lot of times you’ll make bad deals because you got to … You gotta have money so bad, you make a terrible deal for yourself. You’ll make 500 when you could have made 4,000, but you need some money right now, and so you’ll undermine yourself. Tell us about the $24,000 deal.

Joshua Paschall: $24,000 deal, I guess I got a little … By that time, I knew this works. I knew that I can make a deal and I’d gotten the property under contract that was worth about $150,000. I had an absentee owner out there. If you don’t know what an absentee owner is, it’s someone who owns a property and they don’t live there. They don’t live at the property they own.

I had an elderly guy call me. He was in Memphis, Tennessee. He had just inherited a property from his parents. He wanted to sell the home. I could tell that he was motivated. I believe he called then and he was asking for about $90,000 for his property. I quickly did some research, found out the house is worth about 150,000. I offered him $70,000 on the property and he accept it. I drive out to the property and leave the hotel. Drive out to the property, get some pictures and things of that nature, get the property under contract.

At this point, I know I needed more money than the little assignment fees and things of that nature that I was getting. I needed more. So, I tried something different this time. A friend of mine, Antonio Edwards, he was also a mentor of mine around that time. He told me that I should list the property on the MLS, do a flat-fee listing or hire an agent and be like the contract owner or something like that. I don’t remember the exact terminology or how we did it, but I used my position in the contract and had the owner’s permission and I was able to get the property.

We put it on the MLS somehow, and within two days, I had a full price offer or something like that. We closed the property very quickly. Within two days, I had a full price offer and when it’s all said and done after paying fees and everything of that nature, I walked away with a check close to like 24,000 or 24,000 and some change.

Mitch Stephen: What’s going through your mind at that point? Did you fall down on your knees and cry at this point?

Joshua Paschall: I probably did, Mitch. I probably did. I mean I was so excited. It was a amazing day.

Mitch Stephen: Did they actually give you a check or did they just transfer the money? Because I want to know. Were you holding that money in your hand?

Joshua Paschall: I think I might have gotten a wire transfer or something. I don’t remember.

Mitch Stephen: So, there you are just staring at your bank account at the screen?

Joshua Paschall: Yeah, and it’s more money than I ever had in my whole life.

Mitch Stephen: I bet your mom was really proud of you.

Joshua Paschall: Yeah. You know, Mitch, to just speak on that, I had a really great mother who supported me even though she may have not done this before or knew someone who have done this before. Even if she didn’t 100% believe that this was true, she didn’t discourage me from doing it.

A lot of people hear about this “no money down” field or just creative real estate investing. They hear about it and there’s a stigma involved in this. People think that it’s a scam. People think that is just not true. It’s not real. Thank God that even though she might have thought that, she didn’t stop me. She told me to do it, and I’m happy that I listened to her because there were other people in my family who didn’t tell me to do it. They told me that it will be a waste of my time. But I trusted my gut. I trusted where I was headed, the path that I was going, and it proved to be right.

Now, me and my mother are pretty much like business partners now. Her and I work together. We have a family-run business and it’s because she was there with me from the beginning literally. She birthed me. She helped me and she didn’t deter me so I start seeing success. I want to keep it in the family.

Mitch Stephen: So, that opened your eyes to the bigger money. Did you pretty much stay on that bigger money path now or were your successes just all over the map or did you…?

Joshua Paschall: Yeah. All over the map. It took me a while to break that type of money again in maybe five, 10, 12, 15. Maybe it took about another year till I broke a five-figure check again. That’s when I actually started working with you. I started doing all the financing and started getting larger checks.

Fast forward, I mean I’ve seen that it started working. I started picking up steam. At this point in time, Mitch, I think I made one of the smartest decisions of my life. Even though I made a decent money, I decided to stay at the hotel until I had enough money to never be broke again or till I had enough money to buy me a house. Thank God, me and my family, we get along so well. We weren’t at each other’s throats. We were supporting each other. We all knew what we were up against and we committed to not have this happen to us again. Bad things can really happen to good people. It’s just about picking your stuff up.

Mitch Stephen: You decide to stay together as a unit in that hotel room. How many people is that? Three? Three people in a hotel room?

Joshua Paschall: Three people. Three people, two beds. Now, as I’ve made my 24,000, I got my own room so I kind of have my own little apartment so to speak. I moved out. I moved upstairs. I need to be able to handle … be on the phones and stuff. Again, mind you, I did all this while we were all in one room together. I was negotiating contracts. I had to go down to the front desk and have the front desk girl print out my contract, all kind of stuff. I was bootstrapping for real. It was a choice though. It was a choice so that I can set myself up so I’d never had to go through this again. I don’t know. It was a mature choice of mine. I didn’t go out and buy a whole bunch of clothes and stupid stuff. I wanted to be free.

Mitch Stephen: You wanted your financial independence, and you’re already there and you said, “Okay. It’s bad, but it ain’t that bad and I can do this for a little bit longer till I get where I’m going.” See, that’s the immigrant mindset. I mean I talk about I was pretending that I was an immigrant. I don’t have anything. No one owes me anything. I got to learn this whole culture from paying attention to this culture that I’m living in like I was an immigrant to try to figure out what’s going on here really and not just look past it like we do as Americans all the time. I needed to treat myself like I was an immigrant. That’s what you were doing in my opinion. You were doing that.

Hey, can I ask you a question? Is your mom there?

Joshua Paschall: She is. She is.

Mitch Stephen: Can I talk to her?

Joshua Paschall: Okay. Sure. Sure.

Mitch Stephen: What’s her name?

Joshua Paschall: Her name is Cathy. Hang on one second.

Mitch Stephen: Hello ma’am. Hi Cathy.

Cathy: Hi.

Mitch Stephen: This is Mitch Stephen. How are you?

Cathy: Hi, Mitch. I’m great. How are you?

Mitch Stephen: I’m doing good. I’m listening to your son’s story and I knew your son’s story but I didn’t know all the details and he’s being very gracious enough to share the ugly parts that you went through, and I just got to tell you I’m so proud of your son. I’m proud of both of you all.

Cathy: Thank you.

Mitch Stephen: You all have been through the ringer, haven’t you?

Cathy: Yeah, we had. It’s just a part of life.

Mitch Stephen: How proud are you of your son Joshua?

Cathy: That’s what everything that I visualized he would be in life so I’m very proud of him. He’s a great guy. That is probably his best asset because he’s a very humble, very down-to-earth genuine person and he’s actually one of my favorite people.

Mitch Stephen: Well, it’s very nice. You’re also a very special person, too, because you were one of his believers when there wasn’t a lot of believers. He was just telling me how important that was to him in his life at that time. That you may have even had your doubts but you didn’t ever tell him no and I think that was-

Cathy: I didn’t. Yeah.

Mitch Stephen: You had to have your doubts though, right? I mean it would be only natural.

Cathy: Yeah. It was, but you know, I did have that belief. My father had this very great education and he was self-employed so I knew he could do it.

Mitch Stephen: Okay. You’ve seen people with not much formal education go out there and make it work. Was your father reasonably successful or he just made sure the bills got paid and everybody got fed or how-

Cathy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was basically a pipefitter in New York City. He moved from Georgia when he was a young teenager and he learned pipefitting so he … Back in the ’50s and ’60s, there were plenty of factories for him to work and he did built up-

Mitch Stephen: He learned to trade and he was responsible and he got it done.

Cathy: Yeah, he did.

Mitch Stephen: I just had to talk to you. I hope you don’t mind. I hope I didn’t interrupt you, but I just wanted to hear your voice and hear who this amazing lady is that stood behind your son and even helped him and went into this business, and now you all are business partners. That’s great. I want to thank you for coming on, Cathy.

Cathy: Thanks. Thank you, too, Mitch. Have a good day.

Mitch Stephen: Amazing.

Joshua Paschall: Hey. Yeah.

Mitch Stephen: These days, it’s not been that long and so let’s fast forward in. I think we met up a couple of years ago. Is that right? How long ago was it when we met up?

Joshua Paschall: It’s been about a year. I think 2015. Yeah. It was about June, June of 2015 if I’m not mistaken.

Mitch Stephen: Okay. Then I hear about these amazing deals you’re doing and you’re doing deals all the time. Tell me what your life is like these days or the last year like. What kind of money are you making these days and what kind of deals are you doing and what do you have under your belt?

Joshua Paschall: Well, Mitch, right now, in the most humble way I can say it, it’s very … I’ve been blessed. Right now, to be honest, I have a feeling of financial freedom. I’m not rich by any means. I’m not rich but I’m financially free.

Mitch Stephen: Well, rich is different things to different people. It’s about always about the dollar amount. You bought a house?

Joshua Paschall: Yes, sir.

Mitch Stephen: You have payments on your house?

Joshua Paschall: No, sir.

Mitch Stephen: You have no payments on your house. Okay. Then you go out and you’re making these deals. What is one of the few of the more successful deals you’ve done? What’s the latest successful deal you’ve done?

Joshua Paschall: Well, just recently, my last deal was pretty much like the most successful deal I’ve ever done, just recently. It’s put me over the six-figure mark in one deal.

Mitch Stephen: Over the six-figure mark in one deal.

Joshua Paschall: Yeah.

Mitch Stephen: Wow.

Joshua Paschall: I’ve been hearing … Here’s the truth, too, and I want to just relay this to the people now listening. The way that our minds are set up … Mitch, I’m sure you could agree to this … you only really need to do something or believe that you can do something to make it happen. I think part of my struggle with maybe making it happen sooner is my belief process that I can make it happen. I think I got to the point where I was not going to go down any further, so I made it happen. But if I just simply had to believe that I can do it, I probably would have went out there and did it a long time ago.

I tell people I have a couple of friends and stuff like that who are still in their jobs and may have seen the success that I’ve been achieving or having the last couple of years or whatever. I don’t want anyone to compare their self to me because you have no idea what I went through. There were times where I literally cried. I’m not a punk, but stuff is hard. Stuff is hard. Times get hard. Man, the stuff that I was up against, it could break you. I’m still just now healing. I’m still just now healing from that type of stuff that I was going through.

Let me tell me you one story, Mitch. Can I just share this story with you?

Mitch Stephen: Sure. Absolutely.

Joshua Paschall: I said it’s all about your mind and your belief process. There was a time where I probably can only attract $5,000 or something because my belief process was these are type of deals I’m able to do. 5,000 here, 3,000 here until I broke the 24,000 mark. Then even maybe I believe that I could do it, but maybe I wasn’t 100% sure at that … That was just one good deal because it took me about a year until I was able to do it again, but then I started doing $30,000 deals and stuff like that.

At that point, my mind was accustomed to being able to attract five figures. Then just recently, when you hit the six figure you see yourself go from three, four, five, six and it’s like you’ve done it before so you can believe you can do it again. It’s all about just having faith. It’s what do you want in life. What do you want? What do you want to be able to attract? There are some people who can probably start up from the gate and do seven-figure deals, six-figure deals. Don’t limit yourself but just get started and slowly train your mind to be able to achieve whatever you want.

I’m going to tell you one thing about me, Mitch. While I was in that hotel, I knew the power of my mind. This is an amazing story though. The power of my mind. I had always wanted to buy a Range Rover. I had a dream car. I wanted to get a Range Rover. It was a specific Range Rover. It’s a silver Range Rover. I had it on my phone as my home screen and I was kind of experimenting with the law of attraction and just training my mind to get what I want. People tell you to get a visions board and things like that.

Well, me, I wanted to get out of that hotel. I wanted to get some part of my life back. Now, prior to me going into the hotel, Mitch, I was never really for the most part … I always had a nice things always for the most part. I never struggled that much, but maybe I needed to struggle. Maybe I needed to go through that because now I’m so less likely to judge. I’m so much more willing to help people now because I’ve been to the bottom. I’ve been there. When you’re at the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. Let me just tell you one thing. I knew I had achieved something.

Fast forward about a year later after I moved out of the hotel, I’m literally in my dream car, in my Range Rover. I caught myself … I must have been on my way to go see a property or something but I caught myself driving by the hotel that I was living in a year before that I was so miserable in. I used to go stand on the balcony or the little terrace or whatever it is and just look in the sky, just like, “How did I end up here?” I was so miserable. I didn’t want any of my friends to know where I was living.

I’m sure I lost friends because I stopped hanging out with people. I stopped answering phone calls. I was just so embarrassed of where I was, and I can’t let anyone see me like this. All I could do is just pray and just ask God to help me get out of this. So, long story short, Mitch, I caught myself in my dream car driving by that hotel that I was at a year later. It was like a surreal moment. The sun shines on me in the way that it never shined on me before and it kind of forced a tear out of my eye because I realized I had achieved a dream. That is so profound to take something in your mind.

There are going to be people out there who doubt you. There are going to be people who try to stop you, and God, whoever you believe in, the universe, will test you. There’ll be things that test you to see how much you wanted. How long are you going to stay on this road? How long are you going to stay on your path? How long are you going to try? Man, I just had no choice. We were already homeless. My family, they need me. People are getting sick around me. I’m the only one who’s strong enough to make something happen. “Josh, what are you going to do? Are you going to let everything just go?”

Things can get worst. I’ve always learned that, too. You can be at your bottom, but things can get worst. Man, I just couldn’t deal with that. I had to get up off my butt and just make it happen, Mitch. Even if I didn’t have much or have much money or much experience or whatever or I was living in a hotel, I just put on a smile and I went out there and I just hustle until I got out of that position. I mean that day when I drove by that hotel in my dream car, the sun shining on me, that just solidified that dreams come true and there’s beauty in the struggle when looking for your first deal.

I don’t care what you go through or whatever. Sometimes you need that. Sometimes you have to go through that because you won’t appreciate it when you get it or when you do get something, you’ll lose it or whatever the case may be. Right now, I know there are people who are like me or who are probably in worse conditions. I pray that you are not in the worst condition. I tell people that all the time. I hope that you don’t have to go through what I had to go through just to get to this business.

I was forced. I tell people this, too, Mitch. Getting in this business especially when you start with nothing, you need to have a whole bunch of time or a whole bunch of money. If you don’t have a whole bunch of money, you got to … You know what I mean? You got to have time or money. Me personally, I didn’t have any money but I had a whole bunch of time because I was homeless. I had no job to be to, so all I did was wake up and pour my soul into this business.

Mitch Stephen: I tell people when you don’t have money, you have to have time and knowledge. You have to have time and knowledge. So, the time to do it and the knowledge of what to do and that’s what you’re doing. You’re a professional deal maker at that point. You’re not a professional buyer because you don’t have any money. You’re a professional contract writer. You go out and you write really great contracts on really great properties, really great deals, and that’s where you start when you’re broke is you’re a professional contract writer, and then you’re selling your position or you’re partnering up with someone who has the money or probably one of those two things, and that’s how you start.

That’s how everybody started in this business. I started out with no money. Certainly didn’t start out from the bottom like you but I was in an emotional bottom. I’ve come to the point in my life where nothing was working. My relationship with my lady wasn’t working and that went south. I lost out to a rich rancher, oil person. It didn’t make me feel very good. I was starting out in an emotional bottom, but I did not have near the issues that you did. That’s why it’s so important to this conversation.

I think this may be one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. I’ve done 90 interviews now and I just think I’m interested in this interview all the way up to my ears. I want to thank you for sharing maybe some of your deepest darkest moments. I know that probably wasn’t really fun for you, but I appreciate that you did it. I know that you’re going to help a lot of people by doing it. I know that you are.

Joshua Paschall: Yeah. This interview right here, for anyone out there listening, first and foremost, Mitch, you know how much love and respect I got for you. All you guys out there listening, much love, much respect for you, too, because I know that if you’re listening to this you have something in you that wants more, wants better for your life even if you don’t aspire to be a full-time real estate investor for the rest of your life.

Me personally, I didn’t get into real estate to be an investor. I got into real estate to fund my dreams, other things that I have. Mitch, I just recently came back from Los Angeles where I spent some time learning how to become an independent filmmaker. I want to get to film. Sometimes it takes money to fund your dreams. Sometimes it takes freedom to be able to do other things. You have to be in a position where you can chase your dream or follow your dream.

Sometimes in the society where we are, a lot of us don’t get that opportunity because we’re so busy paying bills. We’re so busy making ends meet, and I understand. As anybody gets it, I get it. I totally get it. I respect you guys because you guys are on a path that not many people have the courage to travel. You know something else is out there for you. I just want to encourage you that you can make this happen. I mean if you’re on the fence, if you’re thinking about real estate, and you’re not sure if it’s true, I want you to take my story and just know that you can make it.

The world needs you. Just like right now, it’s so crazy to me because I’m in a position I never thought that I would be. Someone wants to hear my story and maybe my story is going to help somebody. I hope that what I’m saying to you makes the best version or sparks that plug to get you here one day because there’s a whole bunch of other people out here who need your story. Even if you’re not in it to be a full-time real estate investor, you may just be doing this to help out your family or gain some type of control, whatever it is.

I tell people real estate can take you there. Whether you want to this as a business, you want to become a millionaire, a billionaire or you just simply want to earn enough to quit your job, to buy your mother a house, something.

Mitch Stephen: Yeah. I get it. Let me ask you this. Where were you in your mind … What were your first mentors? Who did you go to when you … When did the lightbulb go off and you said you know, I gotta find somebody who’s done this before and I got to stay next to him or I got to talk to him a lot?

Joshua Paschall: I have two mentors in my life: you and my friend, Antonio Edwards. I don’t know if you know him, Mitch, but he’s a wholesaler himself. See, I had two stages in my life. I had the stage in my life where I didn’t believe I can do this and I needed someone who had done it before, and I just needed to believe that it was possible. I did not close my first deal until I was face-to-face with my first mentor. He came out to Atlanta and just so happened to say, “Hey, let’s hang out.” Me and him grabbed some lunch together. He’s in a droptop or whatever type of car he’s in and I’m in some type of beat-up car.

I can see the contrast between my life and his life, and I mean I just trusted my gut. I’m like, “Okay. This guy seems real. I trust my judgment and I’m like, “Okay. This might be real.” What other choice do I have either? I went from not believing that I could do it to seeing someone who had done it and then stepping in those shoes as I’m going to try it. It went from that and I just need to learn the business. After I made that 24,000 is when I hired a mentor for sure.

Now that I think about it, that’s what catapult me. I had done a couple of deals by myself but I’m still living in this hotel and I’m like, “What am I going to do to take this money and never be broke again?” So, I hired a mentor, had someone actually help me take that money and flip it. Up until the point of where fast forward where I meet you. I’ve probably done maybe close to 40, 50 deals. I remember a broker. He was a friend of mine at that time. A broker friend told me, “Josh, you’re doing all these flips. You’re making all these flips. You’re making a whole lot of people money, but sometimes you’re broke. What do you have to show for it?” Or whatever the case may be.

He challenged me to get a portfolio. Around that time is where I met you. It’s like when the student is ready, the teacher comes. I was ready to hear that around that time. I was ready to hear your message around that time and it was definitely one of the smartest things I’ve done because I have not … For the most part, I haven’t been broke since. I’ve had money since. That’s the blessing, man. That’s the blessing.

Mitch Stephen: We finally got to meet personally at one of the vacations that we go on. As a matter of fact, we’re going on one, May the 5th through the 9th, 2017 and you’re going to be there again which is really neat.

Joshua Paschall: That will be in Mexico?

Mitch Stephen: Did you read my book first? Is that how you’ve got headed my direction or how did you find me?

Joshua Paschall: It’s a funny story. I heard you on the podcast. I end up saying to myself, “Wow, this guy knows what he’s talking about.” I believe I purchased your book. I didn’t read the book. I listened to the audio and man, me listening to you, Mitch, believe it or not it was … I remember when I met you, you saw how choked up I got. You may not have understand. You may understand a little bit more now by hearing my story.

You were like one of the only people that I felt like that I can relate to in a way. I guess because of your struggle that you went through and your hard times and how you were just so determined to get out of it. I can sense your spirit you were a nice guy. I was going through probably what you were going through but you made it out and you were just … Things were getting better for you.

I remember one time, Mitch, I’m going to tell you this. I remember one time I was inside of a house that I was making … I was hand writing my own bandit sign. I had a property under contract, and this is when I got into owner financing so I definitely was listening to you around that time. I was trying to sell one of my first owner finance deals. I was hand writing my own bandit signs. I was listening to your audio book and I just … Man, for some reason, man, I just started tearing up, man.

I hope I don’t sound like a little baby. They’re going to be like, “Josh is like a girl” or whatever, but-

Mitch Stephen: No, no.

Joshua Paschall: I was freaking struggling, man. I was going through some stuff, man. I just had to. I was just like, “Man, whoever this guy is, he gets me, man. He freaking gets me.” I’m just struggling, but at the same time, I think I might have been tearing up because of what I went through. At that time, I was starting to come of it but I was still hammering, still trying to bust my butt to make something of myself. I was just like, “Man, whoever this guy is, he gets me and for some reason, I’m going through in some small part what he went through.” I guess that gave me hope. You know what I mean and saying? That’s what everyone needs.

So, you guys out there who are listening to me, I hope I’m giving you hope because we all need that. We all need that. If I didn’t have somebody to look up to or somebody who I felt like had accomplished what I want to accomplish or has made it out of what I was trying to make it out of or what I would have went through or what I would have. If this interview right here can stop somebody from doing something stupid with it and jeopardizing their freedom to make a couple of bucks or if this is going to stop somebody from thinking about committing suicide or something like that because of the pressures of life, man. Sometimes life is really hard. There’s beauty in the struggle, man. So, keep going.

Mitch Stephen: How important was your faith?

Joshua Paschall: How important was my faith?

Mitch Stephen: Yeah.

Joshua Paschall: I think I didn’t have any choice, Mitch. I think I didn’t have any choice, and it was very important. It was very important. I questioned it when I was going through it, but now I feel like it was very necessary. I wouldn’t even trade it.

Just recently, Mitch, I came back … I literally just came back from Thailand like two, three days ago. On my way back from the airport … Well, on my way back here to Atlanta, I lost all my luggage. The airline misplaced my bags. I have not gotten all my stuff. Now, keep in my mind, I had a lot of nice things in my bag, really nice designer stuff, a lot of stuff.

Two things that I noticed. My initial reaction was to be upset and stuff. I’ve lost all my stuff before and at the same time, I’m in a position where I could buy all that stuff back if I really wanted to. I still haven’t done it yet. I’m in a position where I … Sometimes when you lose everything, you gain a lot. So, materialistic things to me, I’m very not as materialistic as I used to be. I know that what happened to me happened for a reason.

Someone said to me a while back that, “Josh, if you don’t tell your story, it would be a waste.” Like, “How dare you get some success and make it seem like you did it all on your own and you’re just this big hotshot” because I’m not. To be honest, Mitch, I’m still scared. I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t have a job. I don’t have a college degree and I’m on this road forever so to speak.

Mitch Stephen: Yeah. I think if you just keep being a good steward of your money that you make and putting it in places … I was that way for the longest time. Running, doing deals, doing deals because I was afraid it was going to run out. I was afraid it was going to stop and I didn’t know when it was going to stop so I was going to try to get as much as I could while the window was open. Like just jumping in and out of the window all the time while it was open. It turns out 22 years later, it had never stopped. I think it will really help when you get your cash flows where it just comes in. You know what I mean?

Joshua Paschall: Yeah.

Mitch Stephen: It’s one thing to have to make a deal this month and then that deal is done and then you’re going to make another deal next month. That’s one thing. It’s another thing when you start doing the owner finance strategy where you do some owner finance strategies. You make money for this month but you got an extra $500 coming in now for 20 years or 30 years. Then you do another deal where you make some money so you can pay your bills. But now you got another $400 on top of that coming in, and you look up one day and you have 10, 15, 20, 25, $30,000 a month coming in.

That’s when you’ll take that deep breath and go, “Okay. I can really drop my guard a little bit now or I could take a breath now. I could relax.” That’s what happened for me anyways. That’s how it happened with me. I finally looked up one day and saw how much money was coming in every month and said, “Okay. I can quit living like I’m broke now.” I mean I can loosen up the purse strings a little bit, do some things that I’ve heard that other people do. There’s never been for me at the time but now maybe it’s time.

I recently just bought a ranch, and maybe it was not the perfect timing. I want to invite you to come out to it one day. It might not be the best timing, but my parents are in their 80s. There’s some health issues going on in my family around me and I thought, you know, I need to do these things while everyone is still here and share the stuff while everyone is still here, and now is the time. I can’t wait any longer because if I wait longer, they may not be here. That’s what I’m doing. I definitely want you to come out and visit me. I’m in Bigfoot, Texas. Believe it or not. Bigfoot.

Joshua Paschall: I’d love to.

Mitch Stephen: Man, I want to thank you for your story. It’s amazing story. It’s an incredible story. If you guys want to get … and Josh has been kind enough to put together. He’s not selling anything. He’s just put together 10 ways to function from dead broke. We’re going to send you over to the show now. It’s at 1000houses.com/josh, J-O-S-H. All lower case on the Josh. That’s 1000houses.com/josh. He’s going to give you 10 ways to start from dead broke. These are low budget or no budget.

I mean everything takes a little bit, right Josh? There’s nothing free. I mean just driving to the store to get the boxes, you’re burning gas, right? Or a bus to get there.

Joshua Paschall: Yeah.

Mitch Stephen: So, there’s nothing free, but there’s things you can do on a shoestring and there’s things that costs a little bit more. You have to keep rolling the money back in. When you made the 24,000, you invested some of it back into yourself, back into the business … right? … when you got that mentor, the first mentor. Then you can invest in some mailing programs or some things that you think would speed up your chances to find the next deal. I think you’ve been a really good steward of your money. I can’t wait to see you on the next vacation trip. If anybody’s interested in the vacation, you can go to 1000houses.com. That’s one, zero, zero, zero houses.com, forward slash, events with an s, forward slash Mexico. All lower case. That’s 1000houses.com/events/mexico. You can read it.

It runs about 825 per person if you’re not a WorldVentures member already. If you’re a WorldVentures member, it’s about $623 per person for the five nights. All inclusive. It’s been voted one of the top all-inclusive resorts in Latin America. It’s called the Marival Residences. Not to be confused with the Marival Resorts. It’s the Marival Residences. 1,400 square foot rooms, two baths, sits up and looks down on the ocean. It’s an extraordinarily highly-rated place.

We have about 40 to 50 people coming that … We do this every year. I do this every year. I pick up places on vacation and invite whoever wants to come to come because this is the days I’m going to be there and this is where you can get some special pricing. I’m not selling anything. There’s no seminars. There’s no agenda. I don’t know when I’m going to wake up. I don’t know when I’m going to go to sleep, and I don’t know when I’m going to go eat. I’m just going to go there. I’m going my vacation and we’re going to have about 40 to 50 people that all flip houses and do apartments and whatever. They’re all coming and a lot of them are coming from last year.

So, we’ll get to reunite with some old friends and we get to make some new friends but we’re all going to be talking real estate in that pool probably hiding behind a couple of glasses of margaritas or jugs of margaritas as the case may be, and to have some fun. I’m so glad that you’re coming again.

How important was that first trip that you took? I think that was one of the first times that you probably traveled outside.

Joshua Paschall: Yeah. Out the country.

Mitch Stephen: Yeah.

Joshua Paschall: It was awesome. I mean I had a really great time in Mexico meeting you for the first time, Mitch, putting a face to the voice finally, take me out of the country. It allowed me to expand my mind. Now, I kind of have the travel bug. I’m trying to book as many trips as I possibly can. I just booked my mother a trip. She’s going to Spain. I’ve spent a lot of money on that, but it’s just showing love, and like you said, the ranch, all that stuff, allowing people to smell the flowers while they’re here. I had the travel bug myself. I’m passing it on to my friends and family. It was awesome.

I mean I really had a great time meeting you, all the other real estate investors out there, guys who are doing more than I am. It was just a great experience. That’s another key to your success, too, hanging out with the right crowd. Being around the right crowd of people will just open up your mind. I mean some people from that mastermind from that event, we’re still hanging out and we’re still talking now, these days. It’s just all about being around the right people.

Mitch Stephen: I got a funny story. Josh goes deep sea fishing for the first time in his life and so we’re out there in this deep sea fishing boat out in the beautiful blue ocean, and somebody catches a shark and I guess it’s about a three or four foot shark. I don’t know. It’s not a huge shark, but it’s probably about four foot. Josh is really curious about it so he’s over there looking over the edge of the boat and they’re looking at the shark that’s on the line, and the guy is reeling it in. All of a sudden, the shark, he goes from being in the water to being in the boat, and Josh didn’t want anything to do with that shark and he ran over about four people trying to get to the cab of the boat.

Joshua Paschall: You guys are like bowling pins and I was a bowling ball just trying to get out of the way.

Mitch Stephen: Yeah. He was just backing up and he didn’t care who he ran over to do it. He’s just backing up. He’s getting away from that shark. That shark is laying on the-

Joshua Paschall: Well, Mitch, I’m from the Bronx. I’m from the Bronx, Mitch. The only sharks we know are people, you know. So, that’s just funny.

Mitch Stephen: It’s been a great interview. We’re going to wrap it up. If you guys want to get the 10 ways to start from dead broke, just go to 1000houses.com/josh. Anything else you want to say to the folks real quick before we wrap it up and say goodbye?

Joshua Paschall: Yeah. One last thing, everybody out there. Again, much love, much respect for you being on this journey. I know what it’s like being in your position or wanting to be more. So, I commend you. If you listened this far, if you want to hear about what I’ve done and the results I’ve gotten, they can be just like yours. You can change your life just like I changed mine.

Actually, you deserve it. You owe it to yourself to do so. You owe it to the world. You owe it to your family, your friends, the people who need you. There are dreams that you want to see happen in this world that I promise you real estate investing can actually help you achieve. So, all those dreams, all those goals, all those aspirations that you have, even if it’s just taking me up and going and getting this 10 free ways to get started in real estate with little to nothing on a shoestring budget. Just get started. Whatever it is, just get started because the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll be happy, the sooner you’ll be able to live the kind of life that you want to live, have that freedom and all that.

Again, I just commend you guys for listening, for even entertaining, stepping on this path. The world needs you to do it though so I just wanted to give you that type of encouragement. Just go out there and just make it happen. Hopefully one day I get to hear your story, too, because I need it, the world needs it. It’s going to serve the world a lot better once we have more people in position to share their stories. I just wanted to be the person who light a little fire under you so that you can go out and make some change.

That’s all I really want to say, Mitch, is give them one little last piece of encouragement. Just go out there and take action. The sooner you do it, the sooner, the better. The world needs you. That’s it.

Mitch Stephen: All right. The beauty is in the struggle. Josh Paschall, I want to thank you very much for this time, Josh. Again the link is 1000houses.com/josh all lowercase, j-o-s-h. This is Mitch Stephen on the Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast. I am so glad that you stopped in to get you some Joshua Paschall today and even got to meet his mother Cathy. Thank you so much for being on the line. I guess that’s it, man. We’re outta here.

Joshua Paschall: All right. See you later.

You’ve been listening to the owner financing master Mitch “Be the Bank” Stephen on the Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast. Let us now blatantly without apology drive you towards financial freedom by offering you a whole bunch of free stuff. Go to 1000Houses.com and get you some and you all come back now. You hear?


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