Important Reasons To Work With Tax Free Future With Tim Berry

Episode 522: Important Reasons To Work With Tax Free Future With Tim Berry

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REIS 522 | Tax-Free Future


Going into your retirement knowing that your finances are well managed is one of the best long-term decisions you can make. Building a tax-free future must always be your priority, especially if you are still young, and Tim Berry is the best person to help you with that. He joins Mitch Stephen to discuss why getting a retirement plan with him is a good idea, not only for the financial rewards he offers but total peace of mind as well.

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We are going to talk about, “Why choose TaxFreeFuture.com instead of the others out there?” We get that question a lot. There is a magnificently huge reason to do that. There’s not just 1 or 2, maybe 3 or 4. How are you doing, Tim?

I am doing wonderful, Mitch. Yourself?

I’m doing great. One of the reasons I needed to start thinking about my tax-deferred retirement plans was because they lured me in with zero money to get in. It didn’t cost anything to get in, and then I’ve got in. When you first start your account, you don’t have a lot of money in it. There are not a lot of transactions. It’s not that big of a deal but they fee you for everything, a transaction, when you call for a payoff, and whatever your account is worth at the end of the year.

The more you are worth, the bigger the fee is. I look up years down the road and I’m paying about $3,000 in account per year by the time I figured out everything they charged me during the year and all the different fees. I have four accounts. I’m paying $12,000 a year to let these people park my money. I thought, “This is heartbreaking. It doesn’t make any sense to me.” I started looking around and talked to Tim. Tim has been an attorney for tax-deferred and tax-free retirement plans for many years. He won’t tell me exactly how long because I don’t think he wants me to know how old he is but he is old.

I knew Tim didn’t charge anything, so we figured out a way, “Let’s pay something up front but let’s keep the annual dues at a minimum.” You can get in for zero and have to pay for the rest of your life, and the bigger you get, the more fees there are, or you can get into Tax Free Future and pay $1,500 plus whatever it costs in your state to set up an entity like an LLC or corporation. Once that fee is done one time, then it’s about $200 a year, give or take, annual maintenance no matter how many transactions or times you do this. There is another big reason that you have to pay for the LLC, corporation or whatever it is that you choose.

That’s the first thing that your retirement plan is going to buy. It’s going to buy a company. It doesn’t have anything in it but it’s buying this company. A company has to have a checkbook and bank account. What happens is your retirement plan has a checkbook and bank account that you don’t have to ask anybody’s permission to write a check on. It’s a retirement plan with checkbook control. Most people don’t offer that to tell you the truth. They don’t want you to have that control because once you have that control, you get to invest in what you want to and they don’t get to make all the fees, money and transactions.

REIS 522 | Tax-Free Future

Tax-Free Future: Many people don’t want you to have checkbook control because it allows you to invest in whatever you want. As a result, they don’t get to impose fees upon you.


Your retirement plan owns a company, your company has a bank account, and that bank account has a checkbook. If that company wants to buy something, it writes a check and buys it. You would want to check with Tim before you did a transaction to make sure that you are not getting out of bounce anywhere. That’s pretty simple. Once you do a certain routine like buy or sell a house in your retirement plan, if it’s something cookie-cutter that you know that Tim has already approved for you, then you don’t have to call Tim and ask about that.

It’s business as usual. If it’s something out of the ordinary or there’s an arms-length question, you might want to call Tim. Tim, tell us the other reasons. I know there are more reasons. I instinctively know because you know so much about this stuff. I named two reasons why you would want to do it. What are some other reasons you would want to be with Tax Free Future?

Let me give you a super big reason. One of our clients became disabled. Inside the operating agreement, they were named as the manager of the LLC inside their IRA. The kids wanted to take over because this was a rental property. They wanted to do whatever needed to be done with the rental property. They had to be the manager of the LLC. There was going to be a disaster.

Fortunately, our IRA/LLC operating agreements named successor managers. If you die or become disabled, we have there in black and white in the operating agreement that the custodian has agreed to that this other person is going to slide right in and be the new manager. I can’t tell you how much of a nightmare that saved the family.

IRA LLC is pretty much like a computer. You must know the right language to use inside an operating agreement as if handling a software. Click To Tweet

That would have been a nightmare if our operating agreements wouldn’t have had that language but they do have that language. Even though dad was disabled, the kids could come in and manage the property. No problem whatsoever. Another super big thing is having the right language inside the operating agreement and knowing how to work with that right language. Know the proper way how to work these IRA/LLCs because the IRA/LLC is like a computer and we are pretty much the software. If you don’t have the proper and good software, that computer is going to be garbage. Those are some more compelling reasons to use Tax Free Future for your IRA/LLC setup.

That brings us to one of the last reasons. Another great, big reason to go to TaxFreeFuture.com, rollover your accounts there, and get control of your financial future is because you have this guy right here in your corner. All he does is Retirement Plan Law and Tax Law. He amazes me all the time. When we call him, we think we have hit a roadblock or a transaction is not doable for whatever reason. It’s how you look at it.

We don’t do anything outside the law. It’s all legal. Tim knows a lot of ways to work with the system that has been created to get done what you need to get done. It always amazes me. I would like to thank you, Tim, for taking the time to do these little segments with us. Your knowledge is invaluable. I’m sure that people are enjoying it.

We are here with TaxFreeFuture.com. If you haven’t, go ahead and check out all the little video vignettes there. You might have to give us a little bit of micro information like first and last name, phone number, and email address. No one is going to be beating you up over this stuff. We might send you a couple of things in the email or text to see if you are ready or if you want a free consult with Tim. Other than that, we are going to send you educational videos. There are about 33 video vignettes and counting, and little things that you can do and should know. They are amazing little video vignettes. They are very short, sweet and rich. 


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