Demolish Debt, with Karen Ford

Episode 282:

Karen is a Master Financial Coach that has coached people with a variety of money issues; from just $500 in debt to $800,000 in debt. She has coached folks with up to 86 credit cards and taught them how to pay down and pay off those credit cards in record time.

Karen’s mission is to inspire others to rid themselves of debt and build wealth. She encourages others to break the shackles of debt and gives valuable insight into building wealth so they can experience financial freedom!

Karen has purchased properties for $4,800 and sold them for $52,000!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Karen has worked to help people overcome their debt, after a career as a registered nurse
  • Karen shares how she has helped people with debt ranging from $400 in total debt to $800,000, as well as a family that had to conquer an astounding 86 credit cards
  • Why a lack of self-control is the biggest driver of excessive debt, due to impulse buying and opening accounts we don’t need
  • Why what you’re doing with the money you’re making is far more important for amassing wealth than the level of your salary
  • Why a functional budget is the key to taking control of your money, allowing you to control where it goes rather than wonder where it went
  • How Mitch bought his first 100 houses on credit cards, and what steps he took to manage the debt he incurred
  • Karen explains the “penny wise and dollar dumb” mistakes she has seen in some of her clients when trying to manage their finances
  • How to build and grow your wealth using your 401k, IRA, stocks and bonds and other financial tools
  • How Karen uses real estate as a great method of growing her wealth and investing money earned from her businesses
  • What advice Karen would share with people who are losing sleep at night over the debt they have accumulated
  • How Karen studied under Dave Ramsey’s financial system and then developed her own debt management methods


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