Virtual Whole-Tailing

Episode 235:

Michael Quarles started as an Entrepreneur when he was an adult teenager, buying an R2 lot and constructing a duplex. He didn’t know what the heck he was doing; all he knew was that he wanted to. He had an “S” on his chest mentality, which helped push him through the many unknown battles of real estate.

Since that day, Michael has been involved with hundreds and hundreds of real estate deals. In 1991, he obtained his general building contractors license, building over 70 single family home and multifamily units from the ground up. In 2006, he was proud to obtain his broker’s license.

After doing hundreds of deals on purpose and thru systemization, several people asked Michael how he did as many deals as he did. His answer then remains the same as it is now: it was a matter of marketing, understanding negotiation, and respecting systems.

Subsequently, Michael began helping new and seasoned investors jumpstart their marketing and their careers through a variety of the businesses that he runs today, including, YellowLetters.com, Buy Sell Fix Flip Academy, 1800Sell4Cash, Call Text Technologies, Inc., Print Centers, Alex/Ryan Call Center, and The Michael Quarles Real Estate Show.

During his career as an entrepreneur, Michael has come to realize that the difference between success and failure is our belief and understanding of the words Help, Want and Need and how those three words keep us from finding success.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Michael began his career as an entrepreneur in his late teens and found success in multiple industries
  • Why Michael believes in “making money for people he hasn’t met yet”
  • Whole-tailing, and how it is one of the keys to real estate profits with minimal effort
  • Michael’s “Alex Ryan Angel” call center and how it works in the background to make him money
  • How Michael’s coaching programs work and how to get participate in his programs
  • How Michael uses modern real estate technology to locate and complete deals all over the country
  • Why effective scripts can push sellers to sell houses at the terms Michael requires
  • Why Michael believes in hiring a team of ordinary people using his extraordinary system rather than hiring extraordinary people
  • How Michael uses cluster marketing to attract as many sellers as possible using varied marketing methods
  • Why entrepreneurs should always be looking to work on and improve their businesses to adapt to the changing market
  • Why Michael has stopped using the words need, want, hope, and wish in his life and replaced them with the word require


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