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We are in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown. While it can be easy to get taken away by the panic and fear that surrounds the situation, it helps to be reminded of the precious freed up time that we currently have to do the things that matter most. In this episode, Mitch Stephen talks with personal life and business coach, Fran Banting, about how this might be a great time to improve ourselves. Through the power of the mind, Fran shares with us the importance of using the conscious mind correctly to guide our body into going towards the direction of achieving our goals. She also talks about being mindful of that self-talk and making sure that we are feeding ourselves with thoughts that do not harm our own self-image. Use this lockdown period wisely by devoting yourself to improve your mindset. Allow Fran to tell you how you can reprogram in this conversation.

I’ve got Fran Banting on. She’s a personal life coach and a business coach. She’s going to talk to us about how we can improve. This might be a great time to improve because we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown. Most of us are putting on the COVID-15, which means that we’re sitting around eating all kinds of things we shouldn’t be eating and gaining fifteen pounds. It’s like the College fifteen, this is the COVID-15. Why don’t you get busy? At least burn some brain-power and study something that will make your life better. We’re going to be talking to Fran. Fran, you’re in British Columbia, right?

That’s right, Mitch. I’m in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We’re in lockdown as well over here. It’s a good time for us to be talking online.

I’ve been through some interesting life changes too and got a new perspective for what that takes. Let me pay homage here to TaxFreeFuture.com. If you do not have a tax-deferred or tax-free account to grow your assets and grow your finances, then you have no idea the size of the tool that you’re missing. If one of the wonders of the world is compounding interest, maybe another one should be a tax-free income because it’s a big issue these days. Check it out. You won’t believe what your financial advisors are not telling you. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you, then you can do with it whatever you want to do because it’s a big world out there.

Do you want to know how wealthy people do what they do? It’s because they have the knowledge and we’re trying to depart from that. TaxFreeFuture.com, thank you very much. Fran, give us a little background. You don’t just wake up one day and say, “I’m going to be a personal coach.” First of all, you have to have a lot of confidence to want to do that because one of the things I first thought when I was going into coaching was, “Who cares about what Mitch Stephen thinks?” How did you get to this place?

I’m going to have to go back many years. I was working in a real estate office and I was an administrator. I remember there were about 30 or 40 realtors in this office. What I found interesting was that there were about 4 or 5 realtors that were the top realtors, then there were 4 or 5 realtors that were the lower end that couldn’t make any deals. Everybody else was in the middle of the road. The middle of the road realtors would come in every day. I remember watching them and they do 1 or 2 sales here and there. The top producers though did the majority of the deals of the entire office. I couldn’t understand this. I remember watching that they all got the same training. They all got the same license.

They all had the same resources in the office, but there was this group of realtors that no matter how hard they tried or how hard they worked, they couldn’t sell a house even if their life depended on it. People were handing them deals. In my mind, the way I was raised was you get educated, you get a degree and then you make money in that job. I assumed that the top-selling realtors were educated. They were smart and they’ve done everything properly. What I discovered was that those top 4 or 5 realtors, some of them didn’t even finish high school. A couple of them didn’t even speak good English. Everything I had grown up with thinking that these people went to school for real estate. You get educated. These realtors were achieving these results without that.

I went to the 4 or 5 realtors that were failing. I found out that one of them had two degrees. One had a bachelor’s and he had urban land. Another one was from a prominent family whose father was a famous realtor in our area. He should be learning the ropes from his dad. I remember being confused. Me being an analyzer, I started studying people and personalities. While I was doing that, I started discovering the mind. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t the education that these people had. It wasn’t the resources that they had. It was the way they thought. The ones that weren’t producing didn’t think they were realtors. The ones that were producers believed they were realtors. They went out there and they took care of people. They were great realtors because they believed in themselves.

The more I studied this, I started getting into sales and marketing. I started discovering how advertising plays with our minds. Everything that happens in advertising, they’re talking us into buying things. As I discovered this, I thought if they can talk me into doing something, what can I talk myself into doing something that I want? As I developed this and studied more and more about the mind and personal development, I started applying it to my personal life. I started with my paycheck. I was making $28,000 a year. I had decided that year that I was going to double my income. I doubled it to over $40,000. I thought, “This is fun. I’m going to double it again.”

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I kept doing that and doing that until I had a six-figure income. I remember setting goals where I’m going to buy a car but I have to pay cash for it. I kept doing this every year with the mindset training that I had learned. After a while, I was in the real estate industry and I grew until I was running a real estate office. I found that the realtors were coming to me for advice and I was coaching them in the office. I thought I enjoy coaching these realtors more than I enjoy the administrative side of real estate. In 2014, I left the corporate world and I went on my own. Now, I coach full-time. That’s how I got to where I am.

You must have had some success early on. When I started, I opened my arms and I was going to coach for free. I tried that for a little while because money wasn’t my issue. I was looking for an emotional reward out of it but I’m not getting it because the people that were showing up weren’t winning. Did you ever coach for free for a period of time?

I still do. Here’s the thing with coaching, money is energy. When people do not pay for something, for some reason they’re not as invested as when they pay for it. That’s why in our education system, you have kids dropping out of school because there’s no money out of their pocket. They’re not feeling it. As soon as you pay for something, you’re suddenly more invested in it. I’ve found that as I started charging, I got better results with the clients. I still do things where I’ll do events, consultations and a lot of build-ups. The actual coaching, I find that when people are serious, those are the ones I want because I want them to achieve as much as they want to achieve. I find when they’re invested in it financially, it seems to be more important for them.

That’s how it worked out for me. When I started charging, I started finding the people that I could help, which is what I want to do. I wanted the emotional reward of helping someone change or to improve their position in life. You also said something I found interesting about the 80/20 Rule in some businesses is more like the 10/90 Rule. It’s like 10% of the people are doing all the business. When I caught onto the idea of brainwashing myself, which is what you mentioned about how I can talk myself into doing what I wanted my body to do or how I want to be. I call it brainwashing myself. I do that all the time, apparently. I didn’t learn that until I read a book by Maxwell Maltz. That was an incredible book. It changed my life.

Two books had changed my life. One was Think and Grow Rich because I was at a point in my life where I didn’t have a degree. I realized I had a glass ceiling. I was down about it. A lot of other things happened in my life and I was in a low spot, my time in the woods, no big deal. Everybody goes through it. I was accidentally handed that book by someone. I had no idea about the ramifications of that book or the popularity of that book. That book pointed out to me that some of the wealthiest people in this country and many of the most successful business people didn’t have a college degree.

They were forced to go out to create an income for themselves because they couldn’t live off what people wanted to pay them. They had to go out and invent something or create a business. I painted myself in that corner. I had talked to a former Cuban prisoner of war who was captured in the Bay of Pigs. I asked him how he survived. He said the mind would figure everything out if it had enough protein and water. He didn’t let it flip out. If you could hold the mind in, it would figure everything out. I decided to live in San Antonio, Texas.

What would life be like if I took a job off the table? Was I not going to get enough water? Was I not going to get enough protein? Not a chance. The only thing I had to do is not let my mind beat me and let me go back to a job. I painted myself in this corner where I would not go back to a job. I was going to die before it happened. Exactly what that man told me happened. I figured out how to eat, then I figured out how to eat well, and then I figured out how to eat better, then I figured out how I got too much to eat. Tell us about the mind and how you use the mind. What are the exercises for this? How do you use these concepts?

First of all, I’m going to touch on everything you talked about and Maxwell Maltz with his Psycho-Cybernetics book and Think and Grow Rich. Those are two of the main books that I assign people when they start working with me. Think and Grow Rich is what my course is almost totally designed from. It goes back to my training with Bob Proctor. He was in the movie The Secret. He’s been around for 50 years and he started with the book, Think and Grow Rich. His concepts and philosophy are what I started with many years ago. When we realized that we have this conscious mind that we’re not paying attention to and when you understand how to use it correctly, things happen. Those top realtors that I was talking about were unconsciously using their conscious minds correctly.

REIS 365 | Power Of The Mind

Power Of The Mind: With coaching, money is energy. For some reason, people are not as invested as when they pay for it.


They didn’t know they were doing it because if you asked them how they were being successful, they would tell you, “I get up every morning. I make all my calls. I do this. I go do that.” What’s driving you to make those calls? Why is it that you can get up confidently and make those calls and you don’t even question it? That was the key. There are the other rest of us that need to switch on our conscious minds. It’s not coming easily for us. We have to learn how to wake up that conscious mind. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, that conscious mind was put dormant. We learned to keep it quiet and let others tell us what to do and how to do it. When we step up and we say, “This is my mind and I’m going to control it,” and not, “I’m going to make it do what I want it to do.”

You said it right there, when you were talking about you didn’t want to go back to a job and you painted yourself in a corner. You said, “I made the decision.” That’s the key right there. A lot of people do not make decisions. There’s this ambivalence, where they sit there and they’re saying things like, “Should I go back to school? What do you think if I did this and that?” When you make a decision and you say, “This is what I want and I’m going to make it happen,” you turn on the switch. You say, “I’ve made the decision to do it.” That is clicking on your conscious mind. You’re saying, “I’m choosing what I want.” The problem is a lot of people don’t know what they want. That’s why they don’t make decisions. They’re wondering and waiting for their environment to lead them to places rather than them making the decision to do and have something and leading themselves in that direction.

There’s a fine line between that decision and false enthusiasm. You can repeat this stuff all you want to. That’s part of it but before all that, you have to buy into it 100%. There has to be 100% commitment. I watched this amazing show on Netflix called Heal. There was this guy who was a biologist, scientist or whatever for a major pharmaceutical company. He had to do all these tests and they did these blind tests and they did tests with placebos. His job was to show that the medicine would work and how many people got cured using the medicine. He was more focused on the 7% that got healed when they gave them a placebo. What’s going on there? Why are 7% of these people cured when we gave them a sugar tablet? Those people that did that had taken fear off the shelf and thrown it away. “They cured me,” and they bought it wholeheartedly. The body started producing what they thought they had put in themselves.

They had consciously decided that this pill was going to work. When you wake up your conscious mind, your body will do whatever you tell it to do. That’s why we have to be careful.

It was even bigger than that. The body started producing what it thought they need.

Here’s the key to what you said there. They didn’t tell the body to produce that. They didn’t tell the body how to heal. They didn’t worry about the how. All they worried about was taking that pill and using the pill. A lot of people focus on the ‘how’ and when you take away the ‘how’ from your goals and your desires, it will come to you. Your body knows exactly what to do. It knows how to take you into directions like your goals. You have to focus on your conscious mind and sending this message of what you want. When you’re clear on what you want and you make the decision to have it, your body follows. It takes care of everything.

It’s important because it’s like an overdrive or overtime. It’s how I’ve come to understand it. If you can get your conscious mind to go through the right process, your conscious mind takes over and it starts operating. It operates 24/7, 365 days a year. It doesn’t ever turn off. It doesn’t miss a chance to get to where whatever that conscious mind was focusing on. I saw this real-time, when I built my house out of the dirt with my own money $1 at a time. It took me 37 years and I’m almost done. It keeps getting bigger.

When I first started this idea, when I poured the slab, I had $57.93 to my name and a used Volkswagen Scirocco. That was my entire network and that slab on that piece of dirt. I had the pictures of the stove, oven, countertops and what they were going to look like. I had a picture board of everything that it’s supposed to be. I found that about a month ago. It blew my mind. It was exactly what I have. Don’t split hairs with me. My brick was a different color. Maybe it’s that one. Most of it was even the same color and the same thing. I have no idea how long it’s been since I looked at that board but that apparently has been in me for a long time because everything on that board appeared and it’s done. It was a lesson.

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It’s like a three-part system. You have your conscious mind that picks the want that you want, but the subconscious mind is the part of your mind that you have to get through to talk to your body to tell it what to do. Depending on what’s in your subconscious mind, you’re either going to be stuck or it’s going to go right through and you’re going to attain it. What you did was you started off with a vision in your conscious mind that you wanted to build a house. You didn’t care how you were going to do it. You didn’t sit down and say, “I don’t have enough money to do this.” You just said, “I’m going to build this house.” You’ve had the vision in your mind. You started implanting that vision in your subconscious mind, which you proved with your vision board. Your body took you through and started doing the actions for you to build that house. You didn’t know how you were going to do it. You probably have plans and you built it as you went.

I didn’t have plans.

No, but that desire.

I didn’t even have a set of plans. I just go, “This is where the toilet is going to go,” and I gave myself enough room to figure out what to do with the rest. The commitment was I poured the slab. I spend everything I had to my name. I don’t remember how much it was, $8,000 whatever. I spent everything I had down to $53. I didn’t have anything else. My dad came down and said, “You’re the pig now, aren’t you, son?” I said, “What does that mean, dad?” He said, “Have you ever seen that plate of bacon and eggs?” I said, “Yeah, I’ve seen that plate of bacon and eggs.” He said, “The chicken is involved, the pig is committed. You’re committed to it.” I had this tendency to burn the bridges. When I make a major decision, I cut all ties to everything else. I burned the bridge. I can’t go back.

That’s one of the steps. When you know what your goals are, when you know what it is that you want, it’s easy to make decisions because you start eliminating all the things in your life that are not attached to your goal. Your house was your commitment. I’m sure you weren’t spending money doing other things that you normally would have done. You probably didn’t go to the movies or go out for dinners. All the money you made, you were always thinking about, “How you can I apply this to my house?”

I don’t know if you have a name for this. That guy would call it the Law of the Universe or something. I believe in the guy that made the universe. When they send the message out to the universe, I send the message out to the guy that I believe made the universe. It’s the same thing. Same natural laws come from both techniques, but another thing happened. Not only was I’m more committed but people around me saw me struggling or fighting inch by inch and people showed up that I never asked to show up and never planned on showing up. Things started to happen. For once at Christmas, I didn’t get slippers that I didn’t need. I got doorknobs and ceiling fans and I needed everything.

This is the interesting thing that I do. We talk about this and people go, “You’re talking about the Law of Attraction and how does that work?” There are all these words out there, vibrations and energy. What I do is I walk you through the process step by step and I show you what’s happening. I show you how your conscious mind works. I show you how it goes to your subconscious mind. I show you how your body responds and I walk you through the process. That is how I do the coaching. Sometimes people listen to this and they go, “You’re talking about all that woo-woo stuff. You said you put it out to the universe and everything came back to you. How does that work?” When you understand that there is a natural component to this, there is an energy from us and like attracts like, but it all starts with you.

You were the one that was putting that energy out there. You were sending the message without even knowing it. You were inadvertently doing it because you were focused on your goal. Everybody felt it. They felt your energy, “Look how excited he is. Look at him. Look how devoted he is. I’m going to help him.” You start bringing people in towards you. That could be with anything. It could be a salesperson with a client. When you love your product, you love yourself, and you believe in what you’re doing, the clients look at you and go, “I want what he’s got.” They start coming towards you because they feel that energy. They feel that passion. That’s where that growth and the Law of Attraction comes in. You did it with your house. Salespeople can do it with themselves.

REIS 365 | Power Of The Mind

Power Of The Mind: When you’re so clear on what you want, and you make the decision to have it, your body follows and takes care of everything.


When I work with individuals or small business owners, it’s the same love that they have for their business that you have for your house. The only difference is that they’re attracting clients and they’re attracting profits. You attracted people around you to help you. You brought in everything you needed to achieve your goal and you probably weren’t even aware you were doing it. It was natural energy that you were sending up. It’s a frequency. I always compare it to like a radio, the volume on your stereo or how high your volume is. That’s usually what attracts other people. You must have had a volume super high to attract many people that they were all coming in and helping you. They were a part of your goal.

I had people come in and they said, “Here’s the list of stuff we need to build this house and to wire it electrically. We’ll all volunteer our Saturday if you’ll cook meat and perhaps bring beer.”

They wanted to be a part of your energy. It was amazing.

One day they wired my entire 3,600 square foot house.

When you started building your house at any time, did you sit there and say, “When I start building my house, I’m going to call all my friends and I’m going to ask them to come over and wire it.” You didn’t have to. You never have to worry about the how. As long as you have the goal, the decision made and the desire to do it, it all falls into place.

Let’s talk about one of the things that I got that was important early in my career that I have no doubt was the difference. Me being where I’m at now and being in a whole different lower rung was self-talk. The person that we speak to the most in this whole world by a long shot, the person we’re going to have a conversation with more than anybody in the entire world, maybe all people combined, would be yourself. It’s important how that self-talk is going. Can you talk to us about that?

You have three parts to your mind. You have your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, and then you have your body. Your body is every cell. Every cell in your body is part of your mind. When you consciously bring up a sentence or a thought, you’re feeding it to your subconscious mind, then your subconscious mind releases that to your body and then your body sends it out as a feeling. If you are saying to yourself, “I am stupid. I am ever ugly,” and you self-talk consciously. You’re saying that these are the thoughts that you’re bringing up in your mind. You’re feeding that to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind takes that and goes, “What feeling do I assign to that? I’m going to feel bad. I’m not going to be confident.” It sends that to every cell of your body. That is what your body emits. That is your action.

The negative things that you’re saying about yourself are causing your body to react negatively. When you say a positive thought and you say things like, “I’m a good person, I speak well, I’m smart, I’m funny, I’m this and that,” your subconscious mind is going to take that. It’s going to assign it a feeling and it’s going to say, “I feel good, I feel happy, I feel confident,” and suddenly your shoulders go back. You walk straighter. You’re smiling at people. You’re facing people because you’ve fed yourself a confident statement. It’s important to think about our thoughts. The secret here is and this is where a lot of people do not understand the importance of what they’re thinking. They say, “I get up every morning and I say these affirmations, but nothing’s happening. I have bad luck and I’m still attracting the wrong relationships. I say the good thought.”

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There’s a secret about the subconscious mind and that is if you repeat the same thing over and over again, your subconscious mind is finally going to say, “I got it. Don’t ever tell me again. I’m going to run with it.” No matter what you tell it, it’s not going to listen to you. For twenty years you’ve been telling yourself that you’re ugly, you’re stupid, nobody wants you, nobody will marry you. You’re telling yourself that you’ll never have money and that you’ll never be able to achieve success. All of a sudden, you wake up on Monday morning and you read a little card that says, “I’m great, I’m beautiful.” Your subconscious mind has already been fed and is running with the idea that you do not believe in yourself. This is going to look up at you and go, “Don’t even feed me that. This is who you are. You’ve been feeding me this for twenty years.”

You’re saying you’re going to need lots of repetition.

That’s the key.

In Maltz’s book, there are these horses that you rent at the park. They go down to that tree and they make a right. They go down a little further and then they make a left at the stream, and then they take a right and they go over the bridge. He said, “Those horses have done that for years and years. You can get halfway through that trail and get off the horse and try to take him someplace else and he won’t go.”

Think about it like this. Do you ever have it where you drive to work the same route every day, and then it’s Saturday and you want to go in the opposite direction. You’re halfway to work and you go, “What?” That’s because your subconscious mind knows how to get you to work. You’ve been doing it every day. Imagine how many things your body is doing that you’re not even aware of, but it’s programmed to do because you’ve taught it over the years. When you were a child, your parents taught you things, your teachers taught you things, behaviors, how to act. Now you want to achieve a goal or you’re trying to do something. You can’t figure out why your body won’t respond. It’s because there’s programming there, just like driving to work, that’s running you and it stopping you. It’s making you go in a different direction.

The repetition is the key. When I work with my clients, the first thing we do is we find out what those hidden programs are because a lot of us have these actions that we can’t even describe. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re at home and you want to have your cereal and you ran out of milk. You head over to the grocery store and you know how they put the milk at the back of the store all the time so that you walk through everything and buy everything in between. You’re walking through the store and you’re walking towards the milk. You’re thinking about your cereal and you’re thinking, “I can’t wait to get this milk. Should I get some bread? No, I’m just going to get the milk. I hope my debit card works.” You come back, you pay and you leave the store.

At any time when you walked in that store, did you have to say to yourself, “Don’t put that chocolate bar in your pocket. Don’t steal that candy. Don’t steal those batteries and put them in your pocket.” Were you thinking about stealing when you walked into that store? You weren’t. You were thinking about buying the milk, but you were programmed as a child because you grabbed at that chocolate as a kid, you had to. It was all there at eye level when you were small. You dove at it and the people stopped you. Your parents stopped you and said, “That’s bad. That’s stealing.” They taught you not to do that.

You were programmed on how to go shopping. You walk in, you pick things, you take them, you pay for them and you leave but you don’t think about that, do you? When you go to a store, you’re not thinking about stealing. That’s the programming. Imagine how many programs you’re doing that you’re not even aware of that are serving you, but the ones that are not serving you. It was all done by repetition. Somebody repeated a behavior to you until finally, your subconscious mind said, “I got it. You don’t have to tell me anymore. I’m running with it.”

REIS 365 | Power Of The Mind

Power Of The Mind: If you don’t start feeding yourself the information you need to be successful, someone else is going to feed it to you.


I want the people out there to make a note. If you’ve never heard this stuff before and this is new to you, please don’t pass up a chance for the opportunity to learn how your mind is working because it affects you every second of your life. You have to get a handle on how we give and receive messages and what our body does with it. One of the perfect examples was Mother Teresa when she was asked if she would hold a sit-in to end the war. She said, “No, but when you decide to have a gathering for peace, let me know.” She knew exactly that even though it was “in war,” the brain will only grab the word “war.”

You’ve got to learn this stuff about yourself and how to apply this to your life because that subconscious mind is working all the time. If you don’t figure this stuff out and get a handle on it at least, then you’ve got all this subconscious energy going in the wrong direction and it’s not difficult to change. First of all, you just have to be aware, which is why we’re talking to Fran. You’ve got to apply it to yourself and get some knowledge. It’s hard when you self-talk. When I first started, I used to call myself a dumb-ass all the time. You see it even rolls off the tongue really easy. Now I catch myself and I go, “That wasn’t the best you could do, Mitch. You know you’ll do better next time you. You can do better than what happened.” I let myself understand my misstep with that verbiage instead of, “What a dumb-ass I am.”

What’s interesting is if you don’t start feeding yourself the information you need to be successful, someone else is going to feed it to you. You’ll be taking in information from your environment rather than from yourself. You want to be in control of you. This is your life. What do you want? You’re the one that can take you there, not someone else. If you’re sitting on the sidelines waiting for success, waiting for someone else to take you there. You can go people for advice and guidance, but you’re the one that’s in charge of you putting yourself in action to do it. Nobody’s going to come and take your hand and lead you to a house and say, “Buy this house. Here’s the money. Here’s the house.” You have to make the decision to control your own actions.

You couldn’t get me to talk in front of two people. I was the type where you put me in front of a group of people, even two people, I would climb right up. I lost my voice. I couldn’t speak. Now, I get up in front of crowds. I did a talk in front of 500 people. I do radio interviews and I do videos. I’m a guest speaker at many events. How could it be that I went from not being able to talk in front of two people to 500 people? It was my mindset and it was all based on what I was told as a child. I carried that with me. Once I realized that I didn’t have a voice, I had to move that block over. I had to repeat to myself that I did have a voice, that I did have a message.

Once I did that, things started to change for me. That’s when I started walking into offices and saying, “If you don’t give me more money, I’m walking out the door.” I became more assertive. I started telling people what I wanted rather than sitting back and hoping that somebody would hire me or pay me. I walked in and said, “This is what I expect. This is what I can do for you.” I did and they paid me for it. Once I found my voice, I could start asking for what I wanted and it took me in that direction. I changed myself. That was one of the things I applied to my life. If I had not done that, if I hadn’t learned this information, who knows where I’d be now? I’d probably still be in a cubicle somewhere typing Word documents in some office.

I don’t know, but I had to tell myself what I wanted. I had to repeat to myself on a daily basis until my subconscious mind grabbed that new thought and said, “Got it.” You speak up for yourself. I’d walk in a room and sometimes somebody will say something and usually, I would have sat back and not said anything. Now I speak up and say, “Here’s my thought on that.” My body’s reacting. My subconscious mind took over the new idea because I was repetitive. That’s the way we changed those blocks that we have. There’s a system to it. When you know the system, you can apply it to any part of your life.

That’s wonderful because if there’s something out there you’re fearful of that you can change, then this works. If there’s something you would like to accomplish that you feel like it’s out of reach, this is a great place to start. If you want to change some personal habits, maybe you grew up with some messages that were not good, that were sent to you all the time, undo them and get with someone who knows how to do this and get a jump on it. It’s invaluable and immeasurable what happens. There’s no way to measure when I decided to tell my self-talk and my thoughts on what message was going to go in instead of randomly saying anything. It’s incalculable what it’s been worth to me. It had to have been worth millions.

The interesting thing about that is it’s not always about the money. It could be a relationship.

You need to understand yourself before you can move towards a goal. Click To Tweet

It’s not always about the money but if I got divorced because my behavior didn’t change or didn’t get better, then that would have cost me money. It’s going to cost you if you don’t figure this out.

There are people out there that want relationships, they want children or they want to travel or whatever it is. They want something more in their lives and they’re frustrated because they can’t get it. It all can be changed.

I’m a firm believer. I’ve gone through in the last few months big life changes. I like to paint myself in a corner and brainwash the hell out of myself until there’s nothing else I could see but what I want to happen. You have an eBook out and you’re going to be giving it away for free. I want everyone to go to 1000houses.com/Fran and get a copy of the eBook. Tell us what the eBook is about.

The eBook is designed for success in your business. I give you three steps to apply to your business. It’s more geared if you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner. It’s looking at the importance of knowing what it is that you want. Because when you’re not clear on who you are and what you want, you go off in a different direction. You need to understand yourself before you can move towards a goal.

That’s not as easy as you think. You ask a lot of people, “What do you want in life?” They don’t know.

I’m glad you brought that up. If I went out on the street and stopped ten people, I guarantee you nine would not know for sure. There might be one but I doubt it highly. I’ll tell you the importance of understanding who you are. Let’s say you want to buy a pair of runners and you say you’re going to go to the mall and you want to buy some Nike runners. You head off to your local mall and you walk in. You know there’s a Nike store in there but you’re not sure where it is. You’re going to start wandering around the store, around the mall and you’re going to start asking people, “Do you know where the Nike store is?” People are going to start giving you their opinion, “Don’t go to Nike, go over to Walmart. They’ve got a sale on these runners.” Somebody’s going to say, “Don’t go to Nike. They’re too expensive. Adidas is over there.”

You’re going to be relying on other people to lead you to the runners that you originally wanted. Nobody is thinking the same way you are. You know what you want. You want those Nike runners but they’re leading you everywhere else. The mall people know this. They don’t want you wandering the mall. They want you to come in that door and know exactly where that Nike store is. They put that giant information sign. There’s a picture of all the stores and you look up the word Nike and there it is, the Nike store. They even show you on the map where it is. It’s on the second floor and they give it a number. There’s this big map that shows you where the store is. That map is useless unless you see that big red dot that says, “You are here.” You have to know where you’re standing on that map before it’s any good. Now, you can go to the Nike store. If you don’t know where you’re standing, any type of direction, any type of leadership, any type of guidance isn’t as effective.

When you know yourself and you understand everything about you, how you react, what your beliefs are, the blocks that you have, the things that you’re good at, your strengths and your weaknesses. You can start setting off towards your goals prepared. It’s not only that you have a clear path from where you are to where you want to be, but you’re also ready for the obstacles. You already know all about you, what you can handle and what you can’t handle, who to ask for help for and who not to ask for help. When you built your house, you weren’t an electrician. You knew ahead of time at some point that you were going to have to get an electrician. It’s the same thing when you’re heading towards a goal. People are setting off on these paths every day not knowing where they’re standing. It’s like getting in a car and going on a trip and buying the map, but not knowing your address. The map means nothing. You will just be driving, asking people to lead you there. You want to know exactly where you are so that you can grab the map and go from A to B with a clear path.

REIS 365 | Power Of The Mind

Power Of The Mind: When you know what your goals are, it’s easy to make decisions because you start eliminating all the things in your life that are not attached to it.


You were talking about taking people one-on-one and you also have an online course. Tell us what the one-on-one is like.

The one-on-one is important because a lot of us have these hidden blocks. We don’t even know what they are. We know we’re reacting to things and we don’t know why we’re reacting. Did you ever have it where you’re sitting there and somebody embarrassed you and you’re saying to yourself, “Don’t turn red. Don’t let my face turn red.” I don’t know if you remember when you were a kid and you were like, “Please don’t turn red,” but your face went red. Something embarrassed you and you reacted to something. Until you know what’s blocking you, how can we move it over? How can we move over this block if I don’t even know it exists?

In the one-on-one, we go deep and figure out who you are and what exactly your blocks are. We then find out what it is that you want and then I lead you on that path. That’s the importance of the one-on-one. I developed an online course and this took me about a year to develop. It’s taking everything I teach in my one-on-one and I put it in a digital program online that you can do from home on your computer. It teaches you all about the mind, how it works and all about you. It’s more general for everybody, but the one-on-one we get right into you personally. It’s important to do that especially if you’ve been stuck for a long time and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. That’s why you need one-on-one guidance.

Some of the greatest changes in my life, I needed help to do it. I might have been able to do it by myself but it was a lot less stressful and happened a lot quicker because I got the right person.

It’s like the mall example. You could have been relying on everybody to show you until you figured it out. You would have been in that mall for days trying to find that store or you could have walked in and seen the map. That’s what I do. I’m that information map that takes you from point A to B in the fastest and shortest distance.

The cool thing is it’s faster and shorter because you know how to get to it. You do the exercises and put a person through X, Y, Z paces so we can hurry up and figure it out. The sooner we figure that out, the sooner we can start to figure out how to get to where we want to go. That’s a whole other process, how do you get to where you want to go? I appreciate you being on. I’m sure you have a consult. We’re going to put the information on how to get to Fran Banting so she can have a consult to see if you’re a good fit.

See what she has to say about what your goals are. Maybe it’s a good match. Go to 1000houses.com/Fran. Do you have speaking engagements you want to list over there? I want to let you know, Fran, this is an evergreen show notes for your show. Anytime you have speaking engagements come up, you can always add them. If you have a new product, you can add it. If you have a new giveaway, you can add it. I know you have a lot of things you could have given away, maybe you’ll add some giveaways for our folks there.

With this virus, I’ve canceled all of our speaking engagements. We can’t have gatherings of more than 50 people. Most of the things have been canceled, but for the future, probably we’ll start seeing things again. I do have a focus session consultation that I do. It’s a 45-minute session and you can go on my online calendar and set a time. I’d be happy to talk to anybody who’s interested. I’m also offering my online course, which you’re going to be posting on there and we’re doing a special for your show. I’ve got some links to some eBooks and lots of stuff to help everybody out to get started with changing their mindset.

It’s probably one of the most important topics you’ll ever agree or decide to learn because it all starts right here. Everything’s right here. I know it sounds cliché and it sounds almost too simple, but that’s where it starts. It all starts in your head. This is an amazing brain and body that we have. It surely would help if you know how it works.

If you don't know where you're standing, any type of direction, leadership, or guidance is not going to be effective. Click To Tweet

The key here is to understand that we are one of a kind. You are one of a kind. There has never been and there never will be another you. You are special and that is what we all need to understand ourselves. There never is another one of us. We need to take ourselves seriously. Pay some attention to ourselves and take the time to learn about ourselves because there is only one you. That one you are out in this world projecting itself with its peak potential. We want you out there the best you can be. The first person who’s got to buy into that is you.

What is the price of the course that you’re offering?

It’s regularly $499 Canadian, but I’m offering it to you for $199 US.

The reason why I wanted to mention the date, March of 2020, is because prices change. She has the right to change her price. This thing is going to be evergreen. It’ll be out there for a long time. As this is going on, it’s $199. Make sure you verify if you’re reading this, months after this is done, but $199 or $500. What a small price to pay to get a handle on harnessing your subconscious mind, which is going to work for you by either pulling in the right direction or the wrong direction every second of every day for all your lives. The cost doesn’t matter when you look at it like that. One way or the other, you got to get a handle on it and you’d be much better off. At least that’s my humble opinion because the changes that I’ve had to go through, it’s all mental. It’s great having you here on the show, Fran. Thanks for coming on.

I appreciate it, Mitch. I’ve had fun. Thank you very much.

Get your free eBook. What’s the name of this eBook?

Three Steps to Launch Your Business to Success.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for stopping by to get you some Fran Banting and learn a little bit about the mind. Please go check out my friends at TaxFreeFuture.com. They offer tax-free and tax-deferred retirement accounts or financial growth accounts. You won’t believe what your financial advisors are not telling you. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you, then you can decide what you want to do with it. We’re out of here.


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