Real Estate Investing Tips: Direct Mail & Starting Out Broke

Episode 218:

Real Estate Investing Tips: Direct Mail & Starting Out Broke

As an author of one of the top real estate investing books, MY LIFE AND 1,000 HOUSES, Mitch Stephen hosts real estate investing seminars and teaches real estate investing classes to help anyone who wants to create additional income through real estate investing. From real estate investing 101 to advanced real estate coaching, Mitch Stephen has guided many real estate agents to advanced success!

Matt Aitchison is a millennial real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and business mentor.

After being expelled from high school, Matt went on to graduate from UC Santa Barbara and has founded many business ventures within the real estate, construction, and digital marketing industries.

He Co-Founded and developed The Aitchison & Adams Real Estate Team, which sold 500+ units and over $250+ million in sales volume in just 5 years. A&A was ranked in the Wall Street Journal Top 1000 for real estate teams nationwide. Matt also owns Vault Investment Properties, an investment group that has rehabbed and developed over 150+ properties while growing his 7 figure real estate rental portfolio.

He is passionate about building wealth through real estate and entrepreneurship and mentors aspiring millionaires and entrepreneurs from around the globe grow their income, impact, and influence. He is a proud board member of the 1LifeFully Lived charity and continues to serve and educate underprivileged communities in the Sacramento region and nationwide.

What real estate investing tips you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Matthew believes that real estate is a vehicle to more options that allow him to have a greater fulfillment in his life
  • The three things people are really searching for and how making more money is only one small piece of a much larger equation
  • What the “Mel Gibson freedom” is and how to experience it in your own life and business
  • How Matthew uses direct mail to connect with potential customers and why it is still very much relevant in today’s digital marketing age
  • The reason direct mail reigns supreme for marketing today: it has to do with making the buying audience (Gen Xers, millennials, and baby boomers alike feel more connected to the brand)
  • The other technologies Matthew uses in combination with direct mail to connect with his audience
  • Why a one and done strategy is never enough and you MUST have a method in place, a process to follow-up or your direct mail campaign will be for naught
  • The reason Matthew believes that return mail is far more promising than a return phone call
  • What “touches” are in the cultivation of new customers and why they are so important to businesses and entrepreneurs
  • How many touches it takes before you can set yourself apart from competitors
  • How the response rate for direct mail increases with each follow-up or subsequent mailing and is rarely felt within the first one or two “touches
  • The importance of tracking and why Matthew believes it is critical for helping you make decisions about whether a particular campaign is working or not
  • What Matthew believes is the difference between mom and pop investors and those who are serious about building their businesses
  • Why the “extra” is so important and how it can transform your life


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