Real Estate Investing Tips: Raising Millions Under the Age of 20

Episode 223:

Real Estate Investing Tips: Raising Millions Under the Age of 20

As an author of one of the top real estate investing books, MY LIFE AND 1,000 HOUSES, Mitch Stephen hosts real estate investing seminars and teaches real estate investing classes to help anyone who wants to create additional income through real estate investing. From real estate investing 101 to advanced real estate coaching, Mitch Stephen has guided many real estate agents to advanced success!

Ross Hamilton has been investing in real estate since he was just 19 years old and he has really done it all. Ross has completed countless residential and commercial fix and flips, wholesale deals, he buys and sells notes and makes a killing developing land.

Although he loves showing real estate investors how to accomplish more in less time, you’ve never seen Ross on stage selling real estate products.

Ross Hamilton has a rare talent set. Not only has he been uber successful as a real estate investor, he has made a very influential name in the tech world as well. Ross has raised and invested millions into tech companies.

In 2011 Ross was nominated by Entrepreneur Magazine for emerging entrepreneur of the year.

What real estate investing tips you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why 80% of millionaires make their first million in real estate
  • How Ross bought his first property at 19 years old and built great cash flow
  • Why networking is key in making money
  • Why Ross decided to build a social network just for real estate called Connected Investors which is growing quickly and has close to half a million members
  • A lesson from Ross’s first mentor: if the deal is good, the money will be available
  • Why buyers are in extremely high demand
  • Why — if anyone is wondering whether they can get money for a deal — the answer is 100% “yes”
  • How people profit from the inefficiencies of real estate
  • Connected Investors’ tools that help you get deals funded
  • Why this is a phenomenal time to get involved in real estate investing, with technology and market sources in your favor
  • Why getting funding for real estate is no longer a challenge
  • Borrowers need more education, and Connected Investors’ comprehensive training course gives you the information you need when you’re looking for funding
  • The number-one mistake when getting real estate deals funded: People dealing with scams and with inexperienced lenders
  • Why you need to verify your lender and check their references
  • Why the money you have to put down decreases as time goes on and when you have more experience

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