Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Episode 12:

David Corbaley, “The Marketing Commando” has multiple businesses throughout different fields, including real estate and internet marketing that has brought him great success. Sharing the information he’s learned over the years is one of his true passions.

If you are actually doing real estate, we have an opportunity for you that will go above and beyond any marketing tool that is currently out there for FINDING SELLERS. This is an extremely high level product, so be prepared to see significant results when you learn more about this amazing internet lead generating product. It is definitely one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies and tools out there right now, so listen up.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the deal gives you the upper hand
  • The kinds of deals that David likes to do
  • The psychology of why inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing
  • Why you need to create videos to attract people that want to sell their homes (and a website that will help you do it)
  • The real estate marketing strategies that are proven to work
  • How to find motivated sellers on Craigslist
  • Why talking on the phone beats email
  • Why consistency is the most important thing
  • What an average day looks like for David



Mitch: This is Mitch, and man do I have great show for you today. I am your wonderful, and all-knowing host, Mitch, a.k.a “Be the Bank” Stephen. You know, I specialize in the owner finance strategy, and buying houses with other people’s money and then selling those houses on payments, collected down payment and then sell it on payments. 

But, nothing starts until you have a deal on a house. So, today’s guest is going to be a great pleasure for you to listen to, because it’s all about mining for houses and finding motivated sellers. I want to introduce you to. David Corbaley. How you doing?

David: Hey, Mitch. I’m great, man. Thanks for having me.

Mitch: Hey, man. You are into so much stuff, and I love technology and the way that you’re using just all kinds of things to find motivated sellers. I like to say in my business, “It all begins with a deal, and without a deal, nothing happens.” 

You’ve got to find the deal. The guy who finds the deal is in control. You find the deal, you can find the partners. Or, you find the deal, you can find the money. It’s the deal that brings everything else to the table. 

And, if you have a great deal then you have a hand up over everyone else, because everyone is attracted to the great deal just like moths to the light. If you have a great deal, then you’re going to get what you’re looking for. 

So, David, I’m glad you’re here today. How are you doing’?

David: I’m doing fantastic, man. Just a, you know, plugging along and making things happen, and working on living life, and enjoying some off time while I work on the business on the flip side. And, you know, making it happen.

Mitch: So, when you find houses, we’re going to talk about the marketing here in a second for those motivated sellers, but — when you do real estate, what kind of deals are you traditionally doing?

David: So, for a long time, we were really focused on short sales. And then, I’ve actually moved — we went through short sales and rehabs, and we did a number of — a combination of those two things, basically. So, we’d either flip short sales “as is”, or we’d get it and rehab it and retail it for a top dollar. 

I did that for a long time and then recently, I have been moving quite a bit. I mean, I went from Seattle to California to Florida to Boulder to Denver to Scottsdale. Yes, over the last 2 years or so. I’ve moved a lot, and in that move, I have really just focused on land somewhere, do some marketing and I just know that I’m not going to be long in that area. Because we’re basically trying to find “home.” Trying to find that spot where it’s just, like, “Oh, man. This is it. This is everything that we want.” 

And, first of all before I answer that question, I mean, I just want to say how thankful I am to be able to that, because I come from, you know, having a job, I was a firefighter and I’m stuck in one place. I can’t move, because that’s my career, and now just travel around all over country, even outside the country, if I wanted to, and find the perfect place to live. I’m grateful for that. It’s like a dream come true to be able to do that. 

So, what we’ve been doing is focusing on, we hit a market, we’ll crank up the marketing and then everything that comes to us, we just assign it, either to people that we know in the market, or, you know, we’ll build a quick buyers list and just assign things Just because we don’t know if we’re going to be here 4 months, or 6 months, so, I don’t want to get into any type of work on a property where we’re not going to be around to manage it, or things like that. 

I’ve never been into long range property investing, other than just referring them to other people in that market. So, managing any type of rehabs or anything is not something I’m interested in doing long range.

Mitch: The real estate arena is such a wonderful arena, because there is so many niches. There’s more niches than you can even fathom, and so, to find the one that fits you. 

But the one thing that almost all of these niches need is, number 1, you’ve got to be able to fund your deals, or find someone who can. And, number 2, you have to be able to find the deal. 

And so, tell us how you’re teaching people to find deals using technology. This is probably — maybe I need to narrow that down. Which way do you want to tell us about first, David, of how to find deals?

David: Well, what I like to do is kind of preface what we’re doing with why. Why we do things this way, and it’ll take me just a second, but I think it’ll really hit home with everybody listening. 

If you think about you when you go to, let’s say Best Buy or Sears, or, wherever you go. Wherever the electronic store is, and I’m probably talking mostly to the guys now, because, you know, not to be, whatever you call that term…

Mitch: Politically incorrect. [LAUGHTER]

David: Whatever, yeah. But, you know, women just don’t usually go to the electronic part, unless you’re going there to get something nice for a guy. And, we really appreciate you guys doing that. But, women are smarter with their money, I think that’s why.

Mitch: [LAUGHTER] You’re getting in trouble, David. You’re getting in trouble there.

David: Let me just forget about that, and I’ll just go on. 

So, when we go into a store and looking for anything, or a car dealership or anything like that, what’s the first thing that happens? You step in, you step onto the lot, or you step in the store, and automatically, your Spidey sense, you know, starts perking up. And, you’re looking in for that salesperson, because you know that they’re going to come and try to tackle you any minute. 

So, you’re, like, looking around and you’re on edge Immediately on edge. And, as soon as that guy shows up, like usually behind you, “Hey, how are you doing? Can I help you look at that?”. “No, no, I’m just looking.” Right? Your hand almost goes up, right? Like, talk to the hand. “No, I’m not interested. Just looking.” 

Well, that is what we do. Now, not saying that any of the things I mentioned don’t work, because they still do and sometimes they work really well, if you do it right. But, when we’re sending direct mail, and postcards, and knocking on people’s doors and all this other stuff, we are basically that sales person. “Hey, how are you doing? You ready to sell your house?” “No.” What happens? Their hand goes up, “No, I’m not interested right now.” So, hopefully, that makes sense.

And, let me flip it around. Let’s say I’m sitting at home, a Thursday, and I’m thinking, “Man, what am I going to do tomorrow? I know, you know, my wife or my girlfriend’s going to get — or my husband, or my boyfriend is going get, you know, frustrated if I don’t have plan for tomorrow. Hmmm. Where can we go to dinner?”

What do you do? You pick up the phone, and you start, you know, you go to Maps or Google, or whatever, and you say, “Fish dinner in Scottsdale,” or “Steak in Scottsdale,” or “Nice restaurants in Scottsdale.” And, boom, up comes a little list, shows you different places. This one’s got 4 stars. This one’s got 5 stars, and so on.

What is your mindset? Does your hand go up? You say, “No, no, I’m not interested?” Nope, because it’s timing. Your timing is right. You are ready for what you are looking for. And, you know that you’re looking for that thing to do, dinner, movie or whatever it is with your partner on Friday night.

So, you’re looking, and you’re looking at the results, and you’re deciding based on those results. Your guard is 100% down. You’re just in investigative mode right now, looking for the right answer. Looking for the solution to your problem. That’s night and day. And, it’s inbound marketing versus outbound marketing.

Outbound is when we send all this stuff out, and knock on their door and chase them and they’re like, “No, no, no.” Inbound is — there’s a couple of ways. One is with a net. So, with inbound marketing, we can spread a net. And, we use the internet typically to do this. There’s multiple different ways on the internet that we do this, but you spread a net. And, you’re going to get the motivated seller fish in many different ways in your net. And, all they need to do is just fall in your net, because they’re there. They’re ready and they’re looking, and they swim right into your net, and made contact with you.

And, the other way is with a spear. So, there’s net fishing and there’s spear fishing for motivated sellers when it comes to inbound marketing. And, the spear fishing is basically that motivated seller reveals himself, and so, they’re just under the water. You can see him just under the water, and you’re able to, basically, you know, chuck your spear at them and get them. Because you see that they’re there, and they’re ready to surface, ready to make something happen. They don’t necessarily fall into your net, but you can directly target them.

So, I just wanted to paint that picture. The difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing, and why I prefer inbound. Now, we still do outbound, don’t get me wrong, because you should have a multi-pronged approach, and never put all your fish in one basket.

But, with inbound marketing, it’s so much different, because you talk to a person when they are ready to get something done. Typically they haven’t talked to anybody else, so you’re the only fisherman in the sea at that point, versus, if by chance you get a call from a piece of direct mail, you might be the fifth person they called, or you might be the first person that they’re calling from their stack of 30 letters that are sitting in their living room. So, they’re not going to be really motivated to work with you, because they know they have options. So, inbound marketing is my favorite.

Mitch: That’s interesting, because I wouldn’t have thought of the two ways. That’s not my specialties. So, where do you start, man? Because that is a big, big ocean out there. Where do you start?

David: Well, when you’re starting, and I have good experience with this, because we’ve gone into so many new markets locally. And, I know that people talked about investing and, you know, other markets. You’re in Scottsdale. You can invest in Memphis, etc. And, you certainly can.

I’ve never had a passion for that,. It just seems like there’s so many fish in my own backyard. Why would I need to travel to go to another ocean? So, when you start out in a market, after you decide what market, what type of seller are you going to target, etc., there’s multiple ways to get seller leads online.

Remember, they are looking, because we’ve trained to look. You know, if we’re looking for a dentist, or a restaurant, or a movie, you know car repair. Anything, any solution to what problem that we have, or a need that we have in life, we were trained how to go on the internet. Go to Google and look.

And, it’s the same with motivated sellers. So, they will actually go, and when they go is another whole story but, they’ll go right on to Google, and they’ll use terms like, “How to sell my house,” or “How to sell my house fast,” or “Sell my house without a realtor,” or “Who buys houses for cash,” “Investors who buy houses,” “Investment companies that buy houses for cash.” I mean, hundreds and hundreds of different terms that they use.

And, what happens is, time frame — and, think about this. When do they do this? Typically, either when they’re sitting at work, and they’re stressed out and they can’t focus, because they don’t know what they’re going to do with their house problem. Or, at 1 o’clock in the morning. They wake up in a cold sweat, because they were dreaming, having a nightmare about their house and how their spouse is just going to kill them because they got into such a mess.

So, they wake up and they reach over, and they pick up their phone, or their Ipad and they start typing in stuff. And, what happens is there are multiple ways for us to show up in a Google search when they do this.

And, we can show up as a video. We can show up as an ad on Google. We can show up as a regular website. We can show up as a local map listing. People didn’t know that, with our business, we can show up in Google maps just like a dentist, just like a restaurant. It’s actually easier for us.

So, where I would start is with the easiest. It’s not necessarily the most lead producing, but it is the easiest. And, you will get results this way…is, and I’ll give you the second way.

First way is by creating videos. And, when I say that people go, “I don’t want to be on camera. I don’t even have a camera.” No. No. No. There’s really easy ways that you can create videos, and put these videos online, on Google, and they’ll show up in the search results.

You can go to an online website, and I’ll just give — there’s a bunch of them, I’ll just give you one. There is one called Animoto.com. And, all you do is go to that site, and you can drop slides.

Basically, you drop pictures into a slide show type of thing. Let’s say you create 8 slides. And, on the first slide, you actually type something out on a black screen, or black text on a white screen. And, it says, your to action. “Need to sell your house fast? We buy houses for cash.” And then, put your phone number.

And then, the next slide might be a house. Next slide might be somebody, a couple with a sold sign. You know, something that resonates with a sold house, or solving their problem. Fourth slide is another slide, “We buy houses in your neighborhood.” “Call us now,” with a phone number. And, you get the point.

So, you create 8 or 10 of these slides. You can select some music to put with it, right there on that website. You push “create”, and it will make a video for you. And, I don’t mean a video that goes slide to slide, and is boring. You can create different themes, and like, you know, the pictures will come in and slide in, and shrink and expand. And, it’s a very nice looking video.

Last time I checked, you can sign up after you create the video. You can get a free — you’re free video for nothing. It doesn’t cost you anything to download it, or anything. But, it’s really not usable. It’s really low quality. But, for 5 bucks, you can get a membership or something, and get ten of these, if you want to. Ten of the videos.

And, you go put this video on YouTube. And, you know, you create a channel, put the video on Youtube, and then you title the video — hope you’re writing — you title the video with a search term that that motivated seller might be using. “How to sell my Scottsdale house fast.” “Sell my Scottsdale house without an agent.” Notice how I’m using the term of the city? Make sure that you use your target market in there. That is the key. So, a term like that, you know, “Sell my house fast,” or even “Stop foreclosure in Scottsdale.” You know, wherever your target city is, use that in the title.

And, you could also put your phone number right in the title. “Sell my Scottsdale house fast,” pipe — you know, the pipe is the little thing right above the slash sign, where the return is. So, shift pipe. And so, key word, pipe and then phone number, 123-456 whatever. So, in the description, that’s where you can actually put quite a few words. I mean, you can put 500 or a 1000 words or characters in there.

You want to put something other that really maps out,”Hey, we buy houses in your area.” And, there’s little bit about your business, and give them a reason that they’d want to call. Something that builds trust.

You also want to put, if you have a website — put the URL of your website in the very beginning of that description.

And then, you can add tags.

So, adding — and, you’d be able to figure this all out when you go to YouTube. But, when you add the tags, you add tags like, “Sell my house in Scottsdale.” And, all those things. Different keywords that you would use, you know — add 5 to 10 tags.

And then you post this video. Watch what happens. If you’ve used the right keywords, your video, all of a sudden, will show up. I mean, I think the fastest we ever did it was, like, a 1 minute and 46 seconds to hit the top of Google.

But, typically, within a few hours, and worse case within a day or two, unless you mess something up. But, your video will show up when people do a search, “Sell my Scottsdale house fast.” You know, whatever term you used. Boom. That video, instead of Google Ads, instead of websites, that video and the thumbnail will show up right there at the top of Google. And, guess what is right along with it. Your phone number.

So, many times, when people do that search, and they see your video, they won’t even click on it. They will just pick up the phone and call. How cool is that?

So, that’s the first way I recommend. You can make video after video. You can even tweak — you can’t use the same video, because Google will flag it and pull it down, if it’s the exact same video. They know. So, tweak the video just a little bit. Shorten it by 5 seconds or whatever you do, and make multiple videos.

Use multiple keywords. “Sell my house fast”, “Sell my Scottsdale house fast”, “Sell my Scottsdale house without an agent”, “Stop foreclosure in Scottsdale.” All the different things that you would think a homeowner might type in when they’re really looking for a solution.

And, you know, create 5 to 10 of these videos, and you will get them ranked to the top of Google. And, your phone will begin miraculously ringing.

So, yeah. That’s the first route I would go with inbound marketing.

Mitch: Wow. So, you’re going to use videos to get the hits. And, those hits will drive you, maybe, to the top of Google search engine for those terms?

David: Yeah. Absolutely. And, you can actually do it with zero hits on your videos. You don’t need to have any hits on the videos. Right out the gate, if you do it right with the title and the description, they’ll automatically rank. 

Because, who owns YouTube? Google does. So, Google wants to rank its own properties in the Google search engine. So, they’ll rank YouTube videos much easier than your own website on your domain. So, that’s why we go with the videos on YouTube first. It’s much easier to rank.

Mitch: Okay. So, when I think about myself and this stuff, I kind of think myself as technically challenged. Do you make this easy for people like me?

David: It’s super simple. And again, like some of the video services, like Animoto, you literally can — I mean, if you can go look at images on the internet…you know, you go type in “Maui” and you click on the images, and you’re looking pictures of “Maui”.

If you can do that, then you can get images to use in the video. You can also go to any of the istockphoto sites, and buy the images for, you know, a buck a piece, or whatever, of just houses and sold signs. So, that part is really easy.

You just save images, and then you just drop the images into this little online software. It’s really easy. It tells you how to do it. And then, you know, hit “create”, and then you upload this to YouTube. It’s really straightforward ,and the platforms, themselves, do a pretty darn good job of telling you how to do it, if you run into trouble.

Mitch: And hey, so do you use, like, Facebook or LinkedIn?

David: We definitely do that, but that’s a little bit more complicated. I mean, what I like to do, I try to avoid creating busy work for people. Because, there’s a lot of noise out there. “Oh, do this, and do that.” You know, “This is the trendiest new marketing method.” Yeah, but does it work? Or, is somebody going to just spin their wheels because, something sounds cool? I like to give things that might actually have some work behind them, but they work. 

And, if I’m a new investor — I mean, we all remember what it’s like to be that — you’re looking for a solution. You’re looking for somebody to tell you how in the heck to do this. And, my biggest problem, as an investor back in 2002-2003, it was — it took me 2 1/2 to 3 years until I finally figured out how to get leads.

And, those first couple of years just stunk, because you’re putting offers on crappy properties that you have no business dealing with, but you are because you are desperate. And then, you get yourself in trouble. I just don’t want that for anybody.

So, instead of those other things, they are definitely good. You know, Facebook works, but it’s a lot more complex, and it takes some work to make it work. And, it takes some money to make it work.

But, what I really like — this second thing I like — is Craigslist. And, when I say this, people are like, “Yeah. Yeah. I’ve seen Craigslist. I’ve heard of that.” Or, “I’ve tried that.” Well, there’s a really simple way to find motivated sellers on Craigslist, and finding them is Step 1 of 3.

So, all you do is go to Craigslist in your town — you know, Phoenix Craigslist, and I will go to “real estate for sale.” And, the first thing I would do is up at the top, I would select a criteria, and get rid of “by agent.” I would do “by owner” only. That’s going to sift out all the agents that know the trick words to use that make you think that it’s a motivated seller. So, they’re gone. Now, we’re dealing with just the owners who list their properties.

Then, on the left hand side, I would choose my criteria. Bedrooms, baths and everybody has their different criteria of square footage, etc. And then, I would use search terms.

I would have that criteria set, then I would use different search terms. Because, there’s a search box. And, I would put the search terms in quotes. So, it might be, in quotes I would put, “Must sell fast”, or “cash only”, or “needs repairs.”

You can use “handyman special,” but again, that’s an investor term, and you’re probably going to  find investors that are trying to sell their house. So, these things — again, it comes to the keywords. Think of what a homeowner, a typical person that doesn’t know the lingual of real estate, might be putting if they need to sell cash, or if they need to sell fast, or if their house needs repairs.

And, what’s going to happen is, when you type the different terms — do one at a time — you’re going to sift out motivated sellers right from Craigslist. And, you can avoid having to go through all of the dang listings, and waste your time, and see all that stuff, and pretty soon, it all looks the same. You’re actually looking at the motivated sellers.

Step 2 is to reach out to them. And, this is where people mess up. Most people click on the little contact, and they’ll send an email. Because you’re scared. Right? And, I get it.


David: So, we’re scared, “Oh, my god. I don’t want to get on the phone. I don’t know what to say. Where’s my script? Where’s my script?” Right? So, I did it. I remember. I remember the phone would ring, and, “Hello, I saw your ad.” Oh, I’m looking for my script. Oh my gosh, what do I say?

You’ll figure out that you just don’t need to do that. It’s a people business. It’s all about,”How can I help you. What’s your situation?” Right? Let’s see if we can put something together that works for both of us.

So, if they have a phone number, pick up your phone and call them. It’s super easy, and the more you do it, the better you’ll get . Pretty soon, you’ll be a pro at talking to people. They’re not homeowners. They’re not sellers. They’re people.

So, when you start talking to them and finding out their needs, you get really good at it. And, you can have a guideline, what do you want to find out, you know. I want to know where the house is, what condition is it in. You know, are you interested in a specific price, etc.

I want to gauge their motivation, for sure, when I get them on the phone. But, call them. Because, anybody else who is doing this, is emailing them, because they’re chicken. So, call them. You’re going to get great results.

And, the flip side is create a spreadsheet. This is Part 3. Create a spreadsheet to follow up. And, I would put 5 to 7 boxes on that spreadsheet. So, you can follow up 5 to 7 times with every one of those that you find.

So, you make your list. Let’s say you make your list of just 5 to 10 for that day. You’re not going to find a lot on there once you use these terms, but they’re there. Make a list of those 5 to 10 that you find that day. Call every single one. The ones that you don’t get an answer to, or you leave a voicemail and you don’t hear back, write it down on your block 1.

And, the next day, email every single one of them. Nothing? The third day, call every single one of them.  So, alternate back and forth. And, I will tell you, as that builds, you’re doing 5 or 10 of these per day. So, over the course of a week, you’re going to build up to where you’re making some type of contact with 20 or so people every day. You’re sending email, and you are making the call.

Do you think those numbers are going to generate some motivated sellers? Absolutely. And, nobody is doing this. They’re taking the easy route, and they’ll send a text, or send an email once and that’s it. And, that’s where we’re going to do it differently, and really get results. But, there is gold in Craigslist of motivated sellers in Craigslist. And, you can make a living off of marketing on Craigslist without doing anything else. It’s that good.

Mitch: Wow.  So, there’s two helpful hints right there. You know, we could probably talk about this all day long. And, I know that you’re a very busy person. What do we need to know before we run out of time here, David? What’s the biggest thing? 

I was going to think that consistency was the problem that a lot of people have. They’ll start doing this stuff a little bit, and then they fall off. I use VAs to make sure that it’s consistent. That it’s their job to do this every day, that it happens all the time, every day. Do you use VAs to do some of this stuff?

David: Oh. We don’t use VAs. We have in-house. I’ve gotten to the point with our training business, we have in-house people, as well, that do that type of stuff. But, VAs is great. 

You’re right. I would say that as well. Consistency. I remember back in my early days, and that’s before I got into the inbound marketing. It was more outbound marketing. So, it was the bandit signs, and the direct mail, and the ads in The Thrifty Nickel and things like that. But, that was it. 

I would scrape up enough money to do a mailing. I would do one mailing, and I’d get few motivated sellers. I might get a deal. But, I wouldn’t mail again. Because, it was just a work to put together that mail, and I had to pay for it. And, I just don’t like dishing out the money, because you have this, you know, this fear, because you’re just getting started. 

But, back in those days, if I would have been consistent, with whatever I did, you know, the mailings, or whatever, I would have would have been successful a lot faster. So, this is the same. You know, do Craigslist for a couple of 3 days and say, “I’m not getting really any response,” or we might have gotten a couple of calls.  And, you quit. 

Mitch: Yeah. Yeah. 

David:  So, consistency. If you stick with it and have a plan, “I’m going to do this with the videos, and I want to make 10 videos a week. Or 5 videos, 1 a day. I’m going to make 5 videos a week, and I want to do 5 leads on Craigslist on a day.” 

That’s 25 people a week that you’re finding. There’s probably going to be a couple of prospects in there. And 5 videos that you’re getting out a week. So, in the course of a month, 2 months, 3 months, you’re really starting to build steam. And, you’ll be getting more and more results every single week that goes by. 

Mitch: So, what does your average day look like? I mean, what — start me from the beginning of your day until the end of your day. What do you do?

David: It’s changed a lot. Because, I don’t really spend much time in the field at all. I used to spend a lot of time in the field. I enjoyed it. And, I just kind of burned out on it after doing it for years. 

So now, I love my days, because I’ve gotten to the point where my days are more about me versus my business. And, I really enjoy being in that space. I’m grateful for that space. 

So, I’ll get up. First thing I do is, like, have a little shake. And then, I’ll go literally meditate. That’s something I never did before. I really enjoy it. I’ll spend 15 or 20 minutes just sitting quietly, contemplating, you know, visualizing. 

And then, I will go read. After that, I’ll go read something for 15-20 minutes. And, that’s how I start my day. I feed my mind. I feed my soul. I feed my heart, every single morning. And then, I head off to the gym. I get a good workout in, and come back, get ready. And then, grab my coffee, and I head into the office.

Then, I start engaging with my team. Because, they’re pretty much running everything. I mean, they’re dealing with any marketing. They’re dealing with the training business. You know, every member of my team has a specific role, and they are all fantastic, so I deal with them all day.

Like, I’ll do in an interview, like I’m doing with you. Which I love, doing that, because I love connecting with my peers and other investors, and I love sharing what I’m doing with other people, hoping that they will can get some benefit from what I share. Because, I know what it was like, to not know what the heck I’m doing, and really want to know. I spend my day doing that. And then, usually, I will kick off, usually 4, sometimes 5, and then go home. I love seeing my dog every day. And so, I’ll go home…


David: …and goof off with her a little bit and laugh. And then, just kind of wind down. And the evenings are usually — I don’t really watch much T.V. I mean, maybe once or twice a week I’ll watch a movie, but I don’t turn on the T.V. otherwise. And, I just connect with my family, and I do my thing. 

Mitch: Well, sounds like you have it figured out. I’m sure you can help a lot of others figure it out, too. You guys want to get hooked up with David, learn more about what he’s about. Learn how to find these motivated sellers using technology and all the new things that we have at our finger tips these days, go to 1000houses.com/commando. That’s (c-o-m-m-a-n-d-o). And, you’ll be able to get a whole lot more information. 

You got anything that is interesting out there for my listeners to scoop up out there?

David: I think what we’re going to do is — I was actually speaking with my team, and I think what we’re going to do is, when they go visit that page that you just gave, we’re going to give them a free resource kit that shows them multiple different ways that they can go out there and get motivated sellers. 

Which for me, that’s the key to the business. I don’t care if you’re sandwich shop owner, or, you know, in auto repair, or a real estate investor. If you don’t have customers/leads finding you, you don’t have a business. And so, leads are the key. So, that’s what we want to give them, is a resource kit that shows them how — multiple ways they can get leads online.

Mitch: Alright. Get your free resource kit at 1000houses.com/commando (C-o-m-m-a-n-d-o). 

David, I really want to thank you for taking the time to be on today. I find your world fascinating, and scary at the same time. And so, one way that you get over the fear of things is just jump in, and see what it’s all about. It all becomes not that big monster that you think that it is. 

I do a lot through technology, and was afraid of it first, and I’m not afraid of it now. You know, it takes a little bit to find out what you’re good at, and what you’re not good at. When you’re not good at something, you get someone on your team that loves it and is good at it to do it. And, problem solved, right? 

So, get your free resource kit at 1000houses.com/commando. We’re going to hope that you have a very successful week, month and year, David Corbaley. Thank you. 

David: Mitch, thanks a lot. Take care. 

Mitch: Bye now.

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