Real Estate Investing Podcast – Airbnb Other People’s Properties (OPP)

Episode 231:

Real Estate Investing Podcast – Airbnb Other People’s Properties (OPP)

Brian Page made his first million before the age of 30 in the wild world of real estate. During the historic crash of 2007, he lost it all. Starting over with no credit or savings to speak of he went on to start an Airbnb business, making over six figures in his first 6 months, using properties he doesn’t own.

After automating and outsourcing nearly every aspect of his business, Brian has enjoyed traveling the world and managing his Airbnb empire from his laptop, seeing 16 countries so far just this year. He believes wealth is not merely having money, but also the time and freedom to enjoy it.

Brian’s BNB Formula Masterclass reveals exactly how he started and grew his business so fast and how you can do the same in any of the 192 countries Airbnb operates in. BNB Formula is the only teaching of its kind showing entrepreneurs how to build a multi-listing six to seven figure Airbnb business – without having to own a single property as well as how to outsource and automate that business.

Brian charges $5,000 per day to work with clients one on one, but his 8-week masterclass and live group coaching reveal the same techniques and simple step by step formula. Seize this outstanding opportunity and begin building your own Airbnb Empire today!

What you’ll learn about in this real estate podcast episode:

  • How Brian managed to recover from having bad credit and little cash flow after the real estate crash by finding success in the Airbnb market
  • Leveraging the Airbnb business model successfully by making every transaction a win for everyone involved
  • The importance of finding the right type of property to lease out on Airbnb
  • Delegating tasks to different teams to keep yourself free to pursues new deals
  • Earning the trust of property owners concerned about who will be renting their property and getting their payment on time
  • Brian’s use of virtual online tools to eliminate his need for a full staff and save lots of time by eliminating most of his on manual tasks
  • How Brian takes the time to educate students and owners of the profit available by leasing out Airbnb properties
  • The opportunity provided by working with Airbnb property to those looking to run their own business
  • Niches you can find to specialize in within the Airbnb market
  • Using reviews left by users to find renters who will respect the property they’re staying in
  • Why investing in taking out insurance helps land new listings by making owners feel more comfortable letting you manage their property
  • How explaining his new business to friends led Brian down the path to becoming a teacher and mentor

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