Real Estate Podcast: Building a Cash Buyers List

Episode 216:

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Building a Cash Buyers List

As an author of one of the top real estate investing books, MY LIFE AND 1,000 HOUSES, Mitch Stephen hosts at top real estate investing podcast and teaches real estate investing classes to help anyone who wants to create additional income through real estate investing. From real estate investing 101 to advanced real estate coaching, Mitch Stephen has guided many real estate agents to advanced success!

Manuel Oblitas was born and raised in Lima, Peru, South America. Both Manuel and his older brother Javier were exposed to the business world in the early stages of their life as their dad was involved in the mass production of clothing in Lima.

Manuel co-founded Visual Net Design (VND) back in 2002 in San Antonio, Texas as a two-man show (his brother Javier is the co-founder), specializing in building desktop applications. Their experience dates back to Assembly Language programming on the Commodore 64 back in the late 80s. Prior to starting VND (1998), they ported DOS based software to Windows 98 compatible, building a large distributed application for the apartment locating industry. They launched VND as a web development firm in 2002, providing web design and development, desktop software development, web marketing, SEO, server hosting and IT Services. Since then, VND has worked on projects ranging from University websites to Internet of Things (IOT) projects with embedded devices for startups. Currently, they serve clients such as Keller Williams, Texas State University, Vantage Bank, Friedrich Air Conditioning and Discovery Networks.

Manuel provides executive oversight at Livecomm across all operations. He oversees production, marketing, and software update requests. He has a background in software development and currently is a partner at www.vndx.com, a software company he founded with Javier Oblitas in 2002.

What you’ll learn about in this real estate podcast episode:

  • How the idea for LiveComm.com got started
  • What LiveComm.com is and why it matters for entrepreneurs today
  • Some of the most popular features LiveComm offers to entrepreneurs
  • Ways you can use LiveComm to generate competition among people who handle your sales
  • How using LiveComm allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the surprisingly high open rates for text messages – especially when compared to open rates for emails – and transform that into leads and ultimately into sales
  • The value of creating automated text replies to keep your leads engaged
  • An upcoming LiveComm feature that is expected to transform your customer service by automatically recording calls to see how you or your sales staff handle customer support, service, and the sales process
  • Why this is an excellent tool for ensuring that your sales personnel are following scripts and the system you’ve worked hard to create
  • Why lead generation is so vital for sales in any industry, including real estate
  • How to use recordings with the LiveComm system to generate leads for your business
  • The power of importing your existing list of contacts into the LiveComm system to offer greater flexibility for relationship building and lead generation on multiple fronts
  • The reason LiveComm offers you the opportunity to send individual text messages to potential leads instead of a mass email to 10,000 people that everyone receives a response from and why that matters
  • How entrepreneurs who use LiveComm can, in turn, recommend the product to others to earn money on a product you’re already using, familiar with, and believe in
  • Tips for maximizing your efforts and results with LiveComm
  • How using recorded messages can help keep sales professionals fresh and excited rather than burned out by weeding out tire kickers and curiosity seekers


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