Real Estate Podcast: Automated Lead Generation Via Zillow Data

Episode 208:

Real Estate Investing Podcast

Mitch Stephen, host of the leading real estate podcast Real Estate Investor Summit and real estate mentor, interviews Michale Batista.

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Michael Batista has been studying real estate for the past 12 months. For the first 4 months, he did nothing but study and learn the ins and outs. In the next 2 months, he spent trial and error and failing several times over. He created a lead generation software that worked for personal use. He has been closing 4-6 lease option deals per month and working about 20 hours per week. He has since implemented two moving parts that have made the business run on autopilot and work 1-2 hours per week. He will be releasing a free ebook as his business gears up to launch on their website and quick start videos to help people implement Mike’s process to their existing knowledge.

What you’ll learn about in this episode of the nation’s leading real estate podcast:

  • The REI software program Mike developed for his own needs that also worked for others
  • The moving parts he implemented to lessen his work hours
  • How working 20 hours per week allows you to live a better lifestyle
  • Implementing the REI software to limit your working hours
  • What the REI software does to generate leads and save time
  • Trial and error and how this helped Mike develop the program
  • Data and success rate percentages Mike has achieved
  • Mike’s “No Risk Quick Start Guide to Real Estate” e-book and what it can do for you
  • The text message system that goes hand in hand with the REI program
  • Cutting work time down by using the Zillow agent tool
  • How Mike finds agents who are willing to work with him
  • Typical objections Mike hears from realtors and how to avoid them
  • A new Craigslist tool Mike is currently developing
  • The importance of investing time and money in your education
  • Tips and tricks for choosing the right real estate mentor
  • The benefits of having a great mentor

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