SEO for Real Estate | Everything You Need to Know

Episode 103:

SEO for Real Estate | Everything You Need to Know

Adrian Nez has been investing full time in real estate since 2009 – that is the year he discovered creative real estate like wholesaling, lease options, etc.. He’s been generating leads for his real estate business by leveraging the internet only with creative tactics, and a deep understanding of what his website is really capable of doing for his business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Learning more in a social setting vs. a classroom setting
  • The importance of building up a strong network
  • Why you need to identify your unique selling proposition
  • The benefits of online lead generation
  • The difference between successful & unsuccessful people
  • The ROI on inbound marketing as compared to outbound marketing
  • Why even if you just do direct mail, you still need to have a website
  • The reason why most people who visit your website don’t follow through
  • How much traffic you receive based on your Google position & how much power that holds
  • What SEO for real estate is really about
  • Why split testing ads is vital to your marketing success


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