Shawn Greeves: No Hassle Buying And Selling

Episode 343: Shawn Greeves: No Hassle Buying And Selling

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REIS 343 | Rental Deals


Buying and selling homes requires massive attention, especially on acquiring the right clients. In this episode, Mitch Stephen interviews Amazon bestselling author, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, and hypnotist, Shawn Greeves, about the ebb and flow of his real estate journey. What kills house rental deals are bad introductions. Shawn explains how we can have great starts and teaches us how we can build our own success maps. Through his training course, he can show us his personal tactics on earning a 2.1-million-dollar profit in the worst real estate market. Join Shawn and Mitch as they share their knowledge on hard money loan business, buying and selling rental homes, and so much more.

I have Shawn Greeves with me. He’s no newcomer to the business. He’s been around for a long time. He’s over in St. Louis, Missouri. Through trial and error in economies that go buff, we learn a lot of things. Shawn learned a lot of things as well during the last recession and he’s going to tell us how he upped the game of wholesaling or basically made wholesaling obsolete. First, we’ve got to pay homage to our sponsors, TaxFreeFuture.com. I want to thank them for sponsoring this episode. Please go watch the 37 little video vignettes. If you do not have a tax-free or tax-deferred place to grow your finances or your retirement, you have no idea of the size of the tool you are missing in your tool belt. It is completely incredible. If the eighth wonder of the world was compounding interest, perhaps the ninth interest of the world is not having to pay tax on your growth. Go to TaxFreeFuture.com because you will not believe what your financial advisors are not telling you and we’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you and then we’re going to tell you why they’re not telling you. It will all fit together like a well-honed puzzle. Shawn, you’ve done about 4,000 deals in your career. That’s nothing to laugh at.

It’s been about 21 years.

We’ve been about the same amount of time. It looks like we’ve been doing maybe the same things. We’ll touch on a lot of this stuff. You’re doing a lot of real estate, but you also do some hard money lending. I have a hard money lending company as well. We have it for different reasons. Let’s go back and tell us a little bit about your background and the bullet points on how you got this far and then we’ll jump in.

It all started 21 years ago, I was dealing Poker in Las Vegas and realized I wasn’t going to get rich doing that. I put a successful formula together and have a book on it. I came back home to St. Louis and I made a decision I was going to come back home and start buying houses because back in the early ’80s, I brought a bunch of VA foreclosures because they were offering to finance. You can buy them for nothing down. They don’t do that anymore but 21 years ago, I came back from Las Vegas and I decided I was going to buy houses and fix them up and sell them. I started doing that. I started with no money and that’s a whole other story.

What a great time that was back then because there weren’t a dozen great TV stations. I started about the same time and you could get in the classifieds at 8:00 in the morning and by 12:00 you could have a perfectly good deal. If you screwed up, you’d have two good deals and you wouldn’t know how you’re going to pay for them.

Back then if you remember, I don’t know about you, but I was the only guy that would put up bandit signs. They were nobody doing bandit. Everybody started catching on. I was all by myself and it was great.

That’s how I bought every house beside the classified, when I started getting aggressive and I wanted more. I put out 600, 700 bandit signs in the city in a two-week-period. I would buy houses out the wazoo and then it got to where that didn’t work well.

I was buying houses and fixing them up and selling them and that was good. I started getting private investors, private individuals that wanted to invest with me because I started working with the banks and they didn’t want to do multiple deals do with me. I started finding private money. Next thing I knew, I had access to millions of dollars. With access to millions of dollars, I couldn’t spend it all. Not only was I rehabbing houses, but I also started using their money through me to finance other rehabbers. My hard money business shot through the roof. Things were going great and I was making about $80,000 a month and then the real estate market crashed.

The economy crashed and then everything crashed.

People should live out of abundance and not the scarcity mindset because there are so many deals out there. Share on X

I liquidated all the loans, lost a lot of money because I could only sell the house. It’s about half of what we were into for it. I gave my word to my investors that they would never lose a penny and that’s one thing that’s important. If you want to be successful, you have to keep your word. You have to operate out of a higher level of integrity and it seems in our business there are a lot of guys that don’t operate out of integrity and they’re constantly struggling.

I’m glad to hear you say that. I have about $20 million for the private money and I’ll be dead before they don’t get paid. That’s what will happen.

I gave him my word. My word is gold. The reason I lost a lot of money was that I took the money out of my pocket and I made my investors, got them back to whole. I paid them every month until I could liquidate the property because I gave him my word. I got rid of all my rehabs. They were gone. All my loans were gone and then I said, “What do I do in this real estate market where there are hundreds of thousands of foreclosures all over the country?” I got to thinking. A lot of the houses in my city in North St. Louis County, it may be a lower-income area. That’s a rental area. I was guilty of it myself. I was buying houses in North St. Louis County, fixing them up, selling to homeowners. The rentals turned into owner-occupied.

When their interest rate shot through the roof after one year because they all got a one-year to pay for a mortgage, they couldn’t afford the payments anymore. Since most of them got in for nothing down, they walked away from the houses. There were thousands of vacant houses in these lower-income areas. I thought, “What happened to all the rentals? This is a rental area. Why don’t I go back and do rentals with these houses because I couldn’t buy them?” We were selling the houses for $90,000 retail and they were back on the market for about $15,000. It was insane. As a matter of fact, I bought back some of the houses that I sold for $90,000 for $15,000. I almost thought it was bad mojo but business is business.

I started accumulating rental houses and a lot of them were rehab, so it only took maybe a week to get him up in shape. I had four crews going and in no time I had 83 houses. I thought I wanted 100 but when I hit 60, I was managing them all myself. Even with the tenants and the inspectors running my crews, it was killing me. I stopped at 83. I was bringing in about $42,000 a month in profit for myself. You still couldn’t buy a house and fix it up and sell it and get a loan from a bank because banks were busy getting bailed out by the government. I wrote the wave out until the bank started lending again. You started doing seller financing, which is smart. It got you through that hump.

I didn’t have to rehab the house. I could buy it and seller finance it to someone who wanted to fix it or landlord. It took all the risk out of it. The risk was in rehab for me. I’m still interested. Everyone already knows about me but I want to figure out your twist on it. 

I kept the houses for about four years, then the bank started lending again. Guys started calling me for loans again. My investors are football players, I have access to millions of dollars and they kept wanting to know when are we going to get this money back out? I was using them for rentals.

What did you offer to pay for them? 

I paid them a 12% interest. I lent it out at an annualized 30% and that’s a whole other course on my hard money lending. I lent it out at 30%. I paid 12%. I keep 18%.

REIS 343 | Rental Deals

Rental Deals: If you want to be successful, you must keep your word and operate out of a higher level of integrity.


Let’s keep going with the house.

A few years later, banks started lending again. Guys started calling me for loans. I was like, “Okay.” I got the loan business back up and running. I had 83 houses. I’m back up to making about $80,000 a month. I hated the rentals. I made the decision that I need to get rid of these rentals because they’re driving me crazy and I hated them as low-income tenants are high maintenance.

That was me too. It’s the same story. It was like, “Someone shoot me.”

I like to say, “How many low-income tenants does it take to change the light bulb?” The answer is zero. They won’t change the light bulb. They’ll call the landlord. It’s crazy. I wanted to get rid of the rental houses. Most people in their right mind would never get rid of $40,000 a month in income, but I knew I could make more doing loans and wholesaling. I had the challenge of how do I get rid of 83 houses? I don’t want to take five years, I want to take five days. I started doing some research, found out that there were buyers coming from California. They were buying houses all over the Midwest because they could buy more houses with their money in the Midwest than they could in California. I found the buyers and I started marketing to them. It took me four months to get rid of 83 houses.

In the worst real estate market that we’ll ever know between the cashflow and the profit on the house in that four-year period in the worst market we’ll ever know, I made a profit of $2.1 million. I wanted to get my loan business back up and running. I put a 2-hour seminar together to teach people how to do what I did, how to buy houses, fix them up and sell them quickly in 30 days or less. Since then I was doing it, I get my loan business going. I gave them just enough to be dangerous, but people kept calling me. After I stopped giving the free seminars, they kept calling me saying, “When’s your next seminar?” I was like, “Whenever you’re ready to take my training.”

I put together a more intense seminar to teach people how to get the phone to ring with sellers without having to spend any money marketing. How to get the phone to ring with buyers without spending any money to market? What to do to the houses? We don’t do rehabbing and rehabbing is a bad word to me. No new kitchens, no new bathrooms. Everybody that rehabs the house, especially if you’re new, the first thing is we’re going to put a new kitchen, a new bathroom and we’re going to replace the windows. It’s too much. I want my students to be in and out of a house in about two weeks. In the meantime, once you land a buyer, there are hundreds of buyers.

In my training, I teach people how to find about 200 buyers for their houses. It’s simple. It’s crazy because most people buy two-bedroom houses. We’ll buy three bedrooms also. Your average rehabber does not touch a two-bedroom house because you can’t sell it to a homeowner. Most homeowners want three bedrooms, a bath-and-a-half and a garage. There are certain areas in every town that has low income, say Section 8 areas. Most of those houses are two-bedroom houses. Most rehabbers don’t want to touch them because you can’t sell them. We love them. That’s our wheelhouse because that’s a rental property. I teach people how to find the buyers that are going to buy these rentals. They’re going to pay cash, no appraisals. If you’ve ever done a retail deal, you can lose the deal when the appraisal comes up or waiting to close. When that buyer goes out and buys a new car because they found out, “I qualify for a house, I’m going to buy a car on credit.” Their deal dies because their income to debt ratios gets killed.

When the inspector goes out and sends 40 pages of BS of nothing. 

The whole house inspections kill more real estate deals than anything else.

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I tell everybody if you’re going to sell a house on a new loan, go get the inspection before you even list it, before you even put it out there then call the inspector, punch it out and then call the inspector back and get it done and solve that issue. If you’re going to do it, it’s the only way to do it. 

Those last-minute surprises will kill you. When you think you’ve done the perfect rehab then a week before the closing, the inspector comes out with a list of a mile-long of stuff that you would never do on your own house. They scared the buyer.

It’ll scare the buyer to death and it does 1 of 2 things. It kills the deal or gives them all this ammo to renegotiate the price.

You’re going to end up spending maybe another $5,000 or $10,000 to put on a new roof. The furnace only has so much life. You need a new furnace and air conditioner. I haven’t done a retail deal in years and years. I don’t want to do it. I can do retail. I can buy any way I want, but the way that I do this business is I do those cheap, easy houses and we kick them out every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks. We’re kicking out houses for the guys that are begging for deals. For starters, you can’t buy enough houses, supply enough houses for all the buyers. All you need is 1 or 2 buyers and they’re begging.

I have one of my students, she sold a house. She contacted the guy and he says, “I buy the house under one condition.” She says, “What’s that?” He says, “I’ll buy the house if you give me every house that you get done. Don’t call anybody else. I want to buy every house that you do.” That’s because there’s this scarcity for the buyers and we’re the supplier. Zig Ziglar says, “Help enough people get what they want and you get what you want.” We supply houses. We don’t sell retail. We’ve got to make sure that it’s a good deal for the buyer. We give them equity in the deal so that they can cashflow, but they pay cash. In the appraisal, there are no appraisals. A lot of times, the guy from California that’s going to buy in St. Louis or the Midwest, he’s got a management guy there in town.

He may have 80 other houses and the management guy will come over and go, “Yeah.” She’s like, “There are 80 houses that you’ve got. Go ahead and buy it.” I teach people what to pay for houses, what to do to them, what to sell the houses for so that they’ll sell quickly, how to find the buyers and how to find the sellers? I teach them absolutely everything so that there’s no guesswork. I give unlimited coaching for as long as somebody wants. A lot of gurus out there will charge thousands and thousands of dollars for ongoing coaching. With my program, I don’t charge anything else. I hold your hand and make sure you’re successful because once you get it, you’re not going to need me forever. The training course is $5,500. It’s a two-day training. You’ve got to come to my town and I show you exactly what I’m doing. I don’t hold anything back. I show you in your town where the buyers are.

Go to 1000houses.com/Greeves. I want to keep going with this good information. You’re willing to go and show people where the buyers are in their town and you’re saying you had 200 buyers ready to go on any one of these houses. Basically, you narrow it down to the 2 or 3 or 4 that isn’t BS and have the money and do what they say and show up. You don’t need anybody else.

I’ve got a brand new student, he started with me a couple of months ago. He found a guy that wants to buy 25 houses. He closed on his second house and he can’t supply it. He wants to do twenty houses over the next twelve months. If the goal is to make $10,000 a house because here’s the deal. If you know the game of baseball, every batter is trying to hit the ball out of the park. Every batter is trying to hit a grand slam. Like real estate investors, most real estate investors are trying to buy houses to make $40,000. If I told you, “I’ve got a deal where you’re going to make $10,000 on the house,” most real estate investors are going to go, “$10,000, that’s not sexy. I want to make $40,000.”

They spend seven months making $40,000 and it would have been better off making $10,000 a month and that’s $120,000 a year.

REIS 343 | Rental Deals

Rental Deals: The less money you have in the deal, the higher rate of return you make on your money.


They’re like, “I’d rather make $40,000 and take 7 or 8 months.” I was like, “Seven or eight months, we were making $70,000 or $80,000 and you’re having to deal with all these contractors and replacing kitchens and bathrooms.” No, I don’t even replace cabinets. Unless they’re falling apart, we’re not replacing cabinets. I boiled this down. I can do this business any way that I want to. I can buy million-dollar houses or I can buy the $15,000 houses. I don’t like to buy in the war zones. I buy the next step up. They’re easy because the demand is huge for these houses and we give the buyers what they want and there are no whole-house inspections. There are no appraisals. They have cash. It’s like, “When can you close?” I was like, “Whenever you’re ready.” I’m making this sound easy. It’s like anything else. In the beginning, when a train starts off a full train, it starts off slow. Once you’re up and running, you can run through a school bus and tear right through the day.

I see a lot of people wanting to get into this business and they do for a little bit until they find out that it works and it’s frontend heavy because you don’t have any systems, you don’t have any real knowledge if you’re starting out new. You’ve got to give yourself a long runway to get some wind under your wings because you don’t start off. The first year you have no connections and you don’t know anything if you’re starting off from zero.

I have people hitting the ground running as soon as they take my training and they may find a deal in the first week. We’ll teach people how to find the money to do the business with. How to find the purchase money, the fix-up money, I teach you how to do everything. I’m a hard money lender. In my state, I don’t lend any place else, but I’ll teach you how to find other people with private money or hard money. I show you how to find your fix-up money so it doesn’t require that much money. As a matter of fact, the less money you have in the deal, the higher the rate of return you make on your money. Once you start accumulating a lot of money, rich people think about the rate of returns. That’s how we think. What rate of return am I making on my money? To figure if you’re going to make a high rate of return, try to have as little money into the deal as possible and you’re rate of return goes through the roof. A lot of people want to pay all cash for a house and all their money and their rate of return is not as high. I’ll teach you how to get a 1,200% return on your money.

The biggest point is I don’t care how much money you have, you can only buy so many houses with your money unless you’re a billionaire and you can start to buy houses from your cashflow. For the most part, people are limited to how many houses they can buy in general. There is no limit to the number of houses you can buy if you’re using OPM or Other People’s Money. I buy under 100 houses. That’s neither here nor there, but I have no money in any of them. As a matter of fact, not only do I not have any money in them, I get my $2,000 back in my pocket that it costs me to find that guy who sold me that house because finding houses isn’t free most of the time. I understand you might have a little angle on that, are you spending money finding these houses or little or none?

No, they’re almost none. It’s easy to find houses. It’s crazy. A lot of people, you take training and forgive me because I haven’t taken your training, but most training you have to set up a buyer website, a seller website. You have to spend all this money doing this marketing and before you know it, you’re $3,000, $4,000 out of pocket to get started. I don’t want you to spend any money getting started. I’ll show you how to make the phone ring with deals. I’ll show you how to find the buyers. I don’t have a website for this real estate business. I don’t need it.

Go to 1000houses.com/Greeves. You want to find out more about exactly what Shawn’s talking about. It would be crazy if anybody reading is not intrigued. I’m intrigued. I do spend money on finding houses. It would be nice not to spend that much money. You may have a new student in me. Who knows?

I’ll tell you what I do. I bought a book called The Success Formula For Humans. This is the exact formula that I used to come back from Las Vegas to get rich. I put this formula together. I stuck with it for years. It’s on Amazon for $20 and it’s $9.99 on Kindle. I’ll give anybody that signs up for the training. I’ll give the book for free. You have to have the right mindset in any business because most people have a scarcity mindset anyway. I’m going to teach you how to live out of abundance because there are many deals out there and I’ve been doing it a long time and it’s easy for me. After a while, the more you do it, the easier it gets. You at least have to have a formula on how your mind works for success. I’m going to teach you how to build a success map. I teach you how to build a map to follow, to do any business because we all get off track.

We live in a negative world. When you get off track, when you want to get back on track, all you’ve got to do is get right back onto your map again and go, “This is where I left off. I was doing this and I stopped. I should have been doing this. I’m right back on track.” I teach you how to stay on track with your business. This works with any industry. I’ll give you the book for free if you take my training but the mindset is important. You know this, you’ve gotten off track. You get discouraged sometimes. We also know the potential. I know if I want to make more money, that’s the beauty of this real estate business.

Let’s say you go buy a Subway sandwich shop. The only way you’re going to get businesses from your sign on the front of your building and you’ll be sending postcards out to the neighborhood and maybe some TV advertising. You’d have to sit and wait and hope people come into your door. With real estate, if you want to make more money, go out and find more deals. The money will come to you. There are boxes of money lying around everywhere with your name on it. All you’ve got to do is know the right techniques to go and find those boxes because they’re sitting there waiting with your name on it, there’s $10,000, it’s all taped up and it’s got your name written on it. Go and find it. I teach you how to go find those boxes of money. I’m not trying to say it’s easy but once you do it, you’re going to wonder, “Where was all this money before?”

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The money’s going to start coming to you when you get your mindset right and you start accepting the abundance that’s out there in our world that the universe does supply abundance for us. Whether you know it or not, you got to allow it to happen. Let’s say you’re walking down the sidewalk and you find a penny. There’s a penny lying on the ground. Most people will walk past it. That’s the universe saying, “Here’s some money. Let’s see what he’s going to do with it. He walked past it. Why are we going to give him any money?” You have to change your mindset to allow this money to come to you and it will come to you.

You’ll be shocked at how the money starts coming to you. You may be doing this business already and struggling. For starters, you may want to be a wholesaler. That’s the lazy way to try and make money in real estate. There are too many people trying to be a wholesaler. You can only slice that pie so many times. There are not enough deals out there for you to quit your job and be a wholesaler. Sorry, I’ve tried it. I know hundreds of people that have tried it. There are not enough deals. Why not go to the next level, pick up those houses? There’s no major rehabbing. Rehabbing is a bad word in my book.

Shawn, I’m confused now because it sounds like what you’re talking about is a form of wholesaling.

I don’t know. Let’s say you fixed up a house and it’s worth $120,000 retail and you discount it because maybe you’re desperate, maybe you’re going broke and you discount it down to $100,000. If it’s a $120,000 in a neighborhood, is that wholesaling?

Are you fixing them up? 

We’re doing a light fix up, no rehabbing.

Here’s the difference. Wholesaling, you get a contract to sell your position or you buy it then you sell it for a little bit more. It’s pretty much as it is normally. What you’re doing is you’re going ahead and fix it up, making it decent and then you’re going to the landlords of the world and marking the house down so there’s enough room for them so that the first one you talk to will buy it. I’ve always said if you’re wholesaling houses and they’re not moving, it’s because you’re not wholesaling them. You’re retailing because how do you find cash buyers for wholesale houses? You should only need one. You should only have to make one phone call to a real investor if you’re selling wholesale. That’s what you’re getting at, really wholesale these houses. Give them a discount so there’s a value.

I started talking about baseball. Everybody’s trying to hit a grand slam.

REIS 343 | Rental Deals

Kiss the Stock Market Goodbye: Make 30% – 40% Interest on Your Money Risk Free (Unless Theres a Zombie Apocalypse)

If they hit and put a run home, it hits every time.

If you tap it over the infield, you hit a base hit every day. It’s easy to hit a single, but everybody’s trying to hit a grand slam, but they’re going broke. Let’s say it takes them eight months. They’ll never do another house for the rest of the year.

The secret of it is that if you go for base hits all the time, you’re going to find your doubles and your triples and your grand slam on accident. They show up. You have one or two grand slams a year and you’re not even trying to swing it. 

Go for the singles.

I’ve been making it big on little deals for a long time. I don’t know who coined that phrase, “Making it big on little deals,” but I know somebody coined it. I’ve been making it big on little deals forever and once or twice a year, I’ll make $120,000 or $90,000 or $80,000 on a couple of houses that will make your whole year. I don’t think I’m going to sell this one to my friends over in California. I’m going to go direct to the market because this one’s a no-brainer $100,000. 

When you start making $100,000 or $200,000 a year, I don’t encourage it but you’re going to do a retail deal from time to time and you’re going to deal with all the headaches, the appraisals, the inspections, the contractors and all that. I’ve got some students that are like, “I want to do a retail deal.”

To your point, instead of making $100,000, you can make $70,000 and go right to your guys in California and it would be over tomorrow.

A lot of guys are making $40,000 a year at their job working 60 hours a week. That’s four deals. If you’re doing one house a month, that’s four months, take the rest of the year off. I’m warning you, it’s addictive that once you get this machine up and running, you’re not going to want to stop. You want to make $20,000 a month and $30,000 a month.

We’re all deal junkies. When you say, “Do you think you’re going to make $100,000 on a full retail thing?” You never do because by the time the appraiser, by the time you pay all the realtors, by the time the lender repair requirements and everything, you don’t make what you think you’re going to make.

You’re making $70,000, you’re not making $100,000.

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You’re saying, “Screw it.” Make the $70,000 and get a cash buyer and set a closing, however long it takes sometimes.

That’s brutal. When you’re doing a deal and it takes you 7 or 8 months, you’re thinking about it 24 hours a day. When you get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom, you don’t go right back into bed and go fall right back asleep. You’re going to think about that contract that hasn’t shown up for three weeks or the bid that came in at a higher price than their bid. It’s stressful doing these big retail deals. Do the easy ones, light fix up, in and out. It’s such a better way to live. Rentals, I tell people, “You don’t want rentals unless you’ve got $100,000 in the bank.” When I had my rentals, my tenants knew when I was going on vacation because when you walk into the airport, it’s all tiled.

When you go through the TSA thing, the metal detector, it’s carpet. For some reason, when my toes touch the carpet, my phone would start ringing with the tenants with problems. I couldn’t even go out of town. It was crazy. With this here, we’re not dealing with tenants. The rental houses, we’re not going to rent them out because these guys are buyers, they’re working with management companies. They want to qualify their own tenants. They don’t want your tenants. You don’t even have to rent the houses out. You don’t even have to deal with them. I’ve been a landlord, I know what it’s like.

You’re also a hard money lender. You have a book called Kiss the Stock Market Goodbye. I want you to read this carefully. The book sells for $1,000. The first reaction of everybody is, “Who charges $1,000 for a book?” If you have that attitude about books like that, then don’t even pick them up because you’re not ready. Don’t even read the preface of it because you’re not ready. That book’s worth $1 million. I have a book on Amazon that I had to lower the price too so Amazon would let me sell it at $50. People look at my book, My Life & 1000 Houses: The Art of Owner Financing and go, “Why is this book $50?” I’m going, “Put it down and walk away. You have no idea. You’re not ready.” That book is worth $1 million if it’s worth $0.10. You’ve got to worry about $50. In this case, I’m in the hard money loan business. It’s one of the greatest businesses ever if you want to talk about a business that’s easy to make passive because you only need a little bit of help to make it passive. A little bit of help and some checks and balances and you can make a lot of money in hard money lending. When your toes hit the carpet at the airport, no one’s calling you. The way I look at hard money lending is the same as you are. I’m either going to get paid as agreed or I’m going to get rich if I get this property.

I do have a course to go with that book. I’ll give you the book for free if you take my course.

Go to 1000houses.com/Greeves and we’ll go over there. You can look at the hard money lending course. You can get that free book. You can also get a free book, The Success Formula For Humans if you go sign up for his other course there about selling properties to landlords and investors. It’s been a pleasure. I could probably talk to you for a week and we’d never get tired talking.

We have plenty of war stories. I call it the easiest way to get rich in real estate because I can do real estate anywhere I want. The way that we do the cheaper houses, it’s easy. Take the stress out of your life. I’ll coach you. I’ll hold your hand. I’ll make sure you’re successful. I don’t have to do this. I don’t need anybody’s money. Like you, you’ve got the battle scars. To share our knowledge, we’ve had to pay. We’ve paid for the knowledge that we have. You know it goes bad.

The sweet ruthless, it will charge you everything you have.

Learn from my mistakes. I will tell you everything and I’ll be available to you at no extra charge because you’re not going to come across anything I haven’t come across. Learn from my mistakes. You don’t have to lose a lot of money. It’s expensive. When you make a mistake in real estate, it’s expensive. Let me help you quit your job and set yourself free. Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to pay your credit cards off, then you’re going to buy a nicer car and you’re going to buy a nicer house. In between there, you’re going to be going to the Caribbean and you’re going to go to Europe because you’re going to have so much free time. You’re going to quit your job. That’s my main goal for everybody, is to quit your job.

I don’t care if you’re making $100,000 a year. The time that you have to put in to make that $100,000 a year working for somebody else, you’re sacrificing your life. You can easily make what the boss’s making and be your own boss and not have to answer to anybody else ever again because there’s always going to be houses. This motto that I do is not seasonal. If you want to do retail, that’s seasonal because nobody’s going to move in Denver and pull their kids out of one school district and move them to another. Landlord buyers buy year-round. It’s not seasonal at all. You make money year-round, you’re going to be doing 2 and 3 houses at a time and you’re going to be wondering where all the money was.

You’re still buying in the recession too. The smart ones, the big ones, they’re buying more in the recession.

There are always buyers for this model and there are 100 ways to skin this cat. This is the easiest way. Once you accumulate cash, let’s talk about you being a hard money lender. You make money 24 hours a day while you’re sleeping, while you’re playing, while you’re on vacation. It’s a supercharged business.

Go to 1000houses.com/Greeves and check it all out. If you need to get a hold of him and have a little consult before you make your decision, he’ll be available. It’s interesting, Shawn. I appreciate you taking the time. I want to thank TaxFreeFuture.com for sponsoring this segment of the show. Please take a look at their 37 little video vignettes, all the amazing things you can do. You won’t believe what your financial advisors are not telling you. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you or we’re going to tell you why. It will all make sense.

I want to talk to you. Give me a call.

Thanks for being on. We’re out of here. Bye for now.


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