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REIS 367 | Virtual Real Estate Investing


Without a doubt, working from the comfort of your own home is the best job there is. With the pandemic, everyone is encouraged to do so, and opportunities for remote working have increased. In this episode, Mitch Stephen, with QC Props LLC real estate investor Matt Larson, aims to divert your attention from your fridge and TV to investing and learning how to do virtual investing, virtual flipping, virtual wholesaling, and virtual everything. Matt initiates the talk by explaining how he is virtually investing in the quad cities—Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa and Moline and Rock Island in Illinois—and how he flexes with the rules from each area. Moreover, Matt shares why he credits his success to his team of virtual assistants and shares some tips on how to hire the best people for your virtual team.

I’m here with Matt Larson. We’re talking about virtual investing, flipping, wholesaling and virtual everything because we’re all locked up in a room somewhere now with this COVID-19. If we’re not careful, we’re all going to gain the COVID-15, if you know what I mean. Because there is nothing to do but watch Netflix and stuff our face, but we may have an answer for you. Maybe we can divert your attention from the refrigerator long enough to flip a house across the country somewhere on your phone, computer or a little bit of both. How are you doing, Matt?

I am doing great. Thanks for having me on.

I’m excited to talk to you because one, you’re one of those real doer guys. You have years in the business and have over 2,000 transactions under your belt. That’s clipping along at a good pace in anybody’s book. We both know there’s a bigger gun somewhere down the street or around the corner but don’t worry about that guy. Keep your head down and keep trying to improve your numbers every month or every year. That’s all I ever did.

I’ve got to pay homage to the guy who pays the bills. The company is TaxFreeFuture.com. Please go there if you do not have a tax-deferred or tax-free retirement account in which you can grow your retirement funds or your finances tax-free or tax-deferred. You have no idea the size of the tool you’re missing in your toolbox. This is a gigantic tool. Go there because you will not believe what your financial advisers are not telling you. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you and we’re going to tell you what to do about it. It’s all in your hands, you do whatever you want to do. Be sure to watch the little 37 video vignettes there that turn you on to what’s possible when you have a tax-deferred account or tax-free account for that matter. Tell us a little bit about your background and we’re going to jump into virtual wholesaling, or is it wholesaling or retailing?

It’s a virtual business. It’s running your business virtually. A little bit about me, I’ve been in real estate for several years. I started in late 2005 and was a machine shop worker before I got into real estate. I saw an infomercial, bought a book and got started. I started with nothing.

Do you remember who it was? I’m curious because I remember mine.

It was Dean Graziosi.

Carleton Sheets.

There you go. I bought this book and had no experience. I had $700 total in my bank account. I had a lot of credit card debt but I’m a driven guy. I’ve always been a hard worker and I put my mind to something and I stick with it until I figure it out. I did my first deal within about 30 days and kept doing deal after deal. This was 2005. The market was hot back then. Within the first few years, I had put together about 31 deals total and I had about $5,000 a month in passive total cashflow after all expenses were paid. We hit 2008, left my job, and went full-time into real estate when I saw the opportunity. It’s not much different than some of the stuff we’re seeing. I went full-time and it exploded. Over the next 4 or 5 years, I had built my portfolio up to 450 houses and was buying, selling, and holding a lot. It’s been a wild ride ever since.

You have affordable houses where you’re at, and you’re in where?

When you start going outside your state or even your counties, attitudes, laws, expectations, and cultural realities change. Share on X

Iowa. The average house, the typical starter home price range is $125,000 to $135,000 houses. The houses that I buy, I’m buying them for $30,000 to $35,000. We will put another $35,000 or so into them and at that point, I could keep it and rent it out. I can sell it and some of those I wholesale. If we wholesale them, we make between $5,000 and $10,000 on those types of houses. That’s my bread and butter. That’s a lot of what my portfolio has in it and those houses that I buy for $30,000 or 35,000. I put $35,000 into, those rent for $1,000 a month. It’s good cashflow, a strong market and I like the area. This is where I grew up.

I like to say that I’m in the same price range as more or less here in San Antonio. Probably, the last bastion of affordable houses, these pockets that we’re in because in some places in the country you say, “I’m buying houses for $35,000 to $40,000.” They don’t even know what you’re talking about. They’re like, “Back up.”

They think that’s your down payment.

“You mean you’re putting a down payment at $35,000?” I’m buying the whole house and remodeling it for $35,000. I bought my first hundred houses on credit cards. I was buying houses years ago for $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. You could buy a house for $10,000 on this card and $10,000 on this card and you have the house. Another $10,000 on the other card and you’re doing the rehab and you owner financed it for $60,000 and sold the note for $54,000, $53,000 or $50,000 for that matter. Who cares? Move on. I like to say that we deal with Walmart houses for Walmart people. It’s the run of the mill basic little living quarters. That doesn’t mean we’re slumlords. We’re not slums. We’re not gang-infested stuff. A $100,000 house in Los Angeles is in the ghetto. You have to carry a gun everywhere you go, but there are decent pockets of pride. Do you know what I mean?

You’ve got it. We’re in a small community. It’s called the Quad Cities where I’m at. There’s Davenport, Iowa, Bettendorf, Iowa across the river into Illinois, there’s Moline, Illinois, and there’s Rock Island, Illinois, and there are a few other cities now. There are no longer four but they’re called the Quad Cities. It’s about 450,000 people if you take the whole entire region of all the cities put together. It’s a small community, low crime, nice areas and it happens to be well set up for cheaper houses that rent for good money and create a lot of cashflow.

Is there a big difference in the laws when you cross the line into Illinois?

There are some differences. Illinois is more of a tenant-friendly state. Iowa is more of a landlord-friendly state. The Quad Cities operate similarly because the areas are close. If you go to evict somebody in Illinois versus Iowa, it’s going to take you maybe a couple of extra weeks in Illinois. The counties within the Quad Cities operate similarly even though the states are different. People here in Illinois think it’s like that in Chicago. It’s nothing like that. We don’t have the red tape that Chicago does. We’re 2.5 or 3 hours from Chicago but there are still some differences between the two.

Do you have to have two sets of lawyers and everything if you’re going back up?

Yeah. Most lawyers are licensed in both states but you could potentially if you were working off on one side.

I’d like to ask a question of personal interest. I do seller financing and I have to comply with Dodd-Frank and everything. What is your foreclosure process in Iowa versus Illinois?

REIS 367 | Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing: Filipinos take pride in working for a good company that takes care of them.


In Illinois, it’s a much longer process. In Iowa, it’s fairly short and quick. In Iowa, a foreclosure can be done in about six months, wherein Illinois, it’s probably closer to eighteen months in total.

That’s not even right. Eighteen months to get rid of someone who can’t honor their agreement. I don’t even understand that.

It’s crazy.

In Texas and Georgia, it’s 45 days if you hit the timing, which usually turns out to be 70 to 90. Even at six months, if you’re not a one-trick pony, you can survive and do well. In either case, Illinois or Iowa, you’re much better to scrutinize the person before you put them in. You’ve got to look at everything because what you want to know is their mindsets. Are they an entitlement person? Are they someone who gets up in the morning and scratches out a living every day and is going to get up with it or someone who sets the alarm or not?

Luckily, we are in a nice community with a lot of hardworking folks. It’s so you know, John Deere’s world headquarters is in the Quad Cities there in Moline. We have a lot of manufacturing and we have the Rock Island Arsenal, which is the largest armory in the country. We’re a manufacturing farming community but there are some hospitals. We’ve got a nicely diverse little community there but you’re right. If somebody has entitlement, they will use every single thing to their advantage.

We call them sidewalk lawyers. They know more about the law than the lawyers do.

A good little stat for you, we managed between everything I own and some of the other properties under our management. We have almost 1,100 properties here in the Quad Cities and it’s crazy because we’ve spent the last few weeks communicating with all of our tenants, setting expectations and helping where we needed to help. What’s crazy is we collected all the rent on the first more so even than what we normally do. It’s a little bit above that.

That’s amazing because the checks haven’t even gone out yet.

I know. The stimulus checks won’t be out for another few weeks or so. We live in a good area with people that are hardworking, that pay their bills and responsible. I used to invest in Kansas City, St. Louis, Michigan, the Metro Detroit area, Chicago, Minneapolis, and several different areas. I came back to the Quad Cities because I can sleep at night. I wasn’t worried about the big ups and downs with the economy because during ‘08 and ‘09, the Quad Cities’ top-line values only dropped about 7%. A lot of these other areas dropped a lot higher.

There’s something to be said for staying in the same general market, knowing the rules, becoming more and more educated and more of an expert every day in a certain region. When you start going outside your state or even your counties, attitudes, laws and expectations change. Things are different. I’ve done all my properties in and about San Antonio, over 2,000 houses since ‘96 but I owner finance 65% of my properties. Let’s talk about virtual business. What’s the first step?

It’s no big deal to switch working online if you have been in the virtual business for a long time. Share on X

First of all, let me back up. I read this book and everybody knows this book in 2007 or 2008, The 4-Hour Workweek. I got super excited. The one thing I loved about the book was this section on virtual assistance. I got all excited about virtual assistance. I thought that it was a neat concept. I ran out, I didn’t know what I was doing and hired my first virtual assistant in 2008 or 2009. It went terrible. I didn’t know how to train the virtual assistant. I handed them off a job to do and in that job, I didn’t give any step-by-step process. At the end of the day, nothing got done. Everything and anything that did get done was wrong.

My first thought was this virtual assistant thing is a good idea but it’s not feasible. It’s not going to work. It’s a cool little novelty that I read in a book. What I figured out over time was it’s like how I use a computer. For example, I’m sitting here with my MacBook Pro. I bought this MacBook Pro in 2019. It’s the nicest laptop that I could buy. I don’t know what I spent for maybe a couple of thousand dollars. Imagine you went out and bought a brand new computer, state of the art, best of the best and you handed that computer off to a computer programmer and you said, “Write me a program, so when you hit enter, it does this and this.”

If the computer programmer takes that brand new, state of the art computer, writes a program, hits enter, and the thing crashes and doesn’t work after he runs the program. Is it the computer’s fault? Was the computer the problem? Was it the programmer? It’s the programmer. I figured out that with virtual assistants, they’re the laptop, the new computer or the state-of-the-art equipment. I was a bad programmer. I didn’t know how to teach them correctly and therefore I got a bad result. Once I figured that out, a few years went by. In 2015, I got super serious about virtual assistants but this time I did it right. I built systems and processes, step-by-step so it was easy to connect the dots, follow the process, and get a consistent result. I say that story and start with that preface because if people have tried virtual assistants in the past and not had good success, it’s probably not the virtual assistant. It’s probably you or the system you built that they don’t know how to follow because there are too many missing steps.

I want to chime in and say that I have six virtual assistants. They’ve been with me for a long time because they do a great job. They’re loyal. I feel like I know them, although I’ve never met them personally. I care about them. I know they care about me. There’s a great favorable exchange between the US dollar and what they cost, so I’m able to pay less and get a higher quality. I like to call it, “Give a crap.” They have a higher quality of giving a crap than the same dollar person I could pay here. If I paid someone $10 here, I’m getting the bottom of the barrel. If I paid someone $10 there, I’m getting someone who’s managed a big company or hospital floor or something. I don’t pay $10 but I want to set the parameters. I think $5 or $6 an hour there is a $50,000 or $60,000 a year job. I like to use the Philippines. What do you use?

Most of mine are Filipinos.

Mine too because my experience wasn’t my fear. I don’t know that it’s true or not but it seems to me that China and Russia want to steal your idea and run with it, but Filipinos take pride in working for a good company that takes care of them.

They’re loyal and they want it long-term.

At the pay scale that they’re at, compared to the US, bonuses are easy. A $50 bonus is a $150 bonus for Christmas or something is like, “Holy cow.” The only thing I ever worried about was that I gave them too much and maybe they wouldn’t come back for a year. There have been times like, “This guy did a great job.” In anyplace else, I’d be embarrassed to send $1,000. I’d have to send more. I sent him $1,000 and they’re like, “Don’t send $1,000.”

That’s too much. The average wage in the Philippines per month is $200 to $400. That’s what they make in US dollars in a month.

I was going to say that it varies if you want them to speak perfect English. Even the most perfect English, you can almost 99% of the time pick them off if you’re good at it when you read what they’re writing. You have to give them the written things to cut and paste mostly if you don’t want that. The other thing is a lot of the tasks don’t require them to speak to anybody, which is a little bit of lower pay. The bottom line is I love VAs. They’ve been loyal and they have an emerging middle class in the Philippines because they’re learning how to work all over the country from the computer.

REIS 367 | Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing: If you hire the right people and follow the right process, it is not hard to put together a system.


What I find interesting is they’ve become accustomed to working all night long because we’re open almost completely opposite hours. The first one I got I was saying, “We have this hour difference. When do you need to work?” They said, “Mr. Stephen, you tell us when you want to work. That’s when we work. When are you open?” I was like, “I’m open from these days.” They’re like, “That’s when I work if that’s when you want me to work.” I’m like, “Wow.”

They bend over backward. They want to stick it out, they want to do a good job and they’re loyal. I typically will pay mine between $3 and $6 an hour. You’re right 100%. If you’ve got somebody that speaks good English, we do a little trick. What we do is we have them tell us through Facebook Messenger or you could do this through Instagram as well, “Send me a voice message with all your capabilities, skill sets and everything you’re good at.” You get a chance to hear their English.

If I can make a suggestion, there’s a poem called English is Hard. It’s hard for an American to read but they can read it. Try that out.

Here’s the cool thing, my top virtual assistant has been with me since 2015. She makes $10 an hour and now she’s the one that hires and trains all my new virtual assistants. If I get up in the morning and I decide that I need a new position and we need a new virtual assistant, I don’t send anybody on my team to go and hire them and find them. Her name is Daisy. Daisy goes out, interviews them, trains them, hires them and decides what we’re going to pay. We give her parameters and all that but now it’s totally automated. I don’t communicate with any of them. I typically communicate with Daisy. She is the only virtual assistant I will communicate with. On occasion, it might be somebody else, but we have the virtual assistants hire the new virtual assistants. It’s awesome.

We’ve got seven full-time virtual assistants now and I have a rule. Here’s the cool part. Here’s the world that we live in now. Especially since all this COVID-19 stuff has happened, the world’s changed. We’re in a shelter in place now and a lot of these companies that have not gone virtual are out of business. They’re not doing anything. They’re done. The cool thing is for guys like me and you, we’ve been doing a virtual business for a long time, so it was no big deal for me to switch. I haven’t gone into my office since 2019.

I typically will stop into my office once every 5 or 6 weeks and I’m there for maybe half an hour. I walked around the place, I talked to a couple of people and I left. I work from home anyway. I’ve stepped away from the business and it operates without me. I flip about twenty plus houses a month and my real estate business, the company that flips twenty houses a month. I have less than five hours a week involvement, no BS, no exaggeration, it’s not like what a lot of these guys are saying they do. The company runs without me. I’m managing the top-level KPIs.

When all of this stuff happened with the shelter in place, we were already operating that way anyway. We have computers set up and I’ll have my virtual assistants log in to computers within my office. My virtual assistants will log into computers or laptops that are set up in my office at my house and they’ll work from that laptop. That way they have a local IP address, it’s neat. You can walk by and see what they’re working on. For us to operate from home, most of my employees already work from a distance unless they have to be in the office and it’s a boots on the ground position, we’re a virtual company. It’s neat.

Months ago, having virtual assistants was a cool novelty, it was a cool thing to say you’re doing. It was a cool way to save a few bucks. Now, fast forward a few months to where we’re at now, it’s a requirement. Business is never going back to the way it used to be. Some of it will return but these companies. Think about the advantages of working virtually if you’re a big company. One is you don’t have any office drama. Think about all the office drama that you have. People are wasting time chit-chatting and BS-ing. If everybody works virtually, you’ll never have any of the sexual harassment stuff going on. Nobody ever comes in contact with each other. There are a lot of benefits to working virtually.

Also, you don’t have unemployment because you can let these people go at any time.

There is no recourse against you. You can let them go tomorrow for no reason. You say, “Your position ends.” I have an HR person in my company and never would have thought that I’d have to have HR but you can’t even let anybody go if they’re an American worker without following a specific procedure. Otherwise, you could end up in court. All that stuff is eliminated. When all of this stuff happened with COVID-19, all these companies were laying people off, they’re laying off people in their own community. We didn’t have to lay people off. They’re already working. They’re already in a shelter in place. They’re already quarantined because they work from home.

Take action now because you don’t know how long this window of opportunity for virtual businesses is going to be. Share on X

That’s the amazing piece of working with virtual assistants. They were unaffected. They could see it on the news and knew there was a problem, but they’re already working from home. It doesn’t matter, their job goes on so. It happened that as I built out from 2015 to now and built my company as a virtual business, it worked out that everything that’s happened with this COVID-19 worked to our advantage. I’m big on the whole virtual business thing anyway. I believe most people get into real estate and they do it for two reasons. One, they want to make more money. Two, they want to get their time back.

Most of everybody gets one of those if they do a good job with real estate, but typically almost nobody gets both of them right and they ended up working. They leave a job where they’re working 40 to 50 hours a week to get into another job where they might make more money. Given enough time, they will make more money than their old job, and now they’re working 80 hours a week. I wanted to build my lifestyle around building systems, leveraging people and being able to do what I want when I want. I’m definitely not an office type guy, and I don’t like my employees to feel like they’re chained to a desk either. I’ve always built that flexibility. If you hire people and follow the right processes, it’s not hard to put together.

You have a whole course on doing business virtually and I want to send everybody to 1000houses.com/MattL. MattL is the keyword. Tell us a little bit about what that offers. You were talking about it before the show and it seems like it’s robust.

Check this out. I’m a big education guy. I love learning. When I get up in the morning, I want to learn something new. That’s how we stay ahead. A couple of things had happened. One is by October 2019, I was already out of my business. I wasn’t operating in my business any longer. Five hours a week is all it took for my company to flip twenty-plus houses a month and it didn’t need my involvement. I started getting bored. That was one issue.

Secondly, I was trying to learn. I love the virtual assistant thing and we were going deeper and deeper into that all the time, so I thought I’m going to search for education on how to improve my own virtual business. I searched, bought books and anything I could get my hands on. I started reading it and there’s no substance to anything. I would be like, “This is fluff.” I read this book and it tells me why virtual business is a good idea and why virtual assistants are a cool and good idea to do it, but it didn’t give me anything I could use. I started thinking like, “The stuff that we’ve already built for my company is better than any of this stuff.”

I’ve got a hard copy. I sell it as an eBook and an eCourse but I took the stuff we already built, I didn’t create a product to create a product. I took something we already had that we were using to train our own team and virtual assistants and put a cover on it. I call this my Virtually Unemployed System. It teaches you how to teach virtual assistants to take over your business so you don’t have to do the grind every single day.

I like telling people, “You need to stop the hustle.” The big thing you always hear now is, “Hustle, hustle.” You can get these virtual assistants for $3 to $6 an hour and if you take my system, there’s no fluff in this stuff. This is process after process. If you need to add more buyers to your list, you simply hand off the section on how to find buyers to your virtual assistant and let them do the work. You need to do transaction coordination, utilities turned on, Craigslist ads posted and Facebook. All of it is in here step-by-step. It’s all about the process. If you had a bad process or a system that’s missing steps to a virtual assistant, you would never get a good system back. It won’t be right. We put this together and took the systems we had already built and packaged them. The feedback I’ve gotten is unbelievable. People are blown away. There’s nothing like it.

I have a question and a comment. Do you talk about how to set up the computer system and everything so you don’t get shut down? The powers that we don’t like Filipinos posting for you or doing anything anywhere. It has to look like they’re in the United States or they shut you down.

Mitch, on page 29, I have a step-by-step process. You follow it. It teaches you how to set up TeamViewer, how to set up the process, how to log in and how to connect your virtual assistant to your computer.

It’s not simple if you have to figure it out from scratch. It’s a pain in the ass. We figured it out using some special equipment, but I don’t know. I’d like to see how yours works, but we got around it by using some special equipment. Maybe there’s a different way or a better way, but I’m telling you, we tried a lot of things that didn’t work and it was a pain in the ass. That’s the whole point of getting a course or hiring a mentor or whatever it is.

REIS 367 | Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing: Sign on the fly allows you to sign any document brought to you no matter where you are in the world.


Cut through the crap and get to work. For a lot of people, if there are too many roadblocks in a row, they’ll shut down. The difference between me having a multimillion-dollar career over the last years and I mean multi, I almost got to the end of my rope and I almost didn’t make it because I almost didn’t hire that mentor until I walked away from real estate 100%. I was on my way out. I was trying to figure out how to get out of it when I hired him. I wanted to keep my good name and I need to figure out how to get the hell out of this real estate business and he showed me how to stay in. If you think realtors, mentors or courses like this are a little bit expensive or more than you want to spend, what if it costs you a career that would have been worth millions because you ran out of gas before you’ve got to the money-making part?

I see it all the time. I’m a big detail guy. I’m into detail. When we create something we use, SweetProcess.com. I don’t know if you’ve ever used it. It’s a cool website you can use to piece together cool systems with screenshots. I’m big on screenshots and visuals because that’s how I teach. Reading is one thing.

You want to show them how you do it, “You go here and you click here. You open up this, you go over here you click there.” It’s all tailor-made. You’re going to have to figure out some of this stuff for your own courthouse because every courthouse is going to be different and the computers and the websites but it’s also getting set up to do it. If you want to learn more about that, go to 1000houses.com/MattL. Check out the Virtually Unemployed. I want to make this clear. We’re in April 2020, early April. He’s offering this course for $499. This man has the right to change, discontinue, up, slash in half his price or whatever he wants to do, but as of this minute, it’s $499. If you go over there to 1000houses.com/MattL, you can see that. Do you have any free giveaways or anything so we can get people to learn more about you or something like that? Do you have something you can give away?

I’ve got this cool thing that we created that teaches you how to sign a document anywhere without paying for any DocuSign, HelloSign or anything. I’ll have my team send that over to you, Mitch. It’s a cool little step-by-step process on how you could be on your phone or on a trip across the country and you need a document signed. You don’t have to print out anything. That would be a good, little, cool thing for these guys to see.

Sign On the Fly, you’re going to get a free little documentation on how to set yourself up so you can sign on the fly or someone else can sign on the fly while they’re gone and get things done. That’s a good giveaway. I want to thank you in advance from our readers for doing that. I forgot to ask you about that before, but you’re damn quick. You don’t miss anything. You’ve got it all covered.

I’ve been around for a while.

Have you ever been to San Antonio?

I have never been there.

I’ve got a little ranch, ways outside of town. If you ever come, I want you to call me because you’re a guy I would like to hang out with for a while.

Let’s do it. Let’s go hunting.

I could talk to you all day long. I’m sure you could talk about this subject for a month straight and never blow the hell out of your five-day work week, but you’re saying that it’s that 4-Hour Workweek is the thing that inspired you.

Yes, that book inspired me.

It’s full of crap because it’s five hours. I’m joking.

I’m at five hours. I wish I could get it to four.

Don’t split hairs. It’s a good thing. Maybe in a four-hour workweek, you only make this much money, but in the five-hour workweek, you make this much. It’s all relative. It doesn’t matter though and that’s what I tell people, “Don’t split hairs.” Morph it. Make it yours. Maybe it’s a little bluish-green instead of reddish-yellow or whatever. Make it yours and figure out what fits for you. One thing about my show, I don’t care who they hire. I coach, I have my hat in the ring but it doesn’t matter. If I’m not connecting for you or I’m not in the market or this guy’s in your market and you feel more comfortable with the guy in your market. Whatever works. All I’m here to do is try to help people get control of their life, finances and time. It’s like what you said at the beginning of the show. I don’t care how you do it.

I even had a show on Amazon Prime on Amazon Reselling to make money. Maybe you got into this or maybe you’re reading and maybe you’re going to figure out what you’re starting to figure out that real estate’s not for you. I don’t care what you do real estate or resale but when I see interesting products, and the reason why I brought that one on, it was virtual and we were at a time and it was fast to get started. I thought, “People are going to have 30 days off here, so maybe they want to learn a new skill while they’re sitting on their duff.” The smart ones will take their chance to get educated so that the next time this happens, they don’t have to worry about anything. Maybe they’ll never make it to the next time. They get furloughed because they’ll be out on their own before it ever happens again and making twice as much.

The best thing that ever happened to me in my life was becoming gainfully self-employed. The second best thing that ever happened to me in my business life was finally figuring out that I couldn’t do it all. I shouldn’t do it all and the goal was not to brag about how many hours I worked or how many deals I did now. It was better off to start trying to figure out how many deals can I get someone else to do? How many hours can I not work? Let’s brag about that. Hats off to you.

I’m totally aligned with you there.

Go to 1000houses.com/MattL and check out Virtually Unemployed and learn how to get set up so you can train people to do what you want. This is probably not even related to real estate. You could probably use 90% or 85% of the stuff that he’s selling to help you find assistance for anything. Have an open mind. If you have another business and real estate has been your side job, maybe you can plug in some of this information to help you accomplish your regular job or your regular business. I also want you to go there to get the giveaway that Matt’s offering, Sign on the Fly. He’s going to tell you how to be able to do DocuSign or all that other stuff. He’s going to do it completely free, at no cost, and from your phone. I like that. Matt, it’s a pleasure. I can talk to you all day long but it’s already been quite a bit here. I don’t want to wear people out.

I love it. It’s fun.

Maybe we should have you back. We could maybe finish the conversation. We’ll have a part B because we touched the surface.

Anytime, Mitch. You know me, I love talking to you, so you tell me and we’ll do it.

Do you have a podcast?

I don’t.

If you ever wanted to do one, call me.

I’m in.

I’d like to thank everybody out there for stopping by to get you some Matt Larson. I want you to go to 1000houses.com/MattL. Take a look at Virtually Unemployed. It’s $499. The man reserves the right to change his price at any time but that’s where it’s at. Also, get your free giveaway, Sign on the Fly. I hope you are all out there finding your way. I hope everyone’s being safe. Let’s practice social distancing. I go in and out thinking this stuff is a bunch of bull and getting serious again thinking, “It doesn’t hurt for the next 30 days to be careful.” We’d all be better off if we err on the side of safety.

Hopefully, someone’s reading this blog many months from now because they’re all archived. This turns out to be a much shorter, less devastating thing than some media would like to tell us it is but we’ll see. Do your part. Please shop locally. Look for the small guy and try to buy from that guy. If you’re out and about, you have to buy something, try to support your local businesses. Is there anything you want to say to the people before we cut out?

Take action now. We don’t know how long this window of opportunity is going to be open, so get to training and take action fast.

Do you know what I’m doing during this time? I’m using this time to create a massive amount of content, interviews, and I’m going to finish my fourth book once and for all. If they’re going to coop me up in a room, that’s what I’m going to do. I even said that if I got COVID-19 and they send me to be quarantined, I will finish the book and record time if I’m not face down on the floor somewhere. Stay safe. Stay well. God Bless, America. We’ll get through this. Let’s be a team and work together. We’ll see you. We’re out of here.


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About Matt Larson

REIS 367 | Virtual Real Estate InvestingMatthew Larson is a full-time real estate investor with over 14 years of experience. Originally from the Quad Cities, a medium-sized metropolitan area on the lowa/Illinois border, his business now spans across most of the Midwestern United States. Starting his working career as a low paid machinist who supplied parts to companies like John Deere, he has transformed into an internationally renowned authority on investment real estate with over 4000 completed real estate transactions under his belt.

He currently owns over 200 rental properties in his portfolio and is a veteran of turnkey real estate. Matt has a unique and in-depth understanding of investing and property management through his trials and errors over time. He has completed over 1000 fix and flips, dozens of lease options, and thousands of wholesale deals. In addition to his vast experience in single family homes, he has also purchased dozens of commercial and apartment buildings. Matt also teaches aspiring and expert real estate investors tactical strategies on how they can grow their investment businesses. His trainings are extremely thorough. Matt prides himself on teaching the most effective, up to date tools to make anyone’s Venture into real estate investing a success, and is one of the few trainers in the space who is still an active, large scale investor. He is passionate about real estate and willing to share his knowledge with enthusiasm.

Matt has been asked to speak internationally, was recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines, has been on-stage with several reality TV stars, best-selling authors, multi-millionaires, and has personally trained Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi on Single Family Home Investing. Matt currently employs approximately 50 people at his office in Davenport, lowa where he and his team have created a property management company whose occupancy rate nears 99% over its 1400 units, a project management team that completes over 35 renovation projects each month, 18,000 square foot warehouse that stocks building materials at nearly 70% below retail store prices, and an online store connected to a custom-built inventory management system to quickly dispatch any of its 2,400 stock items to job sites. His team has also designed a property key indexing system not found anywhere else in the United States. Matt continually pushes his team to be inventive and utilize cutting edge technology to the greatest extent.


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