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Episode 508: Vacant Land Deals With Kathy Kennebrook

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REIS 508 | Vacant Land Deals


If you see a Vacant Land with grass growing higher than their fence, you know that’s vacant land. Clearly, no one cares about the land or takes care of it. That’s just money going down the drain. The amount of money you can get from vacant land is insane. Join your host Mitch Stephen and his guest, the marketing magic lady Kathy Kennebrook, as they talk about making vacant land deals. Kathy is a real estate investor that bought and sold hundreds of houses using none of her own money or credit. Learn why vacant land deals can make a great money business strategy. Discover all the ins and outs of the strategy and a few tips on how to get deals from Kathy herself. Be a vacant land master today.

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With no further ado, I have Kathy Kennebrook. She’s in Florida. We’re going to be talking about how to profit from vacant land. Everyone is out there looking for those little brick houses and trying to flip houses. If you have not added some other opportunities to your tool belt, you’re missing out on huge portions of real estate investing that you can make a profit on, and they’re not so different from the things you’re profiting on now.

Most people overlook vacant land and it can be a big moneymaker. I’ll talk to you from experience. I do houses, small commercial, vacant land, small ranches or parcels of land, and mobile homes and land. If your eyes aren’t open to all these ways, you are probably throwing things in the trashcan or not soliciting for things that you should be soliciting for. Kathy, how are you?

I’m awesome. You’re absolutely right. The same in our industry, we like urban commercial, and I love those nice brick-and-mortar houses. We do a lot of those, and mobile homes, vacant land, duplexes, triplexes and quads, whatever comes at us and makes sense. We’ve never locked ourselves into any one niche. That’s a really important lesson for our readers.

You spend this time sending out pieces. If you’re not letting people know that you also buy land or that you also buy mobile homes or something, you could have wasted some postage, envelope, yellow letter or postcard, and not giving yourself a couple of other chances to get some business. Let’s face it, the money you make from any of these strategies, it’s all green, and that’s what matters.

The purchasing, rehabbing or doing whatever you do, and then reselling them, they’re all within the same realm. They’re not big shifts to make. You do have to think about them a little bit different, and so that’s why we have Kathy on because we’re going to be talking about how to think about vacant land and parcels of land, and how you can profit from them. The first question we always got to address is, where do we find this product? Where are we finding this stuff?

I find vacant land using direct mail because I am the queen of direct mail. Direct mail marketing is a big part of it. We also do tax deed sales. In Florida, we are also a Tax Certificate State, so we buy tax certificates. We use delinquent tax lists. There are a lot of good ways for our folks to find these pieces of vacant land. The response rates from these mailings are nothing you’ve ever dealt with houses. You’ve got to put your thinking cap in a different place. The response rates are very high. You are reaching a corner of the market that simply does not exist for other real estate investors.

Let’s talk about that because I have some experience in this arena myself. The reason why the response rates are high is raw pieces of land are usually a money drag or what we call an alligator. This alligator is always taking bites out of their bank account, taxes and maintenance. A lot of times, if you have a vacant lot in the city, people are dumping on it, so you’re having to pay money all the time to remove the trash because if you don’t, the city is going to come by and remove it for you and send you a much bigger bill than you would have had if you handle it yourself. They’re not emotionally attached to it like houses.

When you’re doing houses, “Mom lived here for 50 years or my children were born here.” On raw land, it’s not usually an emotional thing. To the seller, it feels like they found money because they’re not using the land. They’re not doing anything with the land. It doesn’t hold a high position with them because if it’s raw and vacant, then what are they doing besides having maybe a picnic on it once in a while? If it’s a bigger parcel or it’s just a lot, no one is going there to do that. That’s the reason why you need to open up your mind to this because it’s an easier, quicker sale if they value the land list, a lot less emotional attachment. Am I right on that?

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Absolutely. To be truthful about it, we’re buying vacant land for dimes on the dollar because there’s no emotional attachment. They want to get rid of it. They inherited this thing. About 50% of the sellers that I work with have never seen the piece of vacant land or they bought it with the intention of building a vacation home. They bought it because they were going to put a retirement home. They bought it because they were going to bring their RV down and park it on there for 2 or 3 weeks, and none of that ever happened.

These are some good marketable pieces of vacant land. There are a lot of good deals out there to be made. I love it. I’ll give you an example of a mailing that we did. This is a very specific targeted list that we use. I mailed out 147 pieces. We got nineteen responses, which was a 13% response rate. We ended up buying seven of those pieces of vacant land.

I cashed out on 3, and I leased 4. However the market is feeling, it depends on whether I’m going to sell it or lease it or what we’re going to do. That’s a big issue for the folks that are buying vacant land. Everything is buy and flip. It makes me sick. I hate seeing that because there are many opportunities for long-term income on vacant land. It’s ridiculous.

Here’s an idea I had a long time ago, and check this out. Everybody wants a mobile home park. That’s a glamorous thing. Those mobile home parks are selling at 4% cap rates, and they’re not leaving any room if they’re any good at all, if they’re not completely backed up with major problems, a sewage could be one of them.

Imagine you have a spreadsheet that is your mobile home park, and every time you find a piece of vacant land, you can rent it out to someone who wants to put a mobile home on it. You can have your own mobile home park with no boundaries and no limit to what size it could grow. Your mobile home park is on a spreadsheet, and although the pieces of land may not be contiguous or all in one geographic area, the spreadsheet is representative of a park and you’re renting this parcel. The beautiful thing of it is you’re not limited by any boundaries.

You can grow that mobile home park on that spreadsheet to 3 units, to 300 units, to 3,000 units. It doesn’t matter. It’s like this park that has no into it. I love that concept because it’s also very hard for people who rent your land to tear it up. You either have septic on there or you put septic on it, or it has a hook-up to a city sewer. The only thing I would caution you about is if you rent your land and it has trees on it, you make sure there’s a clause in your rental contract that they do not touch nor trim, nor do anything to those trees without your permission or calling you to get it done.

I have had one instance in my life where someone went and cut down all my trees. I don’t know what they were thinking, but when I foreclosed on it, and I went back out there, it wasn’t the same piece of land. It didn’t have the same value because these idiots cut down the trees. That’s a little two cents for you, a little clause. We talked about the response rates. What kind of vacant land deals are you doing? Do you have an example of one of your land deals and what kind of money it made? Let’s give us a case study.

I get so many. I wanted to talk for a moment while I tell you about this deal about return on investment. It’s not like buying a house and having a mortgage on it or a private loan on it for whatever period of time. Your return on investment on these pieces of vacant land is quick. Then you end up taking that same money and putting it into another piece of vacant land.

Let me tell you about one that we did. It was a little piece. It was a 200×200 lot in city. There are five different kinds of property that you can buy, so that would be like in city, urban, rural, commercial or industrial. Those are the five types of vacant land. This one was urban. It was in the city actually. We ended up leasing it first to a gentleman who owned a canoe outpost. I ended up buying that particular piece of land, a 200×200 lot, and I paid $1,500 for that particular piece of land. It was mostly cleared, no water, no sewer or anything.

He moved a shed on that piece of vacant land because it was also a block away from a major boat ramp in the area. He wanted it to store canoes, kayaks, life vests, paddles, all the things you need for kayaking. My husband and I like kayaking. We were knocked out by this deal. I was like, “Yes, another place for us.”

REIS 508 | Vacant Land Deals

Vacant Land Deals: The response rates are very high in raw pieces of land because they’re a money drag. You are reaching a corner of the market that simply does not exist for other real estate investors.


He ended up renting it for $750 a month. In two months, he paid for my piece of vacant land. He ended up keeping the vacant land for a year. He rented it from us for a year, and then he ended up buying it from us for $9,000 because he didn’t want to pay my rent anymore. We ended up making a great profit on a piece of land. We had nothing in. We got our money back, and it just sat there and churned out income every single month.

You probably got it back on the first month’s rent and the deposit equal to the first month’s rent. You’re almost there right there. When you look at your overall land purchases, what’s the average price? I’m shooting in a direction that I think is going to be interesting. What’s the average price for a piece of land when you buy?

It depends. It’s all over the place. At the minim probably, literally, maybe $1,000, $1,500, and then on the bigger end, and you would enjoy this probably being a Texas guy. I have another piece that we paid $300,000 for it. It’s 166 acres and it is now a hunting camp. We do hunt leases. I partnered with someone on that deal, and we’re doing hunting leases. It’s everywhere and it depends on where you are and what your opportunities are. There are tons of different things to do.

If you’re talking about lots, when you said 166 acres, that’s more like a parcel of land or a small ranch. In parcels of land, 1 acre, 2 acres, half acres or quarter acres, you’re under ten. Where I was headed was this is credit card money. Even if you don’t have the money, you could get 6, 8, 10 or 18-month credit card offer. You could buy this piece on the credit card and then use the income from it or just float your time until you sell it for cash with no loan fees and probably, no interest with the way they hand out 0% introductory offer cards for you to sign up.

It’s a good way to start, especially if you’re broke. This might be one of those avenues. I’m always telling people, if you don’t have money, then you have to start picking strategies that allow you to function with no money. Literally, every strategy could be done without any money if you look at it from the point of view that, “I just get the deal and then I invite a money guy to come in and we split.” That makes almost every deal that you don’t have to have money for.

If you’re trying to run solo or you want to add another, “I don’t have any money strategy,” these little lots of land are a good way to get your start, get you up and running, and start getting some money in your bank account. When you need to write a check for some down payments or sometime in the future, you have some money to do it with. Or you can take some of that money and send it over to Kathy and learn about her direct mail program, and start getting an advertising budget with some of this little money that you got so you can start to ramp up. That’s the whole point.

For those folks in our audience who are a little bit more seasoned investors, I’m not kidding you, these are ideal deals to be putting in the Roth IRA and in your 401(k). I sold two pieces of vacant land. Both of them went back into the Roth IRA. We do a lot of deals in and out of a Roth IRA as well. I’m throwing other ideas out there for them.

By opening up to some other strategies, you’re giving yourself a much broader chance to get hit by the money truck. I say this all the time, “You can’t get hit by the money truck if you don’t stand in the middle of the road.” You’ve got to put yourself in the middle of the road at every opportunity. I know you’re putting yourself in the middle of the road with these little houses that you’re fixing and flipping or trying to wholesale, but why not put yourself in the middle of the road of these other ideas too, because do you care which money truck hits you? I don’t care. As long as I get run over by the money truck, I’m good.

The other thing with vacant land that I like, I live in the hurricane capital of the world. With my pieces of vacant land, it’s like, “We lost another tree.” It’s not like, “My house.” It’s a much easier pill to swallow, and it’s a much easier form of income. No tenants, no toilets, no plumbing issues and all of those kinds of things. You simply don’t have those with vacant land. There are many ways. You can buy and flip vacant land, and that’s perfectly okay. If you need money like you need oxygen, go for it, do it, but if you’re able to hold onto them, leasing vacant land is a killer.

I have a little piece of vacant land that sits on the main highway. It’s only an acre and a quarter, and people told me I was an idiot for buying only an acre and a quarter on the main highway. What we do on that one is temporary leases like Christmas tree lots, fireworks, political signage during that part of the season, veggie stands and all kinds of different things. We do a lot of short-term leases with that one. Food trucks also. I got a food truck on there. It’s a constant source of income. I’m not paying insurance. I’m not dealing with a long-term tenant. There’s so much flexibility.

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Also, vacant land is a great thing to owner finance or seller finance. In my book, The Art of Owner Financing, you don’t ever second guess a great deal. You did a great deal, but what about that land you rented for $700 a month, and then you sold to the guy for $900? Chances are if you wanted to take your money over time, he might have been able to sell that land for $18,000 if you have taken $3,000, $4,000 or $5,000 down and wanted to collect payments at 10% for X amounts of years. Owner financing allows you to charge more because you’re allowing them to pay out in small increments. There is a plethora of eye-opening income that can happen from raw land. You’ll find it very interesting. You have a course on this, right?

I do.

One of the things I like about Kathy is I’ve interviewed her on her course for Amazon Sales. I’ve interviewed her on her direct mail program. Now, we’re talking about her course for vacant land. The reason why I keep coming back to her or choosing her as a guest is that when she comes, she handles her customers well. Her products are well-rounded. They’re deep and thoughtful. She takes care of her customers and she does a good job of delivering on the promises that she makes.

That’s the main reason I’d have no problem putting Kathy on this show anytime she has something, because she’s one of those people that care. Not in it just for the sale. She’s trying to create a product that will get you to where you want to go if you work it, because nothing is going to work if you don’t work it. Then they have some support and they’re willing to talk to you or be there for you for a certain amount of time just in case you have some questions and some work. That’s hats off to you, Kathy, because not everyone runs it that way.

I appreciate that so much. Also, with the Vacant Land Course, they get all the contracts, all the disclosure forms, and everything that they need to do the deals. They also get me for twelve months to hold their hand along the way to help them with the marketing and finding their deals and stuff. You’re right, customer service in our office is everything. I appreciate you having me on this show. You’re one of the most incredible hosts that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with, and that is the truth.

Thank you so much. I don’t know what I did to deserve that, but I’ll take it. I want you to go to 1000Houses.com/VacantLandDeals. That’s a little long because I just want to make sure that I’m not using a keyword that I used in my other 500 shows. I’m sure Vacant Land Deals will separate us for sure. I want you to go there. Over there, you’ll see what she’s offering for the Vacant Land Course, everything that she offers, how to get involved and what it cost. You want to talk about the cost?

I do. I’m doing something special for your guys. When they go to your page and the link takes them over, my normal sale price is $1,197, but when they use coupon code, VACANT, they’re going to get another $200 off. It’s only going to be $997. We’re doing it just for your folks. They absolutely will not find that anywhere else. You and I have been doing business now for a long time, and I wanted to do something really special for the show folks. It’s on your page.

Go to 1000Houses.com/VacantLandDeals. Kathy, may I suggest? Go ahead and put some links to your other stuff while you’re there, the marketing and all that, just because if someone’s there, they might be interested in that too. They can find everything that you offer. Within that will be the thing we’re talking about, which is the vacant land deals and how to profit from vacant land.

It’s a big eye-opener. This has got to be a revelation to some of you guys out there reading, that are walking right past it every day. What we do, Kathy, if you don’t mind me saying, we do Driving for Dollars. We hook up with a software where you can pin these things if you go to LandGlide, you can be driving down the street.

It’s like Google Earth, you can zoom in or out. You zoom out and you can see all the boundaries of all the properties. Inside each boundary of the properties says the owner’s name and how many acres it is, and we start flagging them as we drive down the road. As soon as we get back to the office, we start researching those addresses and finding those owners.

REIS 508 | Vacant Land Deals

Vacant Land Deals: No one values vacant land. There’s a lot less competition for it. The amount of money to fund the deal is so low that you can put it on a credit card.


It’s called LandGlide, and it’s an app that you put on your phone. It costs a little bit of money per month, but for what it can make you, it’s ridiculous. Once we find an interesting area, we just LandGlide the whole place. We’d be looking for abandoned mobile homes and stuff, or you’re looking for a gate that the grass has grown up 2 feet, and you know no one has been in and out of this gate, on this property for a long time. Even the road beyond the gate going into the property is overgrown. We know that this person is not paying any attention to this land. It deserves our attention. It ups our resolve to get a hold of this guy because obviously, he’s not even been out there in months, if not years. You can find a lot of things.

There’s also a paid subscription you can get too. You can go to 1000Houses.com/Machine. There’s another similar Driving for Dollars app there, but what’s cool about this one is you can get out of your car. You can take a selfie with that house, that abandoned mobile home, that gate or that vacant land with you in the background, and it becomes the postcard that you send out. That postcard will undoubtedly separate you from all the other postcards from all the other people that want to buy houses because they’re going to see you, a real person, and they’re going to see their property in the background. That separates you from every other postcard on the table. You can go to 1000Houses.com/Machine if you want that functionality. It’s really cool.

The way that I do the direct mail piece is the same way I do my direct mail for houses. What I do is we send a real specific soft letter to the sellers. There’s a response mechanism in the body of the letter where they give us all the information about the property, and then they send it to us. The deal is pre-screened already when it hits our desk.

That’s another way that we pre-screen those deals ahead of time. If I showed you the letters, “Please buy this. I’m sick of paying taxes,” and we work a lot with the delinquent tax list. That is huge for us in our vacant land business. It’s amazing. The response rates are so high and the people are motivated. This is not like buying a house.

I don’t want to beat this horse to death because it’s not a big complicated subject. If there’s anything left that we need to say about it or if I’ve left anything out, Kathy, let’s take this time here to say, but we’ll start to wrap it up. For $900, $1,100 or $2,000, and Kathy has the right to change your price anytime she wants to. It’s August the 31st, 2021. That’s the price it is now and the offer she gave us for now. It could change at any time and anybody has that right, so understand that. My point is it takes one deal to make it look like a chump change.

I have made some of the best money I’ve ever made off a land and off of mobile homes and land. Quite frankly, no one values it. There’s a lot less competition for it. The amount of money generally to fund the deal is so low that you can sometimes put it on a credit card or a couple of credit cards and get it moved down the road, pay off the credit card and keep your profit, or get it and then go find a private lender. Find a private lender to get you out of that potentially high credit card interest rate. The main thing is you’ve got to get it first. We’ll worry about getting a better rate later. Go to my book, The Art of Private Lending, and you can learn how to figure that out if you want. We’re just a plethora of knowledge around here.

Something else that I also do with the vacant land that is so killer, another deal that I did, which came from buying a tax deed. We paid $5,500 for that piece of vacant land. Two acres had a concrete pad, electricity, a well and septic. $5,500, two acres, and I was happy. The easiest way for us to sell these pieces of vacant land, even if they don’t have well, septic and power, is we hook up with a dealer of mobile homes. What the mobile home dealer will do is they’ve got a buyer, they take their mobile home, our piece of land, and they chunk the whole thing together with the financing for the buyer and we get paid.

The mobile home sales company who’s selling the mobile home to the person that needs your land for that mobile home can also sometimes finance the septic, water connections and electrical, all together.

It’s a whole package.

There’s also a great way to rent your lots is through the mobile home sales lot in town. You let every single one of those lots know, and the managers and the salespeople know or tell the manager to hand out your pamphlet on the pieces of land you have for sale or for rent, and they will rent it or sell it for you. Don’t volunteer for a commission unless they ask because most of the time, they don’t even want a commission. They just need a place so they can get the commission on that $90,000 house. They got to have a place to put it before they can consummate the sale. Don’t volunteer much. $500 would be a godsend, an extra SPIFF for this guy, but they probably won’t even ask you for a referral or a SPIFF for a commission or anything because they have to have a place to put this home before they can rent it.

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That’s something else that we do. That’s a real killer. I send them updated lists of the vacant land I have available every 30 days. That’s another quick way to sell your pieces of vacant land or rent them like you said.

There’s a sponsor of this show called LiveComm, and it’s about mass texting. If you created a little list and uploaded it to a phone number dedicated to mobile home dealerships, you could collect all the phone numbers of the salespeople or the managers. When you have a new parcel, you could send a text with a link to wherever there’s a parcel on the website description. You could hit all of these people in 30 seconds using LiveComm. How many people do not read their text messages? It’s been proven, over 96% of the people that receive a text, that text gets read. You have a direct bullseye about a product they need, and for $0.02 per recipient, you can deliver the message to 1 or 100 of them in 30 seconds.

The other thing that you want to do when you buy a piece of vacant land and you want to lease or rent that piece of vacant land, the first thing you’re going to do is talk to the neighbors too. I have a piece of vacant land, and I’ve had articles written on this piece of vacant land because it’s cool. The gentleman had a worm farm next door. He needed to expand his worm farm, and it was an acre and a half that I bought next door to him.

We still have that lease, and it has been three years already this year 2021. He leased that piece of vacant land from us and he’s doing nothing to the piece of vacant land. The way that they expand a worm farm is with tubs and tubes. There’s nothing underground or anything, which is what I thought. I was like, “How are you going to get the worms out of the ground?” Because we didn’t know anything about it, but they use tubs and tubes as connectors. We’ve got this incredible deal that we’re leasing every single month because we took the time to talk to a neighbor.

In Texas where I’m from, and it seems like it should be common courtesy anywhere when you have a piece of property for sale, you should always offer it to the owner, right, left, front and back. That’s a common courtesy because these people may have only one chance to expand their standing in that area. That doesn’t mean you have to offer any special price to them or anything. You’re just giving them the first right of refusal for what you want.

The truth of the matter is that land is probably more valuable to them than to anybody else, and you might get a premium. You start with, “Hi,” and talk to them first because there is no other person. There are 1, 2 or 3 people that are contiguous to this land and that’s it. It’s the most valuable to those people if they want it. If they want it, there’s no other piece like it because it’s connected to them.

These are the caveats and the things you learn. Every strategy, things sound simple on the surface, and then you start to learn. There’s all this minutia and there’s all this way to up your game, but you’ve got to get privy to someone who’s done it, and listen to what they have to say and what their experiences are. That’s why you pay $1,100, $2,000 or $25,000 for a mentor or a program so that you can get to all that minutia without having to go twenty years to get it.

Something else that I also discuss in my system that’s covered completely is all the due diligence stuff. We cover due diligence. Taking a look at the property, figuring out the topography, whether or not it’s got liens, whether it’s landlocked and all those kinds of things.

Is it in a flood plain? Here’s the one you need to watch out for. If you’re buying smaller inner-city lots, I knew some people that were buying lots for a little bit of nothing. The problem was you had to have 45,000 square feet to put a house on it, and it was under the minimum. The plan to build a house on it or to sell it to someone who wanted to build a house was out the window, and now you are at the mercy of the people right and left because they were the only ones that would want it.

Owning a vacant piece of land in the inner city with a quarter-acre lot can be quite the liability because let me tell you, people will dump on them all day long in the big cities. This can be a major drain of cash, and it’s hard to stop. Be aware that that is a little bit of the downside. We love talking to you about the upside and all the money you can make, but I also believe you’ve got to talk about some of the ugly things too, so we can help keep people out of trouble and have a sincere, transparent conversation about what we’re talking about.

REIS 508 | Vacant Land Deals

Vacant Land Deals: One of the easiest ways to sell old pieces of vacant land is to hook up with a mobile home dealer. They take the piece of land and chunk the whole thing together with the financing for the buyer.


I did buy a piece in the city that was undersized. Before we bought that piece of vacant land, I went down to the city. They told me that we could build a home on it and we ended up building the house. It was one-bedroom and one-bath. It’s absolutely adorable. They told us that we could go up, and that’s all in the variants that we got. We had to stay within a specific footprint, but we can go up as well. At that point, we decided that we don’t want the house bigger so that we could go up. That house has been a rental for me for five years, and my tenant is closing on it.

I think we may have covered what we need to cover. Please go to 1000Houses.com/VacantLandDeals. Anything else I left out? We could probably talk about this for three hours.

We could, but I do want to let them know the system is complete. It’s got all of the disclosure forms, all the documents and all the contracts. We cover due diligence. I cover all of that in there for you, how to physically find a piece of land based on the Tax ID number, and what that means and how to read it. I covered all of that for them. This one is like ACEs. Folks, if you want to make a ton of money with vacant land, this is what you need. This is the manual that will tell you step by step how to do that.

It’s always the same. With every strategy, you get the information and then you’ve got to get off your ass and implement. Nothing is going to happen on a sofa. I appreciate you being on. Again, go to 1000Houses.com/VacantLandDeals. Over there, there will be a complete description of everything, you’ll get what’s involved. See how robust it is. I know Kathy covers her bases and she gives a good product. Check it out.

There’s no reason in the world you shouldn’t see a return on investment to learn about this strategy. If you don’t, it’s your fault. Everything works if you work it, especially if you have the right information, the contracts, the disclosures and all that stuff. Everything will work if you work it, you just got to work it. She’ll tell you how to even work it. Kathy, I appreciate you taking the time to be on. As always, you’re a pleasure and you’re an asset to this industry. You always give a good quality product. I appreciate it very much.

Thank you, Mitch. Thank you for having me. I always enjoy doing these. You are the best host ever. The folks that I’ve worked with from your show, you draw the most amazing students and customers. I really appreciate you having me on. I appreciate the folks that are reading.

It is an amazing group if I don’t say so myself. I didn’t have anything to do with who they are. When I get their emails and their text messages, these people are involved, engaged and sharp. They’re asking the right questions. They’re motivated. Ninety-five percent of them seem to be motivated. It’s a pleasure to me to hear their success stories.

If you ever have a success story from this or some other stuff that I’ve promoted and you’ve done well with it, send me an email at Mitch@1000Houses.com, and just share a little bit of your success story. We can pass it along to whoever and let them know, “We’ve got some nice mail from some of the people that had some success doing what you know how to do and that you were benevolent enough to teach.”

Thank you. I appreciate it. I love working with people.

You do, and it shows. This is Mitch Stephen. I’m here with Kathy Kennebrook. I want to thank you for stopping by to get you some Kathy Kennebrook. She’s over in Florida and she’s going to help you learn how to make money on vacant land. She’s going to help you learn how to do some effective direct mail marketing. If real estate has not been for you, she has a whole business unrelated with Amazon sales that I know people have been having a success with because they tell me. It will all be over at 1000Houses.com/VacantLandDeals.


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About Kathy Kennebrook

REIS 508 | Vacant Land DealsKathy Kennebrook is the ultimate success story. She spent over 20 years in the banking industry before discovering the world of real estate.

I am married, I live in Sunny Florida and I like investing in Real Estate,and having Good Times. I like to travel, I like kayaking, bicycling, music, a good book to read and growing plants. I have two children and five grandchildren, I know I don’t look that old do I??

I like to travel, I am a national expert on marketing to find motivated sellers for your real estate investing business and I love to travel the country and share my expertise with others. This gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family and help others grow their Real Estate Investing Business so they can live their dreams and spend time with Family which is most important of all. I live by the Credo “Live for Today, Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring”.


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