Agent Legend | How To Get Better Response From Leads – Guaranteed

Episode 150:

Agent Legend | How To Get Better Response From Leads - Guaranteed

Costas Peppas is the Co-Founder & CEO of Agent Legend. The secret weapon top brokers, teams, and agents are using right now to turn in huge conversion numbers.

If you’re not regularly the first to follow up, then you’re blowing deals and losing money. Every agent knows this, yet it’s tough to stay consistent. Agent Legend regularly doubles and even triples your connection ratio with prospects.

As a bonus perk just for listening, Agent Legend is giving away copies of their top performing scripts to every listener on the call today.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What the Agent Legend system is and how it can help you
  • The paradox of every business
  • How to automate your business as an agent or broker
  • How to know if your strategy is working
  • An effective automation plan that a lot of agents have had success with
  • How to spend more time on the deals that convert rather than the ones that don’t
  • How to control the destiny of your business
  • The important thing to know whether you’re generating leads or buying leads
  • Why you need to know how to get leads in order to utilize a system that converts them


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