Drug Test Fail to a Road of Success, with Carl Scaramuzza

Episode 280:

Carl Scaramuzza founded his company, Credit Blueprint in 2011 with one simple goal: to help people use their credit to build real wealth and increase their net worth. He’s coached thousands of people and business owners on how they can leverage their credit, get access to other people’s money to multiply their assets, grow their net worth and ultimately, create a thriving financial future.

Carl is more than just an entrepreneurial success story. His path exemplifies the principles he teaches his clients. Shortly after starting Credit Blueprint, he let his mortgage payments slip in order to build his business, and he lost his house in the process. But, he knew how to leverage his credit scores, access other people’s money and start building his business. Now, he’s exponentially grown his own net worth with a thriving, A+ rated business and he’s become a leading authority in credit and wealth coaching. Carl is ready to help you achieve financial freedom.

Carl hosts “Other People’s Money” on Facebook Live; a weekly show where he explains exactly how you can get access to Other People’s Money via bank loans, private capital and everything in between. Growing your net worth is not about the monetary value in your bank account, it’s about leveraging your credit to amass high-value assets. Carl is the dominant net worth expert leading the charge, teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how the rich get wealthy and how his methods can help them reach that next level.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the 2008 market crash and financial crisis led Carl from the business of mortgages to the credit industry
  • Why the inability to fill a cup for a drug test prevented Carl from going back to mortgages, which worked out to be the best outcome for his career
  • Why most real estate investors start out funding their businesses using personal credit cards, and why it’s ok to do
  • Why unsecured lines of credit are very difficult to get, and why ultimately it doesn’t matter
  • Why having great credit isn’t a prerequisite for accessing private money, but it certainly helps
  • Why a 700+ credit score will open doors for accessing OPM (other people’s money), and why 700 is a far more important breakpoint than 800
  • How Carl helps someone with a low credit score, and what mistakes Carl sees in people with low scores who are trying to repair their credit
  • Why Credit Karma is a great way to discover your approval odds for obtaining new credit cards
  • What negatively affects your credit and what doesn’t, and why credit inquiries hurt but denials for credit don’t
  • How to use credit disputes to get negative marks from financial institutions removed from your credit report
  • Why the ability to access other people’s money is the true key to building and growing your wealth


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