Changing Your Mindset With Brayand Ponciano

Episode 384: Changing Your Mindset With Brayand Ponciano

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REIS 384 | Changing Your Mindset


While hard work is admirable, grinding 24/7 on your business is just not sustainable. If you want it to grow, you should start making it work without you before it burns you out. After all, one of the great indicators of a good business is its ability to function without your hands all over it. So how can you achieve that? Mitch Stephen brings over Brayand Ponciano, the owner of Together We Grow, whose amazing mindset drives him to make his business work hard without him. Brayand shares what that mindset is with us and how it works in this episode. He talks about why the hustle life is not always the way and why working smarter, not harder, puts you in a place of abundance. The universe is infinite, and there is just so much out there—deals, properties, other opportunities—that you have yet to achieve, so why put yourself in a place of scarcity, of mental torture? Brayand imparts this great lesson he learned across his entrepreneurial journey and asks you to start changing your mindset in a way that will best serve you and your business.

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I have Brayand Ponciano. He’s in Arizona. He’s a buy and hold guy, but I like his attitude because he says, “I don’t like to work hard. I don’t want to work hard. I’m probably one of the laziest guys you’ve ever met.” I love it because that’s what drives him to make his business work without him and he’s accomplished that. For all you that are out there bragging about your work 24/7, you’re going to burn out sooner or later so you might want to pay attention to this episode. It has a lot to do with mindset. I want to focus on that.

Before we get started, I like to pay homage to TaxFreeFuture.com. You’re going to be astounded as to what your financial advisers are not telling you. You’re going to be astounded as to why they’re not telling you. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you and then we’re going to show you what you can do with tax-deferred and tax-free retirement vehicles, and how you can use those to become successful or retire early or to build the massive retirement. Check it out.

Brayand, how are you doing?

I am fabulous, Mitch. Thank you for having me.

I love your attitude. You say you like to travel a lot and you like to spend time with your family but you’re doing joy making money, right?

Yes. Money is a tool. It’s the grease that makes the wheels go around and I like nice things. When I travel, I don’t like to spend time in the resort because to me, it’s like a watered-down version of the culture. I’ll get to Airbnb. I’ll stay within the neighborhoods, eat in the streets, and all that stuff. I like knowing I’ve got money in the bank. If this opportunity arises to jump on a helicopter or to take a tour, I don’t have to go and check my bank account to see if I have enough money. I’d say, “Let’s go and do it.” I love that freedom of it.

I do enjoy nice things but I don’t like working hard. I’m not an immigrant but my parents were immigrants from Guatemala and English was not my first language. I grew up on the south side of Los Angeles and all we knew growing up from a poor perspective is if you wanted money, you must work hard, struggle, grind, and hustle. My first tattoo is right across my heart and it says hustle. The second tattoo is right across my other side of the chest that says Brayand. It was a reminder to me every single day that I saw in the mirror that I needed to work hard and bust my ass. Eventually, I found out that that was not the right way to go because that is not a sustainable business model. You can’t do that forever.

It also points out the problem with tattoos.

You can’t get rid of it. As an adult, I look at it and I say, “This is a reminder of how far I’ve come.” I used to have this mentality where the only way for me to make money was to bust my hands. If I wanted more money, I had to work a lot harder. That is such a dumbass way to look at it because when you look at any rich person out there, any millionaire or billionaire out there, a large majority of them do not work hard. There are a few of them that do. They’re the exception to the rule. Most of the time, they’re selling some type of program or something where it benefits them to tell you how they work hard. That’s not a sustainable business model because as you know, we get older, our bodies get tired, we get married, we have kids, grandkids, friends, associates, hobbies, and things that we want to do. You just can’t do that by hustling and bustling 24/7. That’s not the way it works in the real world.

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I have a solution. Put no more under each one of them. Hustle no more.

I love it because it’s a reflection of who I was and what I had.

Everyone’s gone through that phase where they had that epiphany, “I’ve got to start working smarter, not harder.” I’m not that brilliant. I had to have my back painted in a corner and I was almost to the breaking point where it was either I’m going to figure out how to not work hard or I’m going to quit because I can’t hold this weight up anymore. I’m trembling. What is the mindset of being successful but having balance?

To make this as simple as possible, this boils down to 1 of 2 mindsets that you can have. You can either come from a mindset of abundance or you can come from a mindset of scarcity and the hustle, work, outdo your neighbor, and beat your enemy that comes from a land of scarcity. “If Mitch is making money, somehow that’s going to limit the amount of money that I’m making. I have to feel bad every time Mitch is making money. I have to outwork Mitch. If I see Mitch making $100,000 a month, I have to make $120,000 a month because I can’t let somebody like him beat me.”

I know that people use that as motivation, but that’s mental torture and that comes from a land of scarcity. If he has, then I can’t have. As opposed to something that I teach, which is the mindset of abundance. Knowing that the universe is infinite and there’s so much money out there that you couldn’t go through it all if you try. “There’s no way in hell that what Mitch is doing in San Antonio is affecting my business here in Phoenix and over in Cleveland.” There are many properties, even other people doing stuff within our place and that comes from that scarcity mindset.

The one thing that I do want to point out to people is that scarcity mindset has been programmed into you from the beginning. A lot of times, that’s like your default programming. Mitch, I’ll ask you and I’ll ask the readers. Have you ever felt jealousy for no reason over somebody that you don’t even know? You see some guy on social media posts a six-figure check and you stop, think about it, and say, “Why did I even feel that way? I don’t even know this guy. I’m not a jealous person. It doesn’t make any sense.” That’s your original program.

I’ve always admired it and looked at it like, “If that man can do it, then I can do it.” It’s like when Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. No one could break that barrier, then he broke it and everybody started breaking it.

It’s a mental thing. When you come from the land of scarcity, you make up in your mind that this is the only way it’s possible. Because of these tattoos that I had, I made up in my mind that the only way to make money is to work hard. I met a rich guy who said, “BP, the less that I work, the more that I make.” I was like, “Bullcrap. You’re lying to me. You’re trying to keep the secret from me. Just tell me the truth. If you don’t want to help me, tell me you don’t want to help me.” He said, “No. The less that I work, the more that I make.”

REIS 384 | Changing Your Mindset

Changing Your Mindset: The mindset of abundance is about knowing that the universe is infinite, that there’s so much out there you couldn’t go through it all.


At that point, it shook my mind to focus more on abundance, understanding that there’s so much out there, and there are many different ways. Yes, working hard and going is a way to make money. It’s one way to make money. It’s probably in my lifestyle, on what I want to do with my family, it’s the least desirable way to make money. I started meeting other people like Mitch, people that know how to create a passive income, and people that said, “I’m making lots of money consistently without having to do anything.” I started opening up my mind, “There are all these possibilities,” because I was looking at it from a mindset of abundance.

I wasn’t saying, “Mitch has been doing this for twenty years. There’s no way in hell that I can do it.” I said, “If he can do it, then I can do it. If this works in a market like this, why wouldn’t it work in a market like this?” I was able to take that mindset and that’s one thing that I help people with is helping them find that mindset of abundance and understanding that if anybody can do it, you can do it too. There are always more than enough deals to go around. You don’t have to fight. I don’t have a competition at all. I don’t compete with anybody. I don’t have any animosity with anybody. I honestly work with everybody as much as I possibly can.

People ask me, “Do you know so-and-so in your town? They do all this.” I said, “No. I just do my own thing. I don’t care what they do. I’m not competing against anyone. I’m trying to do better in my business than I did last year.” That’s enough. If I don’t want to do more volume, then how do I make it less chaotic for me? I’m working on 1 of those 2 things.

That’s what I talk about with the people here. Part of the program, the Unfuck Your Mindset program is it’s you against you. It’s always going to be you against you. One of the things that you need to focus all your energy on is you. It doesn’t matter who these people are. I’ve gone through the same thing because I’ve been focused on what I’m doing and I started investing outside of my market. I don’t care what goes on in my market so I’ve been in different speaking events. I’ve been invited on different stages where somebody’s like, “So-and-so is crushing it. He’s in Phoenix. You know that person, right?” I’m like, “I’ve never heard about him.”

It’s not me trying to be big-headed or anything because I honestly never heard of them but the big thing is focusing on yourself. My mentor taught me a long time ago that when it comes to success, it’s not about what you achieve. It’s about who you become. The person that you have to grow yourself into to be able to achieve, maintain and sustain that level of success. It’s not just getting there one time, “I have created passive income by buying and holding this one house.” It’s how do you sustain it? How do you grow that? If you don’t have the right mindset, you’re never going to be prepared. You’re never going to have the foundation to be able to build and grow on top of and you need to have that correct mindset.

This is what I love about interacting and networking is that eventually, you meet people like Mitch and me, and you say, “I didn’t know that was possible. I didn’t know that there was a way to make money without having to bust my ass. I didn’t know that there was a way where you can set it, forget it, create something, and even become the bank,” which is what I love about what you’re doing there, Mitch. You become the bank and that is amazing. That’s what I’m working eventually into moving once I get to a certain number of rentals here in Cleveland, moving up to particularly becoming the bank and seller financing these things. When you go to any town, who has the biggest building in town? The bank.

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That’s what I’m talking about TaxFreeFuture.com. You won’t believe what your financial advisors aren’t telling you. There are ways you can self-direct your own way and make a better rate of return than they’re ever going to offer you. Quit gambling in the stock market. That’s a rollercoaster ride that you have no control over.

There are things that your financial advisors don’t know. To be 100% honest, they are salespeople and I have known because I looked into becoming a financial advisor. I’ve been in sales since the age of 22. They’re salespeople and they have a commission. They are meant to sell you these products. They already have your diagnosis and your medicine before they even come in and check up on you. That’s what they’re doing. A lot of times, most of these people don’t even know that there are options like doing the stuff that Mitch was talking about, creating tax shelters, and investing in alternative investments like real estate. That’s where I work with my private investors on the real estate side of things. It’s the same thing. I help them come in to be able to leverage the stuff that their financial advisors don’t tell them. This all goes back to mindset. You were taught from a young age that you must invest your money in the stock market, only to listen to your financial advisor, and save your money in a savings account.

I was talking to some financial advisors and I said, “People can loan me money and I’ll pay them better than what you are paying them. I pay better than the banks. I may or may not pay better than the stock market on any given day, but you’ll know what you’re going to make and it’s way above average.” He said, “You’re an alternative investment.” I said, “When did putting your money on a piece of paper on a roller coaster ride become traditional and loaning money to your neighbor on his good business become the other business? You’ve got it all turned around. My business was here way before the stock market was here. People loan to each other based on integrity and collateral way before there was a stock market.” Now, they’re calling my business the alternative. That’s how screwed up it is.

The thing is that when that collateral is a hard asset that produces cashflow, that’s the great thing. You have a similar system that I have with your private lenders. If I were to disappear or I were to get hit by a bus, you get to keep this property. By the way, because you are my bank, you didn’t lend me at 100% of what the property is worth. In my case, I don’t ever do more than 70% of what the property is worth. They’re already getting it at a discount and it’s already cashflowing. It’s already bringing them a crazy investment.

Plus out of that, I always make sure that my rental or my rent rates are about double what my interest payments are going to be to my lenders to make sure that if anything ever happens, they walk into an awesome situation. If they don’t like that house, it’s already bought at a discount so they can fire sale it and get that money back or continue collecting the rents. That right there to me is a better investment. Let’s put your money in there, shake those dice, and see, “My stock went down.”

Or it went up. “Do I get out now? Is it going to go up more? I think I’ll stay in.” I put money in the stock market one time for about 60 days. I couldn’t stand the anxiety of, “What do they do now?” It killed me.

REIS 384 | Changing Your Mindset

Changing Your Mindset: Most financial advisors are only there to push what’s best for them because they’re salespeople.


To me, it became clear. I already knew it but the movie made it that brighter. Have you ever watched that movie, The Wolf of Wall Street? I’m sure you have. He had passed this test and he’s having lunch with the Matthew McConaughey character. The guy is all coked up and drinking highballs and stuff. He’s talking about, “Do you know what’s the number one rule for there?” The Leonardo DiCaprio character who was new and green said, “Making these investors money.” The other guy said, “No. Screw the investors. It’s all about keeping their money in so when the market goes up, you call them to put it in. When the market goes down, you tell them to buy more to keep money in.”

They didn’t care about the investors, they just cared about their commission. That’s what I try to tell people that most financial advisors with rare exceptions are only there to push what’s best for them because they’re a salesperson. If you are looking for an alternative, you want to check out the site that Mitch put out there because it’s a great way for you to understand that there’s a whole different world out there. This is what I love about what I do when I talk about mindset because people only understand what they were taught, which is a limited and narrow way. You go to school, get good grades, go to college, go and get a job, get a pension, invest in the stock market, retire, and everything goes.

The problem is that that hasn’t worked out for the large majority of people, but because we’ve been ingrained from the beginning, we only see that as happening. I love letting people know that there are many different ways in all aspects of your life, including how you think. One of the biggest misconceptions is it takes money to make money. I could have looked at you, Mitch, and I could be like, “Mitch is an older white guy and he’s rich. It’s easy for him to get money. I’m a brown guy from Guatemala and from Los Angeles. Nobody’s going to give me money. I don’t have any money. My parents don’t have any money. That means that I could never invest in real estate because I don’t have any money.” That is not correct. It doesn’t take money to make money. My mentor taught me a long time ago that it takes creativity to make money. If it takes money, it doesn’t have to be your own money.

I did a course called Private Money Changes Everything. I have over $24 million over 36 private individuals, average Joes, doctors, lawyers, and old retired people that had a pension from GE or AT&T or whatever. They’re just average people that did well or saved or are doing well in their profession. In my course, the first thing you’ve got to do is just mindset. Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re pink, yellow or green. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, fat or skinny. It doesn’t matter if you speak the language well or broken English. It doesn’t matter because no one cares. It doesn’t matter if you’re eighteen years old with no reputation, or 59 years old and established.

Charles Manson should be able to get this money. That’s my famous little example. Charles Manson should be able to call a warden and go, “Warden, I need a $50,000 loan.” The warden calls him back over the intercom in the jail and says, “Go screw yourself.” “Warden, I’ll give you a first lien on a $120,000 house. I just need $50,000 or $60,000 in a first lien position. If I don’t pay you, you can have my property.” The warden is back on the speaker, “Everybody, get your guns drawn. We’re pulling Manson out and don’t give him a pencil until you have the hammer drawn back.”

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One of the biggest struggles that I learned or that I had to overcome in real estate investing was when I got to the point of having to raise money. Because growing up as a poor kid, one of the things that you were taught and beat over your head all the time was, “Don’t ask for money. Don’t ask me for money. Don’t look at it and don’t touch it because we’re going to buy nothing.” When it came to lending money for real estate, initially I felt bad when I was asking people for money because I felt like I was bothering them.

It wasn’t until I changed my mindset and I understood and I shifted. “I’m not bothering these people. I’m presenting them with an opportunity that they wouldn’t have anywhere else.” Most people don’t know where to make 8%, 9%, 10% return on their money. Most people don’t even know how to do that actively if they were taking their money and actively investing in the stock market. Most people, even less than that, know how to make it passively. It means that they’re not even doing absolutely anything.

When I learned how much banks were paying, when I learned how much people were averaging in the stock market after fees from their financial advisors and everybody else, I started to realize, “I’m not bothering people. I’m giving them an opportunity.” It took a quick shift of the mindset. That’s what I love in that program that you mentioned, on how your first lesson was changing your mindset because it’s that quick. It’s the same situation. You still need money. You’re still asking somebody for money. In this case, you’re not asking them because you’re presenting them with an opportunity. Because it’s such a good deal, they should be able to be like, “It makes sense.”

There are ways to do it without even asking until they have to ask you, “Can I be the guy that loans you money?” There’s a way to do it. If you work for my competitor and I wanted you to come work for me, I wouldn’t call you up and try to poach you directly. I wouldn’t say, “Brayand, do you want to come and work for me? I’ll pay you $10,000 more than what you’re making now.” I would call you and say, “I need someone like you. Is there someone you know that’s like you that would like to make $55,000, $60,000 a year? I need someone like you. Who do you know?” It poses the question. I don’t have to ask you if you want to take the job. If you want the job, you’re going to tell me.

What I did in that course, Private Money Changes Everything was I did exactly what you said. Stop begging for money because you’re helping people. These people are making 2% in CD rates. They’re gambling in stock markets every day. You don’t know what they’re going to make. They might lose everything. Pandemic, case in point, it seems like it’s coming back but some people got out because they panicked. There are ways to get yourself in positions to explain your business. There are ways to phrase things in your explanation that will pose the question to them, would you like to be one of these guys? You can’t even take the owners and even having to ask off, even though asking is not bad. Stop begging for money.

It’s a change of mindset because when you think you’re bugging people and you think you’re asking for money, for a lot of people that were like me that grew up without any money, it generates all these old feelings, all these old emotions that our parents said, “Don’t ask for money.” You feel like you’re bothering people. Mitch, if I was approaching you to raise private money and I’m like, “Mitch, I’ve got a thing. I was wondering if maybe you could.” I’m coming out of a place of unconfidence. I feel bad for asking money as opposed to, “Mitch, check this out. I’ve got this opportunity. I’ve got this property that’s worth $120,000. I need $50,000 to close on it. You can get the first position. I’m paying something like this. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Great, awesome. No? Do you know somebody who might be interested in?” It comes from a whole different place. It’s the same scenario.

REIS 384 | Changing Your Mindset

Changing Your Mindset: When you’re too busy working hard, you fail to see what’s going on.


Even though I still actively invest in real estate, I stopped talking about real estate. I stopped coaching people in real estate. Even when I do public speaking or when I do on my podcast or interview on other people’s podcast, I generally stop talking about real estate because I realized that it all stems from here. When I went from a guy placing signs in the streets to a guy doing wholesaling, it all started here. When I started wholesaling multiple properties consistently a month, it all started here. When I went and took down my first property and I got my first hard money loan and my first private money loan, it all started here. When I went to fifteen houses at a time and continuously flipping and doing everything, it all started here.

I then went into fix and flip, multifamily, and everything else. It has been a twitch of what’s in here. As soon as I find a little tune and I change that perspective on the mindset, it allows me to move into it. I know for a fact that learning how to raise money completely shifted my perspective. It also shifted my business and the trajectory of my generations for my family to come for generations and generations by learning that one particular skill. I did realize, at least from my end, that it all started up here once I changed my thinking that I’m not bothering these people. I’m giving people an opportunity.

For me, one of the books that helped me the most, there were several but one of them was Psycho-Cybernetics by Maltz, which is being continued by a girl named Sommer. It was saying, “The person that we talk to the most is ourselves.” Our self-talk is critical. What do you think to yourself? Whatever you’re saying to yourself, what’s going to happen? The whole thing from the top of our head down to the bottom of our toes is geared to get whatever is in here done.

I happened to have it here. This is not my book. This is a book that I’ve been studying, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. People said, “I’ve read this book.” I’ve read the book too. I’ve been studying this book for years. My personal mindset coach is childhood friends with the guy that wrote that book. One of the things that I like is it says, “Mastering the inner game of wealth.” In the book, he talks about your mind and how that relates to wealth. He calls it a financial blueprint, financial thermostat, meaning that if your financial blueprint is to make $80,000 a year, you will always make right around $80,000 a year. No matter how hard you work and no matter what goes on. All that blueprint was created by stuff that happened, what you heard, what you saw, and what you experienced growing up as a kid. Your parents had a lot to do with that. The society had a lot to do with that. They create you to be a certain way.

Most people, when they have that thermostat, the blueprint, it’s pretty much set. Unless you change the blueprint, it doesn’t matter what type of fixes you make to the house, you’re always going to get the same type of results. In that book, he talks about adjusting it. I liked it because he talks about seventeen different ways that rich people think differently than poor people. For example, rich people believe that their money works hard for them where poor people believe that they have to work hard for their money. Those are mental beliefs. In your self-talk, if you start always telling yourself, “I have to work hard,” situations are going to rise to prove that you have to work hard for your money.

One of the things people tell me, “I’m going to start a business.” I say, “How easy is this business to automate? How easy is it for someone else to run this?” You don’t want to get yourself a job that you have to run 100 miles an hour every day to keep it afloat or to grow it. Be careful what businesses you go into because it’s easy to get on a hamster wheel. I did it before. In my previous life, I was running to make payroll every Friday and it was enough to give you a heart attack.

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I would shoot myself. One of my favorite sayings of all time is, “The only thing worse than going down the wrong road is going down the wrong road enthusiastically.” Being niche years ago or however long ago, that was where you were at gung-ho to create the business and then you had the employees. Before you know it, you had built your own prison. You have surrounded yourself into this hellhole that you’re now struggling every single Friday to make payroll.

With your dignity or integrity and you go, “Help.” You then shorted everybody and shorted the bank and ruin your good name, which was not an option. I had to hang in there and whittle it down. By the time I finally could close that thing with any dignity, I was fried.

That’s the one thing that people don’t understand. This is why I’m adamant about working smart and not hard. When you work hard, you’re too busy working hard to see what’s going down the line. You’re busy with your head down in the grindstone, you can’t see. This is where my mentor has taught me to be strategic and not tactical, because tactical is the people doing the work. Strategic is the person that sits back and oversees and says, “Let me see if I dig a tunnel here, how is that going to go five steps down the line?” It’s why I’m a big advocate for people.

Something that I love doing as a kid but I still practice as an adult, playing chess because it makes and forces you to think five steps ahead. It forces you to be strategic. When you’re too busy grinding and hustling and busting your ass every single day, you can’t see where this business is going. Eventually, you end up at the point where Mitch is at. I’m like, “My word is my bond. I am not going to screw up my name. If I said I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it come hell or high water.” I remember my brother once told me, “You’re a man of your word even when it doesn’t benefit you.” To me, that was the biggest compliment.

It’s the whole point. You know when you have a good partner when things are going sideways and people got to bring checks and pay in. If you’re not making anything, you’re going to lose money. That’s when you know the integrity of your partner or your business associates or when your bank knows, “That guy wasn’t too smart on that last move. He lost his ass, but boy he showed up like a man.”

There’s a certain benevolent to be able to fall, break your face and say, “I screwed up. Let’s not do that again.” Get back up and move forward. One of the things that I try to teach my students is instead of bragging that you fell down nine times and got up ten, how about you learn not to fall in the first place? How about you learned not to bust your face every other year?

Some of us are slow learners.

Honestly, I was a slow learner. I’m a Taurus. I don’t believe in astrology but after dating many women that are into it, they started reading it. One of the things they told me about Taurus is that we’re stubborn. I said, “I am extremely stubborn.” It took me a long time to realize this. We all have a finite amount of energy, meaning that you don’t have an infinite source of energy. At some point, you’re going to get tired, need to take a nap, take a break, and need some type of leisure time because you’re going to go crazy. You cannot burn the candle at both ends for a long period of time. If you don’t have that set in your mind, you’re never going to be satisfied with anything. You’re never going to get anywhere because you’re constantly thinking, “That’s not enough.” It’s never going to be enough. It’s never going to be sufficient. That right there is what I call mental torture.

I’m unclear. Do you teach anything? Are you mentoring? Are you looking for students? Do you want to talk to someone about what you’re offering? It’s perfectly fine if you’re not offering anything.

REIS 384 | Changing Your Mindset

Changing Your Mindset: The only thing that’s stopping you is you. You are your biggest asset and your biggest enemy.


I used to teach people in real estate and eventually, I got out of that, mainly because I realized that everybody’s mindset was screwed up. I decided to create a program. I went through my personal journey as to how I was able to unwind my mindset. I call the program Unfuck Your Mindset. We are still in pre-launch mode. I’m running beta testers. We should be ready to launch in the future. It’s a twelve-month program, 52 modules. Every single week you get a new program with homework and everything. I drip it out purposely one week at a time because I want you to truly understand and take this information and learn it. I don’t want to give you a bunch of information and have you binge-watch it over a weekend and then you completely forget what you learn and you don’t apply any of this.

A lot of people will get overwhelmed too. A part of what a good coach does or a good program will do is it will keep you from getting overwhelmed or will try to help you not get overwhelmed by giving weekly doses. That’s what I tell people when I’m coaching them in the real estate thing, I say, “Let’s worry about what we’re going to do in the next ten days. Don’t worry about how to sell a note. You don’t even have a note right now. Let’s worry about how to find a house.”

People are notorious for wanting to run before they know how to probe. As a coach, it’s your job to pace them. I did what worked for me, which was on a weekly basis. I got taught by my mentor 60 minutes, 90 minutes on a weekly basis. We went over the same information. That’s the way that I created my course.

I want everyone to go to REInvestorSummit.com/changemindset.

I want to remind you guys that regardless of what business you’re in, you may be in real estate but you may be a wholesaler, you may be a fix and flipper, you may be a developer, you may be a multifamily person. It doesn’t matter what you’re in or what you want to be in. The only thing that’s stopping you is you. You are your biggest asset and you’re your biggest enemy. There’s a saying that I love to say, “You are the cure, but you are also the cancer.” One of my favorite books of all time is The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu says that if you know yourself and you know your enemy, which in this case is your mind, you will be victorious out of 100 battles.

You have to get to know yourself. That’s why I created the course to help you get out of your way. Whether we came from a good family, a bad family, whether we are middle class, lower class, upper class, for the large majority of us, most of us were brought up with a screwed up mindset, which is why I’m passionate about the Unfuck Your Mindset movement. I created a Facebook group called Unfuck Your Mindset Community, which is free. It’s for people to be around other individuals that are looking to unwind the crap that was taught to them by society, by teachers and by their parents. They tried as best as they could, they just didn’t know any better in the ways of money, in the ways of happiness, in the ways of wealth, in the ways of success.

Mitch, I’m redoing my office. I used to have all these vision boards and stuff many years ago. I stopped giving a crap of all that. I only have three goals that I go after. I want financial freedom. I want time freedom. I want peace of mind. If any real estate deal that I do or any venture that I do doesn’t give me all three of these or takes away from anything of these, I don’t do it. That’s the only thing that I’m focused on. Luckily, cashflowing real estate and creative real estate has been an amazing tool to generate that lifestyle for me and my family.

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Isn’t it amazing that when you only accept what you want to accept, it starts to show up. It has to meet these three requirements. You then start focusing your advertisement and your whole world towards those three things. Lo and behold, it starts showing up. It all started right there.

It was years ago when I started telling people, “I want to make a lot of money without working.” Initially, the people that I told laughed. Eventually, I met people that were making a lot of money without working and they said, “Come here. Let me teach you what I’m doing.” I started meeting more people and more people. Now I don’t even talk to people that are out there grinding and hustling. I’m only surrounding myself with people that are making a lot of money with a little bit of effort because that’s what I want. When you narrow down what you want, and I’m focusing on these three things, these things are appearing in my life more and more frequently.

I appreciate you taking the time to be on. Go to REInvestorSummit.com/changemindset. Check out Brayand Ponciano and see what he’s got to offer. I’m sure we’ll have the contact information. It’s evergreen. Brayand, do you want to add anything in there? You’ve got speaking engagements or whatever. You can change it anytime you want. Have your people call my people and they’ll bring it up-to-date and people can see what you’re up to at any given moment. I appreciate you being on. Thanks, TaxFreeFuture.com, for being the sponsor. Please check them out. You won’t believe what your financial advisers are not telling you.

Mitch, I appreciate what you do. Honestly, I love your business model. I love what you’re offering to your investors. I truly believe that’s a much better alternative, especially in these trying times. God knows what’s going to happen with the stock market. The one thing that we all know and we all know for sure is that people aren’t going to stop having kids and people aren’t going to stop needing a place to live. That’s where cashflowing real estate and having a hard asset comes into play. Mitch, I appreciate you. I appreciate you having me on the show. What I am going to do is have you on my podcast, the UnF*ck Your Mindset podcast. We’ll dive a little bit deeper into your mindset.

I’d like to thank everybody for stopping by to get you some Brayand Ponciano. I hope you’re achieving your goals. I hope you’re paying attention to what you’re saying to yourself and what you’re asking for because you’re going to get whatever that is. Be careful.


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