Real Estate Investing Honey Badger Style

Episode 72:

Cliff Gager has been in the real estate business since 1992, when he started in the residential mortgage lending world as a loan officer for a national mortgage company. Struggling at first to make commissions doing loans for Realtor’s clients, Cliff soon discovered he was in a business dominated by much older, more experienced, and more established mortgage lenders and brokers.But Cliff was able to discover a niche market opportunity that these more established lenders and brokers had overlooked – and wound up creating his own client base in the private lending world.

Working with several non-institutional financial investors, Cliff hit upon the idea of originating private mortgage purchase money loans for real estate investors who were buying, fixing, and selling residential houses. As a result of this discovery, Cliff was to become indispensable to these real estate investors by not only providing the initial funding for their acquisitions, but also by providing the financing for the people who actually wound up buying these properties after those same investors had completed their rehabilitation of the properties and put them up for sale!

After watching many of these “house flipping” investors make money doing these deals, Cliff saw the clear potential for profitability, jumped in with both feet, and started to buy, fix, and sell houses, all the while continuing to perform in his already existing position as a residential lender and mortgage broker. In October of 1994 Cliff branched out, opening Galleria Investment Group and, close on its heels, followed that up in March of 1995 by creating the Galleria Realty Group.

Almost immediately after that, in April of the same year, Cliff launched Galleria Mortgage Group, a licensed mortgage brokerage business. Beginning around September of 1997, while working through some difficult times, Cliff began working in the real estate seminar industry for many of the late night TV “infomercial” gurus you likely know today! Since then Cliff has worked as a real estate “mentor” – doing the actual fulfillment for these aforementioned “gurus” on what (he discovered) were the very expensive real estate training classes they were selling to the people.

In 2010 Cliff started working independently with students of his own, and is now bringing his training directly to the people that need it the most, and, just as importantly – at a price that most everyone can afford! Cliff teaches real world strategies that absolutely work. Whether you are a beginner -or a seasoned investor – Cliff can help you reach your goals faster and easier! Now you can benefit from Cliff’s 25 plus years of experience in real estate investing, mortgage acquisition, private lending, and ongoing “advanced” training for investors already “in the biz”! Cliff has taught thousands of students nationwide, using his own finely honed system that utilizes truly unique and exciting strategies, to profit from flipping and buying properties.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The background behind the course that Cliff teaches today
  • How being new to the real estate industry can cause apprehension
  • How Cliff instills confidence in negotiation strategies
  • Why, if you’re winning all of your negotiations, you’re paying too much
  • Using the Honey Badger Style when investing
  • The strategy behind negotiating terms
  • The best & worst deals that Cliff has ever done in his career
  • Cliff explains how people wait in a linear fashion for deals
  • Why you need to compress everything and do it at the same time when making a deal
  • How, if you get a good deal, the money will always follow
  • How getting a ‘no’ gets you one step closer to a yes


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