Daniel Moore | How Propelio Helps Investors Generate Leads

Episode 169:

Daniel Moore | How Propelio Helps Investors Generate Leads

At the age of 23, with nothing but determination, Daniel Moore bought his very first investment property. He has since taken those lessons learned and by the age of 28 became a full-time investor.

In 2014, Daniel Moore teamed up with his business partner Nate Worcester to create a software service company with one goal in mind – to help other investors grow. The result of their combined efforts is the most powerful real estate automation system ever created – Propelio.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Daniel’s real estate investing show Propelio TV
  • Propelio: how it helps investors generate leads
  • The little-known way to find new deals
  • The features and benefits subscribers receive with Propelio
  • How to receive a discount on a subscription to Propelio
  • Being proactive with the leads you collect
  • How to maximize Propelio’s services to make your money back quickly
  • How Propelio differs from other MLS resources
  • Daniel’s advice for new investors who want to take it to the next level


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