Empowering Real Estate Investors | Sharing Simple Wholesaling Secrets

Episode 75:

Empowering Real Estate Investors | Sharing Simple Wholesaling Secrets

Brett is the founder of Simple Wholesaling, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. He has been involved in real estate full time for 10 years. While enjoying the ride of entrepreneurship, he recognizes that God has provided this opportunity for him and his family. He has made it his mission to spread the Kingdom of God through empowering real estate investors. Ingrained in his heart is the will to assist others to be successful in this business and to help build a positive reputation for the wholesaling industry. Brett is a simple and humble guy that focuses on giving back to share the wealth of knowledge and experience he has gained as a successful wholesaler.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Brett’s background in the wholesale industry
  • The different strategies that Brett & his team use to make offers
  • Why it’s important to send out a purchase agreement on every offer
  • Why you must develop a strong follow-up strategy
  • Systems to write an MLS offer in 30 seconds
  • Why Brett is a firm believer in putting the right people in the right seat
  • Why you shouldn’t hire off of your gut feeling
  • Why wholesale real estate is not investment real estate
  • Why you shouldn’t view wholesale real estate as competitive


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