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Episode 76:

Real Estate Software | FREE Rehab Valuator!

Daniil Kleyman runs multiple companies that are all related and based in Richmond, VA:

True Vision Analytics creates and markets real estate analytics and marketing software. Their current user base exceeds 80,000 investors (wholesalers, rehabbers/flippers, and landlords) as well as brokers all over the US and abroad. Primary product is their real estate software, Rehab Valuator (www.RehabValuator.com) with other products in the works.

Evolve Development is a real estate investment and development company that specializes currently in ground-up development of multi-family and mixed use project. Past work has included single family rehabs though the current focus has shifted to larger scale work. Current pipeline includes roughly $20 million in projects in the pipeline in Richmond, VA. They also self-manage all of our assets internally through our property management company.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Daniil’s background
  • Why Daniil is a huge fan of buy, rehab, rent, refi, repeat
  • How ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ reignited Daniil’s passion for real estate
  • The story behind Daniil’s real estate software business, Rehab Valuator
  • Why you need to outwork your competition
  • Why you should hire, develop & manage talent
  • Why Daniil likes to form strategic joint ventures
  • Why Daniil would rather leverage his money and save time
  • Why you need to look for opportunities where other people aren’t looking


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