How to Make Money in Real Estate and Make a Difference in the World

Episode 19:

Tamera Aragon founded and has run small businesses since her teenage years. At the age of 20 she founded her first multi-million dollar company. Since then she has grown many, many successful businesses both online and off. She discovered her passion in real estate investing in 2003 and has become an expert at teaching folks how to make money in real estate ever since. Since that time Tamera Aragon has profited investing in hundreds of properties to date, establishing her as an expert in the real estate investing field.

Tamera finds her true passion lies in walking others toward success in business of any kind. She has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to success since 2005. In 2014 she received her certification as a Life Coach.

She continues to create and offer tools and training designed to support real estate investors as well as all types of entrepreneurs both online and off. Today, Tamera’s experience has earned her a solid reputation in the industry as well as the respect and friendship of many top national business and real estate investing experts.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Tamera’s background and how she got into real estate
  • Flipping contracts and/or flipping houses
  • Finding contracts through gaining contacts
  • Developing systems to gain time freedom
  • How much Tamera makes on a flip — and the staggering income she brings in a month
  • Why a bad house in a good neighborhood is better than a good house in a bad neighborhood
  • What kind of properties Tamera looks for
  • Why Tamera doesn’t have a lot of overhead
  • The kinds of deals that she lost money on
  • Tamera’s coaching and training programs
  • How to make money in real estate while also making a positive impact
  • Why you need a coach like Tamera to make it successfully
  • The basic first steps people who complete Tamera’s training are taught to take
  • The cheap property evaluation software Tamera uses
  • The challenges and pitfalls that people face when they first get started
  • How to find deals in your backyard
  • The bottom line when determining whether a deal is worth it or not
  • High-tech high-touch networking
  • Profiting in real estate using none of your own money
  • Why you need legal protection




Mitch: Hi. This is Mitch Stephen and welcome to the realestateinvestorsummit.com, today we have Tamera Aragon and she’s from Central Valley, California. Tamera, founded and has run small businesses since her teenage years at the age of 20, she founded her first multi dollar company, wow. Since then, she has grown many many successful businesses, both online and off. She discovered her passion in real estate investing around 2003 and has never looked back.

Since that time, Tamera has profited in investing hundreds of properties today, establishing her as an expert in the real estate investing field. Tamera finds her true passion lies in working with others towards success in the business of their own. She has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to successes since 2005, in 2014 she received her certified life coach certificate. She continues to create and offer tools and training designed to support real estate investors as well as all types of entrepreneurs both online and off. Today, Tamera’s experience has earned her a solid reputation in the industry as well as the respect of friends and many of the top national business in the real estate investing experts around the country. 

 So, with no further ado, let’s say hi to Tamera. How are you doing?

 Tamera: Am doing great, Mitch. Thanks for having me. It’s nice to be here. 

 Mitch: It’s a pleasure. It’s nice to see someone with passion to help people get ahead. You don’t see that all the time. There’s always wondering on it, what’s in it for them, and they don’t wanna help anyone get ahead. Sounds like you are doing a great job of helping plenty of other folks.  

Tamera: I try do my best, to encourage and support that. 

 Mitch: Let’s find out what makes you tick, Tamera. What is your greatest passion in life?

 Tamera: Well, I think you hit the nail in the head. You know–it is funny because I asked my husband that, and he said, “Oh, you know, your family or– is God, you know, I guess all those– I guess that element. But, I really the deeper difference is making a positive difference in the lives of others. Whether, It’s– I get to buy a house and fix it up and make it nice and see a family go in it, or it’s coaching someone to follow their dreams in their lives. So, my real passion it to make a positive difference. 

 Mitch: That’s super. I commend you for, because some people don’t. And kind of makes you different from anybody else, or a lot of people anyways. So, where are you from, what’s your culture? Were you born with the silver spoon in your mouth? Or how does—

 Tamera: [LAUGHTER] I wish. I actually, no– I don’t wish. I tell you why. My dad was 1 of 15 kids, he was next to the youngest. His dad died when he was 9. He was a little tough. He had a– you know, a little tough at putting it mildly. My mom married him when she was 17, had a couple of sisters. So, he just worked, he got a job and worked really really hard, getting up early in the morning, working all day, and kinda–you know, came home at night, grumpy, but I mean, you know, he was tired, working hard trying to take care of his family. 

But, with that, he loved me how he could. And he taught me outstanding work ethic. He taught me morals and character, and he also inspired me not to wanna live like that. So, I am thankful that I wasn’t born with the silver spoon in my mouth, because, I learned what I really don’t want. I don’t want to do that for somebody else. I wanna do it and have that –to meet time and freedom and financial freedom is my ultimate goal, and my ultimate goal to help others. So, without that hardship growing up in a, I wanna say, lower middle-class family, with a really tough upbringing, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. So– it can wait. [LAUGHTER]

 Mitch: Yeah, that alarm clock is a whole different alarm clock when you set it because you want to, instead of because you have to. 

 Tamera: Uhm, exactly. 

 Mitch: What was the biggest lesson in that upbringing? It means a lot of things there. What was the biggest lesson?  

Tamera: I think having more, I mean, I was– hate to do that work control, because there’s always accountability, whether it is to the government or to your customers or whether to whoever, but I like more control of the when and how I want to live my life. So, I go to Fiji once a year, and I do an event there for people to find out who they are and how to have ultimate lifestyle freedom and I can run business there or from anywhere in the entire world pretty much in the entire year. And that means a lot to me. I just need my freedom. 

Mitch: Well, I wanna go there. Can I go there? 

Tamera: Come along, we’re going on October 11 this year. 

Mitch: I do wanna talk to you about it. So, tell me. How do you find real estate?

Tamera: What happen was, I do a quick in a nutshell, every single thing that you read about that could happen to a person, happened to me in a very short period of time. I got divorced. I am on a bankruptcy. I was in foreclosure. Got in a car accident, was bedridden for 6 months. Lost my mother to death, and this is in a 2 year time period. So, here I was living the high life, you know, running my million dollar company, you know thinking that I was a bag of chips, because, I was young and you know succeeded early and then my life fell apart. 

When that happened, and that was quite a while ago. Thank goodness, I could almost say, I can’t remember the years, because– [LAUGHTER] that’s how old I am. I really had to go inward and really find out who I am. I mean, I was just really running and not really paying attention to me as a person and more about, how to– people viewed me. And you know, this was all about egos and maybe it should have been, and boy, I got slapped down. [LAUGHTER] Found out what was really important, and with that I was blessed in the process to be with my husband now of 18 years. I have a son who’s 27 now and have a daughter who is 17, who are just both –they are amazing. So with that, I get to developed other things that came into my life. So, during that time, I went into some transition before I started my next company that also was successful, nothing to do with real estate. But, during that time, I was flying in an airport and I went to one of those gift shops, I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up again, having gone through these 2 years of hell. And I looked at this book called, “Multiple Streams of Income”, and you know it’s been awhile since it’s been out long time, but that time it was new, and I read it. I read the whole entire book, like in a day. [LAUGHTER]. Like, I soaked it all in. Now, I was like, “what happened, I put all my life into this business, and then it fell and failed, after 11 years, and you know, I felt like I needed to diversify. 

So, and the one thing that I identified it with, well, I didn’t even know at that point. So, then I found out that the writers of that book were having a conference not too far away from me. So, I went to the conference. I was one of those they have 15 speakers, all selling you something and you know, I was pretty tight on money at that time, and I dug deep and put some money into coaching and training with them, on multiple streams of income project and with that they set focus on a couple. So, I focused on real estate. Did everything they told me to do. And did it for a little while and one day it paid off. Had a contract–well, what happened was, I put out letters to people for pre-closure and one guy held on to the letter, he said he held on to ’cause I have a little inspiration or word at the bottom of the letter and a cross. He said he held on to, because he liked the message. And about, he didn’t call me initially, what am trying to say is–held the letter, he held it for like 3-4 months. And when he called me finally, he said, “Mind you, I haven’t done 1 deal, I didn’t knew how to do this, ‘cause until you do, ’cause every deal is a new deal, right, Mitch? Do you agree, I mean no need are exactly the same. 

 Mitch: They all– 

Tamera: Yeah. My very first one is very memorable– classic, by seem like nothing to be true. So, I did everything they told me to do, with a written contract, with the price, because I just re-evaluated the property before I went out, and knew when I could get it, needed to pay for it. And I showed up and the guy had–you’re [INAUDIBLE] the house sitting on a box, graffiti all over the walls, a broken down car on the driveway. He sat down on a box and said” I just wanna walk out. I just need you tell me where to find. This is the price. This is what I wanna take. Where do I sign”? Literally. And I said, “Okay”. [LAUGHTER] ’cause it was right in the alignment, he was just gonna walk away with $20,000 and I was gonna make some money and everybody win. He gets to walk out and I get to take on a house. He did. I mean, no exaggeration, he signed and he handed me the keys to the broken down car, “Cause I don’t want it. I don’t want this house, I don’t want anything. I am leaving”. And he walked out the door. And he left me standing there with the contract. And he didn’t even give me a dollar. Nothing. That was kinda dumb because– then I went down to the title company without a dollar and put the contract into title without a dollar, and that was it. And then, I did something else kind of crazy, we started working on a house before close. Again, I raked in a whole lot of money, just getting started. So, we fixed up the house in a very short period of time, then we put a sign out and we put flyers out, and we–my family and I, my partner at that time, Michelle, put a sign on the door and we sell the house, I ended up taking an $80,000 check on that first deal. I’ve done everything else with that ’cause it was way fun to watch, ’cause a house look like that turn into this beautiful place, and watch the family move in and be able to handle the guy check, and he was happy and [INAUDIBLE] but, yeah that’s how I first started in from them. Then, that never looked part–that’s it. 

 Mitch: Was making $80,000 on your first deal, a good thing or a bad thing? ‘Cause, I’ve seen–

 Tamera: It was a good thing for me. I think if I made a smaller amount, I might have “Oh, this is good, but I can go and did something else”. No, I think for me it was a good thing, ’cause it inspired me. Now, I can share that story to inspire others that it can happen. I mean, no, I just didn’t sit back and not work, you know, I was knocking on doors at that time. 

 Mitch: Made you fired up. Let’s see if we can do this 20 times this year, you know– or a hundred.

 Tamera: Yeah, exactly. Exactly, I was excited. And I love this feeling of win-win-win all the way around. I mean, I really felt this was like something that I enjoyed doing. So, you know, a couple years of that, I ended up doing all of the creative ways of making some pretty good money in real estate that next couple of years. Actually, since that–.

Mitch: A lot of people don’t think about what is our impact we have in the community in this business that we do, renovating houses and putting–making renters into owners and cleaning up the neighborhood and upping the tax values and getting back all that delinquent tax money back where it needs to go so people can pay them, the list goes on and on about the virtues of this business and when it is run right, what a great benefit it is for your community and society. So, let’s drill down into your specific real estate business, your niche. What are your focus on today? What is your exact niche? What are you doing?

Tamera: Well, I actually do a lot of different things but I am spending the majority of my time, on flipping contracts and or flipping houses and each deal is a– you know, I just evaluate and decide which is gonna bring me the most bank for my buck. I like doing contracts and I say flipping contracts, I get into it but for loan contract, that’s And Or Assigned Contract and another words, if somebody wants to know more about that, I think you’ll gonna put a link there if they need coaching and training. I don’t think somebody would just went out and do this without any kind of guidance. But, what I do, is generally– I’ll just give a general explanation. 

I get into contract, and then I just decide if I wanna keep it and close on it, and fix it and resell it for profit, or–for whatever reason, if there’s a profit margin to do that. Or if I may close to the same amount of money just finding another investor who wants to fix it and flip or buy and hold it. And again, I am all about time freedom. And there’s more money and no risk involved in flipping contracts. I mean, there’s always some risks, I guess some liability but a lot of less risks than in fixing-buying-closing, fixing-re-fixing and flipping and reselling a property, and it requires a lot less experience for someone else. So, that’s why I like to work with my students on a first foot on door kind of way of doing things. Because, a lot of people don’t have money when they first get started and you don’t need any money to do that. So, you just need some contacts and that’s what I do– that’s why I work with people on how to develop some buyer contacts. So, I have hundreds and hundreds of buyer’s contacts all over the United States. So, when I get a contract, it’s not really not that difficult if it’s a good deal to find a buyer that will take that contact per see, and that’s flipping contracts. So, that’s where I spend a lot of my time doing. I make pretty good money out of it. 

Mitch: So, you’re in a– you’re in S—- [INAUDIBLE] California, but you’re not just dealing in your area, you’re dealing all over United States, or where are you dealing?

Tamera: Yeah. Well–I– my main focus for me when I wanna fix in is in this Valley, it could be anywhere within a 2-hour time frame, that’s fine with me. But, I like to do contracts because I could be in Fiji doing that. I mean, when I wanna do a rehab, you know, you have to kind of keep an eye on contractors, and there’s a lot of [INAUDIBLE] coming into the property and you know there’s a lot more you have to pay attention to. And again, time freedom– let’s just pretend I think, a person what is important to them. And for me, again I am gonna reiterate, my freedom is most important to me. I know that. I work my life around that. And flipping contracts gives me that freedom. So, flipping houses tied me up a bit. 

Mitch: You’re taking–

Tamera: Yeah. Exactly. Like, yesterday, I get into one and am gonna flip the house along with other flipped contracts, so that I can do all day long. ‘Cause you know it took me to develop contacts to flip contract [LAUGHTER], and I have them now. Like, let’s just use you as an example. You are in Texas– San Antonio, now Mitch, if I brought a deal, if it was a deal that fit’s your criteria of a deal, you probably be happy that I brought a contract and have no problem paying me if it was all you know– if the numbers are penned out, right?

 Mitch: I do it all the time. 

Tamera: Exactly. So, you’re just one of many–depending on the area, that I will bring properties to. And on the other side of real estate, you know the term bird dog, Mitch, am sure.

Mitch: I do. I do. 

Tamera: So, those of you who are listening, you know– you shoot a duck and the dog was after the duck when the duck falls, it brings the duck back to you? [LAUGHTER] That’s a bird dog. Well, a bird dog in real estate terms does that for you for houses. They find a house, and they bring–well, in my case, all I need is an address, an owner’s name, an owner’s phone number and the reason why they are motivated. That’s all I need and I’ll do the rest and I pay fees for that. If somebody doesn’t even wanna flip the contract, they can earn money from me and Mitch gonna provide the link I think on this page, on how people can work with me that way, if they want to. I pay referral fees just to bring me that information, then I’ll do the due diligence from there. So–

 Mitch: You know–we are absolutely gonna put the link, the link is right there when you click listen to this interview, and also there’s gonna be give away stuff, I think, you also a 30 day email training for free, so–

 Tamera: Yup.

 Mitch: So, she’s gonna inspire you into the business with some free training for 30 days, which I think, she explained to me, is a step per day, so they’ll give you the first step and a step per day. 

What I like about your program is that with selling the contracts, I understand that you wanna, gonna keep it close to home when you are doing rehab, that kind of hands on deal, but I like it that you can deal across the nation and so, your contracts are across the nation ’cause there’s always a hot spot somewhere, right? 

I mean, San Antonio was getting kind of hard to buy houses in the last 12 months, ’cause it is such a hot market. So, you are not limited to where you live, so you can go anywhere, even go to the next place that is prime for real estate investors and you can just get on into your computer and go there via the internet, and find deals. And I like how you are using the bird dog. You wanna say how much you pay these bird dogs online, or it just kind depends on the region or something?

Tamera: Normally, I’d pay $ 10,000 when they bring me an address, a name, a phone number and a reason for selling and it turns out to be a real deal. Sometimes, people bring me those and they are not really a deal, they just found an address online and some guy is selling his house for full price but, when I have– I have a staff, you know, people call them and we have a list of line of questioning and if it ends up being a good deal, then we take the next step and do numbers and comps and really drove down on it, and if it’s a good deal, either I take it myself or I flip that contract, get into the contract and flip it, to someone like you, if I found a property in San Antonio for instance. A thousand dollars, when I buy it. They don’t even have to wait for a person to sell it. 

Mitch: So, when you buy it, what I want you to do is throw away your all contacts to San Antonio and just put my name and you know, my picture, okay?

Tamera: [LAUGHTER] I’ll do that. Done. 

Mitch: [LAUGHTER] with all the niches available, everything out there, do you believe that this is the best way to do business?

Tamera: Well, I am just gonna go back to the same– because I coach people, and everybody’s got a different goal in life. Some people want long-term wealth [INAUDIBLE] might be better for them. What you are doing is excellent, excellent way it is to have long-term wealth, you know. I mean, there’s money coming in on a regular basis, [INAUDIBLE], what you do is amazing and excellent long-term wealth building–as wealth building strategy. I like to focus on my time freedom. 

So, am all about systems. Starting to develop systems and I teach people systems so that, they can compare not as much time in, maybe I have time, maybe I have kids, a way to make some pretty reasonably good income and they don’t have to put a lot of time in. So, for me, I have an online business. I like to travel. I have all different aspects. I like flipping contracts because it’s not for time intensive, and the risks is a lot less. 

Mitch: Minimizes risks when you are flipping contracts, for sure. So–

Tamera: Yeah. There’s no money involved–

Mitch: What I like about Tamera is, she’s actually out there living and doing what she’s teaching. So, can you talk to us about your volume per month or year in respect to how many deals you do and dollar amount if you feel comfortable enough, to ballpark on it. Just to let people know what is possible out there. 

Tamera: Sure. When I am flipping a deal, what I usually do. Now–they are so time intensive, I only like to do a couple a month on those, but I make anywhere from– and mind you, I am not flipping million dollar homes. I am flipping $200,000 homes. So, I make anywhere from $20,000- $50,000 on a flip and that involves work of fixing and flipping and selling and you know, finding money to take it, buy it and rehab it and all that stuff. Then, there are flipping contracts and I am doing a couple a week. And I make, you know in the contract anywhere, 5 to 10 per, so about a $100,000 a month, so there’s good money in what I am doing if you do it right, and I still have my freedom.  

Mitch: Did I hear you say, that you make $100,000 a month?

Tamera: On average. Give or take.

Mitch: Wow. Did you hear that guys? She makes a $100,000 a month. You think if she could teach you how to get out of your job, that you need $ 10,000 a month to get off. This is why I like doing the realestateinvestorsummit.com interviews, because I learn things, too. And I wasn’t expecting that number quite frankly, Tamera. And that–

Tamera: I make 5 to 10 a flip and I do a couple of week. 

Mitch: Wow. That’s incredible. So, what would be the biggest challenge that a real estate professional faces in this niche? What’s the hardest part?

Tamera: Finding, finding, finding. [LAUGHTER]. Finding the deals. You know a lot of people put in deals and then a large percentage of them are deals, they think they are deals but they are not. They put in something and they’ll say, “Beautiful view, gorgeous house”. Am like, “I don’t care”. [LAUGHTER]. I care about numbers. It’s all about numbers. And that is another thing that I really enjoy with what I do. It is just– am a black and white person, one of the products that I sell is the bottom line is the bottom line, and am just kind of I got it from my dad, we talked about we got it from my dad, it’s just like, this is the way it is, and so, I can do black and white, it’s all about numbers. And sure, you have to buy a house. Sure, that is one thing I look for is an uglier house in a nicer neighborhood versus a nicer house in an ugly neighborhood, because, I can’t fix the neighborhood. I can only fix the house. People tried to tell me that really nice house and there’s so much more on what you look at, on how beautiful that house is, so yeah. 

Mitch: Always have a strict note this bird dogs’ companies and start selling me their whole life story like, “I don’t need to know all that. All I need to know what I can buy it for and what I can sell it for, okay?


Tamera: Yeah. How much rehab is on you? 

Mitch: You know, all these stuff. It is all great and I love you to death, and am happier or sad for whoever but, I got to figure out the numbers here. So, how do you overcome that challenge, how do find houses all over the nation, you know. I just finished a book myself, My life in a 1000 houses: 200 plus ways to find bargain properties. And I know, that is the biggest question of the day, that’s why I wrote that book, because, I don’t know how many millions of times, I’ve been asked that question. How do you find such great deals? What I find intriguing, so it is a two part question. How are you finding houses that you’re gonna re-model and host in retail in your town and how’s that differ from how are you finding houses where you’re flipping contracts all over the country, you probably never step inside them?

Tamera: Yeah. It is not really any difference from me. Other than, I focused more on my backyard. Because, I have staff now, that does that with me. If you don’t have a staff, you have to do it yourself, which is how I started, but as I gotten busier, getting about that time freedom, I delegate. So, I have someone down in the courthouse daily looking for probate and evictions and if somebody has an eviction, we need to track down the phone number, the owner and call them to see, if they are miserable and ready to sell because they have to evict somebody, and that is frustrating. So, we catch them right on that moment. And we also go after, right now, am a baby boomer, we are getting on that age, we are working our past away. So, probate is a hot market right now, I hate to say, but it is. So, we deal with that, and then of course, the basic pre-foreclosures are still there, so we go after people in distress situation, I guess. We go out and then, one thing that I am most excited about is the past year, I’ve had web developers in my in-house staff. And we developed a web scraper, it’s called, gold digger, that’s what we called it. But, basically, type in a city, state and a little bit of some criteria, a couple cities even. At the same time, if you push a button and it brings up every online property that we’ve been able to scrape with just a push of button, so you can [INAUDIBLE], FSBO- for sale by owner is one, I don’t want– every investor, if they’re true investor has access to MLS, so I don’t need to find properties or compete with investors if I am going by For Sale by Owners and am doing it so aggressively. So, when I have people signed up to the get paid program that you’ll gonna put down the link down below, they can also decide if they want to get that gold digger and make it easy for themselves to go find FSBOs. They can do it manually. They can go search Google or whatever, it works great that way, too. It’s just– the timeline of finding the properties, then I also give a little training within that program for exactly what to say, scripts, what to put in an email to them if there isn’t a phone number to the owner. So, it’s– that’s what I do. I do what I teach.

Mitch: I’ll get off the beacon pass here but, you make a $100,000 a month, is that profit, net or gross? 

Tamera: That’s– that’s after expenses because there isn’t any. [LAUGHTER]

Mitch: So, I just want my next– 

Tamera: There’s no expenses except for your internet bill. [LAUGHTER] No. I have some staff because I also do some online stuff. I mean, I do a little bit more than the average investor, I think. So, I mean I wouldn’t need an online– I wouldn’t need a staff, if I didn’t have my online business and coaching business. But, I–

Mitch: So, that was my question, that’s where I was headed was, what kind of overhead did it take to generate that $100,000 from that profit. So, your answer– you’re saying that you need anything but your internet connection to do that?

Tamera: Nope. You don’t need– you need a phone. 


Tamera: I don’t think you do well just an email to FSBO’s or to you know– I drive down to the courthouse, so maybe a car– or a bus, if you don’t have a car. [LAUGHTER]

Mitch: And that staff, you are talking about–

Tamera: Save a few pennies, I guess [LAUGHTER]

Mitch: Well, this is really interesting ’cause I want you guys that are listening to this, this is a tremendous statement and I have no doubt that we are right in the ballpark here making a million dollars a year, so and that staff that you are talking about is this I wanna be clear. The staff that Tamera is talking about isn’t the staff for flipping contracts across the country, it is the staff for handling all the other businesses.

Tamera: Anytime– yeah, my bird dogs. I have a big business that brings me a lot of deals also. But, like I said, a lot of times, they are bringing me deals which are not really deals and I spent a lot of time going through that stuff without being anything. So– but, we do go through every single deals that we input.  

Mitch: Now, you have to have made some deals didn’t made you money or lose your money, so while we are talking about the big money, let’s talk about the uglier side. Have you ever lost money on a deal. If you did, how? 

Tamera: I lost money during the downturn. Because, I was– invested in– I was investing a lot into developments at that time. I was into the rising market so, I go in and get into contract to flip, 10 to 20 properties at a time in development and flip contracts again. And at that time, that market– I mean, I am so market driven now, I look what’s going on with the market every day, it will not happen twice to me, anyway. They hit me, it blindsided me. I did not see that coming. I figured out that it could go down but it would come back. Well, I got involved in development, a couple of bankrupt contractors locked in– because I have to put money in on these contracts to get them to be held for 6 months or whatever properties are being built. So, I guess, I wasn’t doing what I am doing now. I was doing something a little different and I wasn’t paying attention to the market, I wasn’t paying attention to the market. I was so all caught up in it, like everyone else was, you know. Doing it, doing it, doing it. I have done hundreds of properties and it was really working well. So, the thought of it not working didn’t occurred to me, until it didn’t. So, I lost a lot of money on not paying attention to what the market was doing and investing in long term things that didn’t worked out. 

Mitch: Well, it was really kept in a longer kind of speculation, so, guys, Market—

Tamera: Yeah. And here’s the thing that I do now. If am gonna buy and hold which I have 17 I hold now, you hold a lot more than I do, I only have 17, that I actually had in chest to hold on to. Am gonna buy for flip, let’s say I am gonna buy to fix and flip, and then what if the market suddenly turn again, what if there’s an earthquake or a war or something we don’t expect. That’s what everybody else is afraid of, the what if. Well, I try to always buy even on my flip for cash flow. So, even if I have no intent of renting out a piece of property, I always buy with at the back of my mind. I will not buy a property if it’s not gonna bring me any cash flow when I rent it, even though, am not planning to rent it. Because, if for some reason, I can’t sell that property as quickly as I thought I was going to, I can rent it. And then, am not losing any money. 

Mitch: Well– I wanna have a conversation one day about thinking about owner finances instead of renting it, well, that’s a different conversation. 

Tamera: Yes. Exactly. And that’s what you are doing and [INAUDIBLE], and I don’t know a lot about that. So, you see how we learn from each other. 

Mitch: We’ll gonna trade some secrets here, am sure. Tell me about your– you do regular training and you do some coaching and mentoring with other professionals, tell me exactly what you do. Tell me– how can someone tap into the mind of Tamera and get with her going. 

Tamera: Okay. Well, again it depends on the level and time that somebody has. They have the one that I told you about, that you’ll gonna have a link for them down below, locator gold is the name of that system, where they can just go online, they don’t have to go anywhere, they don’t have to have any money, they can look for deals and give them to me and make a $1,000 when I decided to buy them, so– or me or any of my it’s called the Investors Hub that I have it there. Any investor that is inside that hub by any properties that are submitted then they get paid a $1,000. So, that’s that. And that is the one way. 

And on the other end, I have a coaching and training program that starts with ground zero. You don’t have to know anything, that some people come in and know something, and hate that I start at ground zero, because I love to retrain them, the way that I do things. But, it is a 6-month program and it is coaching and training. Not just throwing out words, you have access to me as you are moving along, so when you get that– you get that to that part, every deal is a new deal, and I can’t really train on every single deal, I can only train on the steps to finds deals, so then, am here as a coach when you find yourself at a spot where you can’t get through, you know– can’t figure out, not sure if you should or you need to talk through something, that’s where a coach comes in. All for coaching and training. And that’s were on high level.

Mitch: I would like to say something here, if you don’t mind. 

Tamera: Oh yeah, sure. 

Mitch: I’ve always said, if people have listened to me for–this will be a little bit redundant, but maybe, you haven’t heard before. But, you gonna pay for your education, one way or the other. You have to–

Tamera: [LAUGHTER]

Mitch: You have to pay for your mistakes, or dollars that you walked over, that you didn’t even know that you were walking on, or in the worst price that you can pay is, go out and mess up on your first deal, and never revisit this business again, because you shamed yourself in front of your family or you lost money or whatever. And then you run away from this business, and you caused yourself a career that could have changed your whole entire life and the life of everyone around you, which is what I almost did. I almost got out of this business and by accident hired a coach to help me get out, so I wouldn’t lose my credit and reputation. And that coach changed my whole life. And 20 years later, multi-millions of dollars later, and thousands of houses later, am still in this business. When I was about to quit and what changed was when I got a coach, could have already been there and in fact the things that were killing me were so simple to him that I just do the [INAUDIBLE], hit myself on the forehead king of thing like. Why didn’t I think of that? But, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

The other thing that you said, which I really wanna drill down on is, earlier on this conversation, you said, every deal is unique, and it absolutely is, because the house is unique, the numbers are unique, the neighborhoods are it’s own neighborhood, and then above and beyond everything else, the personality of the person and the situation of the person that you are dealing with are always unique. And there are ways to handle all different kinds of personality types. So, when Tamera says you  so when Tamera said, you know, it is not just words or it’s not just a book or training manual or online set of how-to’s, you get her, what is important about that is, she can put everything and all her instincts that she knows to do in a book, you have to talk to her about your deal, you have to tell her what’s going on, she has to be able to ask you certain questions that will give her to a certain place and then, Bam. She starts giving you, “Well, I wouldn’t do this. I do this. Stop doing X and start doing Y, and this is the reason why”. And this is how you really learn, is by giving someone who is where you want to be and has seen tens of thousands of situations and knows how to react well, and in light of all the circumstances that you know that I do well in processing that, Tamera?

Tamera: Yes. Absolutely. Actually, one of the things that I had written down here is, that I wanted to say is, if you saw a suitcase sitting there, for people listening, saw a suitcase sitting outside their door, let’s say quadruple chained to a pole and you knew that the guy standing next to the suitcase and say, “Hey, if you give me $5,000, there’s a $5,000,000 in the suitcase, do you have $5,000? And you might go, “I don’t have $5,000”. What you gonna do? What you gonna do?

Mitch: I know what I wanna do.

Tamera: You don’t want a million dollars, because you can’t find five? So, I think that is like the epiphany of all of it, and it is why I succeeded in real estate from the beginning. Because I did take my last pennies. Really, I was in a really tough place when I took that credit card and put it down to spend money on training, that took me to my first $80,000 deal, could have done without it, wouldn’t have done without it, never. And you know, did they teach me everything? No. Because, I wrote another– because you said, you said you are writing a book, I have one, “What they don’t teach you on those real estate seminars” [LAUGHTER], a little funny video, kind of humorous, but boy, a lot is not taught in training. So, coaching is important. And I still have coaches, every great athlete has coach, doesn’t matter how great they are, coaches are important and mentors–

Mitch: So, can you walk us through your training program in anymore details, or is it pretty much–

Tamera: Well, if you wanna ask me some specific questions, we just have to start with No.1, your goals, like I’ve said it’s not just a cookie cutter program because everybody’s goals are different. Everybody’s life is different. So, I walk them through steps to determine what it is they–where they at, and what they want to achieve and then, we look at all different issues and the ways of going about in achieving that. And then I have them drill down on two or three, not just one, am all about multiple streams. Two or three ways to do it and then I teach them, everybody gets just enough information about all the niches, just a little bit, so you know. When I say all the niches, I mean am sure they are some that I don’t reach on, but there’s like 21 I think I go over. And with that, I drove down on the one that they want to do. And then, all the way from whole bunch ways of marketing, I think there are 24 different types of scripts, but we practice and work on those and it’s just really a day to day, every day– every week there are tangible steps to move forward to– it’s not a get rich quick scheme. My program, and a lot of people get frustrated with that. They come in and go “If I go in and join your program, will I be able to do this next week”? “Well, you can do it probably the locator gold version, but really there’s a great deal risk involved in buying and selling real estate and I don’t want to drove people to the wolves to get into that position without you know, having at least as much as they could have with them to avoid what I went through or maybe what you went through. So, I tell them this is a 6- month program, and then most likely, you’ll be in contract in 3. But, that’s the way I work. I am not a– I just feel like that real estate and business, and in this society that we live in, we wanna work and go in knowing not going blind. So, I teach the steps and how to do it, as right as I know how. 

Mitch: It sounds like a lot of awareness and commitment to your students. What motivates you to do this?

Tamera: Well, it is a lot of work and it is becoming– kind of funny it took full circle to my number 1 passion in life, it is not buying houses. It’s impacting the world. So, if I get to work with somebody and they get to– and their lives become better because of what we get to do together, then that’s everything to me. And I think, you know I am such, “OH, am so great–that way”. I really comes back to me a thousand fold. Everything is–it is still about, I still get that gratification. I mean, that’s my gift, that’s the gift from that person to me, is if they go out and work hard, I always tell people “How much time do I need to do this in a week”? Ten hours a week, that’s it. Ten hours a week, not forty, ten. [LAUGHTER]

Mitch: You are uniquely qualified, what brought you to this point? Why are you so qualified in this niche to help people?

Tamera: Yeah. Well, I think I am qualified by my passion, at the very core, but also by my extensive experience of both bad and good in this business. I can bring all of that to a table to a person. Am not–every script and tip known to man like you just said, you know things about owner financing that I don’t know. So, am not gonna know everything but I can bring what I know that help me succeed and help other follow on that same path. 

Mitch: Sure. We’ll never know everything. 

Tamera: Thank you. 

Mitch: You do–it all changes, you know what I mean. 

Tamera: Exactly, it’s real estate. [LAUGHTER]

Mitch: Part of the what makes us longevity in real estate is our ability to morph, and adjust and adapt. So, but I think, you have 2 great combinations right there. You do have a lot of years of experience, a lot of deals under your belt. And listen to this people, she’s got a passion to wanna help you and that’s a killer combination right there. You got someone who wants to help. And I understand that very well, Tamera. Because, I’ve helped people get out of their jobs and be in control of their lives, and it is very rewarding. But, I think what most people don’t understand that, people who coached people to get out of it, is not just money. And it is not just fluffy and overused given back society line, even when it’s true, people are suspect of that, it sounds too good to be true. 

But, what really happened is, the teacher also garners a tremendous amount of knowledge from the group as a whole. Like, you know. If you help–if you are helping a 100 people, within that 100 people there are some very innovative people inside that 100 people that you are coaching. And they are bringing in back information that you can give to the group. Because, you know how to look at the information, and tied it all together. When sometimes the students doing something that is very unique and they don’t even understand the power of what they are doing, until you explain it to them. So, I like to say that we as teachers oftentimes, learn from our pool and bring back to the pool, and that is very rewarding, too. Just to know that you are constantly growing. So, all that being said, about needing a mentor, a coach or some real professional training, what will be the steps that a new person in your niche should do first. 

Tamera: Okay. Well, when they do the very basic program that I have, there’s training included. And this is the one with the very low risk, because there is nobody involved and doing it is where you find properties and I pay you, that will be more like flipping referrals, I guess. [LAUGHTER] so, that’s a very basic way of getting started. You wanna know what to look for in a property. I have another, I think you probably gonna put a link to my property evaluation software, whether it is mine or however, it is always good to know what a deal looks like and when a deal is a deal inside of my Locator Gold training, where you get to paid $1,000 per house, and there’s training on that, on what is a deal and what to look for. So, probably, start with some basic training and then taking steps to go you know, finding some deals out there and then at the back end, making some contacts with other investors, other buyers of properties that have cash and can close quick. So, there’s different ways that I trained on to do that in my more in depth training, my coaching program. So, because, I am the buyer, I want you to bring it to me, I am not gonna teach you to find buyers in my $1,000 referral program. So, when you wanna do this on your own, and actually learn how to buy and sell and flip and fix, you know, whatever it is that you wanna do, then you gonna need people you’ll gonna need some people on the other end to take your deals when they are done. So, when they are not fully fixed up. So, there are 2 types of deals, the kind of investors that gonna want and there’s kind of deals that what I call, the retail buyer. Family that is moving in to buy a house they want. We kind of differentiate which of those are gonna be you wanting to do. I guess, we are all set and done, get some training, get a little bit of–

Mitch: Makes perfect sense learn how to find houses and get paid for some kind of referrals and kind of learn what a good deal is. Makes perfect sense. Did I hear you correctly, Tamera, are you offering something else free to our listeners. Did I hear a property evaluation software?

Tamera: Oh it’s not free.  It is cheap, but it’s not free. [LAUGHTER]

Mitch: Okay. 

Tamera: It is $97 one time came in. It is not like– it is what I do to evaluate. I evaluate 20-30 deals a day using this software. It takes no– it maybe one of my staff members, but it takes about 5 minutes to do it. It is a thorough investigation on the profitability of a property. It doesn’t fit the criteria using my system that is not a good deal. 

Mitch: All right. It is $97, get your property evaluator software, that’s money is well spent, that is like no-brainer. I mean it’s not even [INAUDIBLE] 

Tamera: Extensive training on how to evaluate deals as well. It’s not just you know, here’s the online software, good luck. It is a pretty intense a couple of hours of really understanding what all those numbers mean. And so, you learn a lot. Because, real estate investing is all about numbers, you know. Again, I’ll go back to what we said earlier about not getting emotionally involved with the beauty of something. It really comes down to when you’re gonna decide if you wanna buy a property or send me– or call it a deal when you wanna get to be paid $1000, it has to make sense on the book. It has to make sense, is it gonna bring a profit to an investor. So, that’s why we even know numbers with really– they’ve been able to do that quickly, just allows you to go through a lot more deals a lot quicker. 

Mitch: Okay. So, again there’s gonna be a link where you could see all the different products and trainings and coaching and education tools that Tamera offers, right there when you click listen to this interview, they’ll be a link where you can follow up. And see things like this $97 property evaluator software that comes with not only with the software but some training on exactly how to make profit on the house that you are selling a contract. So, what are some of the pitfalls that investors need to look for, Tamera. We talked about the good stuff but what are the pitfalls. 

Tamera: I think one of them is what we just talked about which was looking at deals that would not turn their numbers and Become, emotionally involved with your– with the property that you are set to evaluate. I– or even the people is difficult, I worked with a lot of people and I have to have empathy of what they are going through. A lot of the properties that I deal with are distressed properties that really– is what we call them. Really, there are distressed people, so trying to learn how to separate the property from the person and evaluating them, knowing that you’ll gonna help them is probably one of the huge pitfalls. Another pitfall is people saying that,” They can’t do this, because they don’t have money. I hate when I hear that. You can make money in real estate and not a late night commercial. [LAUGHTER] you can make money in real estate. We even talked about that, having no money. Really, it all comes down to taking the time and doing a little bit of training.  And that you are given a link to free 30-day training. 

Mitch: I wanna address what you just said, because so many people have this block and I, too, was a victim of myself. I am talking about the day when I read, Robert Allen’s Nothing Down. Well, I was excited about that niche. He showed me different examples of how I need money down and I was reading those words with my eyes, and I was saying those words with my lips and I was hearing those words with my ears. But, it took me 7 years to grasp the concept in my heart. And, but when I did, I became a man possessed, I could buy anything. I could buy the hotels downtown, if I wanted to. Of course, I always stroke a check for it, but if I could negotiate the right contract, I could be part of that transaction of that hotel downtown, which have been– I was able in my mind all of a sudden, I got it in my heart. And that’s part of what coach and a mentor would do if they change your mindset. That’s what a good coach and a mentor will do for you. All the things that you thought were possible yesterday– Am sorry. The things that you thought were not possible for you yesterday, suddenly become possible because they are changing the way you look at it and telling you why your thought process is not correct. You can do very well in real estate without 2 nickels in your pocket. You become a professional deal finder and when you become a professional deal finder, the person who has their name at the bottom of the contract is in control and so, I think, we all need to understand that if you don’t have money, you become a professional deal finder. And you learn how to find the deals and you learn how to contract them in such a way that it allows you to make money. Have I said it very well, Tamera?

Tamera: Yes. Yes, you have. I guess, the part that it takes money sometimes is getting into training. Now, it doesn’t need to be $5 or $10 or $100,000 training. No. It may take a few dollars. But, it is well worth it when you first get that $5,000 check that you’ll make on your first flip of a contract, that didn’t cost you a dime to get into. And then, you know, you talked about looking at a hotel down the street. It is really all about other people’s money, using other people’s money, ’cause real estate does really take money that is a fact. It just doesn’t need to be your money and I guess that’s– you know. And I wanna give the third mistake that people make, so that in line, it is not having a mentor or coach. A penny saved could be a million’s lost. And without a mentor or coach, a lot of times they will stop. Like you said at the beginning, you know. You almost stopped yourself when you didn’t have the goal that you wanted it, because you didn’t had a mentor or coach. And then when you did, your life changed. And that’s just the way it is. It is hard to go often to do stuff on your own when you don’t know anything about it. And all you are doing, you know, is reading– I think, a lot of times, the training just give you just enough to be in danger. If all you do is reading and listening to a training, is just enough to be dangerous. The coach takes it away from that side of things and takes all the trainings and skills that you learned from the training and then makes– put it work into your life. 

Mitch: A good coach will definitely bring you confidence, that you are doing the right thing. and keep you on the right track. So, we got to move along here a little bit. How do we find these deals?

Tamera: [LAUGHTER] we talked about the locator gold and am laughing, because it goes down to what I use every day. I go online and find properties online, so the locator has it, has a deal finder on it, you just push a button it shows you [INAUDIBLE] after then you have a script and you call people and you ask them few questions, and you decided it’s a deal, daily, daily not just when you feel like it. Fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes a day of just doing that. 

Mitch: And where are these deals?

Tamera: All over The United States, everywhere. Everywhere. They are in your backyard. No doubt. You just have to keep searching, every single day. 

Mitch: Is there a nugget or a golden nugget or a secret soft that you don’t normally tell people, can I draw up big big revelation or secret that Tamera knows that we need to know? 

Tamera: Well, I think, we already said it, and the secret is, you can profit in real estate deals using none of your own money. That I already said it. I guess, that’s the revelation that people just need to swallow in their hearts. And if they have money, great. That’s even better. You know, you can go out and buy and sell and when you buy and flip a deal, I think I said earlier I am making $20,000- $50,000 a flip property that I have purchased, held on to, put back in the market and resold it a couple of months, for $20,000-$50,000 versus $5,000 -$10,000 on a flip contract. So, you gonna make more money if you can figure out to get into contract on your properties that you wanna flip. But, you don’t have to have your own money. 

Mitch: You know when I saw people with money, Tamera. I tell them, “Hey, dude keep it in the bank for a while, let’s do 4-5 deals with no money, then you’ll know what you are doing”. 

Tamera: I love it. I love it. 

Mitch: Then, when you go out with your money, you won’t lose it. So, let us do some with no money, because if you can learn how to do real estate with no money, you have reached a certain level. And it is not difficult, but it takes a little different mindset.

Tamera: Sorry. I just wanted to say, I think it is people business more than people would like to think it is on that note, I say go out online but am a person, you have to know me, and you are a person, I have to know you to turn your deals into something. Networking is important. When I say networking, you can search Google for other investors, search buy houses and the city in your area, and get together with other investors and find out what’s working and learn from them, maybe you’ll find a mentor in that crowd. 

Mitch: Yeah. Very good advice. So, what’s the bottom line when your point is consider if the properties are worth buying or not. 

Tamera: [LAUGHTER] That bottom line is the bottom line. Which is again– I take the purchase price, I take the comps within 90 days sold what’s on the market average per square foot, a lot of people go “Well, the house next door sold for $300,000 mine should sell for that”. But, the house next door is 3 times the size of yours. So, you have to go by per square per foot, I hear a lot of mistake being made. That’s what we call after repair value. Tip top shape, what your house gonna be worth based on the other houses in that neighborhood that have already sold. So, that’s the ARV, so– After Repair Value, that’s what it stands for. So, you have your ARV, you have your [INAUDIBLE], and there’s the difference. Now, so now you have to subtract that your rehab cost, your title cost and any other cost of holding, insurance– whatever. And then the cost to sell it. You have to pay a realtor 3 points, you have to incorporate that. So, that’s then– that’s what my software program that you are offering a link to for $97 evaluates pretty much automatically. In other words, you set that up for those different percentage and costs in your area and the only thing that’s gonna vary is the actual cost of the property and then the ARV, which I tell you how to get even if you are not a realtor. So, basically, it is taking what you bought if for, what it’s gonna be worth after you finished fixing it up, subtracting all those cross out and find out, make sure you have a profit and I like to tell people 10 % or $10,000 on a property that you are actually buying and reselling. 

Mitch: Okay. So, that takes right into my next question. Once someone’s gonna make 10% or $10,000 profit, what kind of marketing do you have to do to sell this deals so you can get that profit?

Tamera: Well, I don’t do any marketing. I do networking. I know my buyers like you and many others throughout The United States and in my backyard. In my backyard alone, I have like 80, in my own city. I’ve been doing this for 10 years. So– I mean, it took me hundreds of– these are 80 cash buyers. So, networking. I know people like I said, don’t want to think that’s the way, yes, you can send out letters, I do my pre-foreclosure direct mail pieces, but I don’t just send a letter to a person in probate, and I just don’t send a letter to a person in eviction, it is high tech, high touch. I call them. If I can’t get hold of a phone number, we call them, and say,”Hey, did you get my letter”? That’s what we say. It is not even anything fancy. We send letters, a week later we call them, “Did you get my letter”? Yes, I did. No, I didn’t. What was the letter? The letter said we wanted to know, because you just went through this eviction, maybe you are tired of your property and looking to maybe sell it. We would like to buy it. It is not really anything that requires you to be Einstein. It is just takes desire to care about what others want and ask them some questions and finding out of you could help them. 

Mitch: I like that, high tech- high touch. So, let me move on to the next thing. I am thinking here like, so–but if you gonna buy a house and you gonna take it down, you gonna take it in, and you gonna rehab it and sell it, retail. Maybe because that offer is the bigger spread, what do you do if you don’t have the cash but you really recognized that you need to buy this house and fix it and flip it. And how are you funding your deals?

Tamera: Well, I am working with a lot of people because I am not an unlimited pile of cash. Even though, I said I make a $100,000 when you are buying houses, I mean, how many houses you can buy a hundred. I am making them but I am reinvesting it right, I am constantly recycling that money. So, there are people, I’ve been giving many example like a deal am doing. I was just there yesterday, I met a guy. I met him there, I met him previously. But [INAUDIBLE] he does a 100% financing. A 100%. Now, what he’ll ask you to do is to put your payments and title upfront. In other words, it’s financing where you don’t have to come up with a down payment, but he still wants you to come up with your payments. So, it is hard when you say, no money down, there’s always gonna be a little bit that you might need. In my training and I teach people some ways to present it to others, whether it’s family friends, you know, other people. Again, it comes down to a good deal, and you have investors around you, it is not gonna be hard to find somebody that is willing to work with you on that deal, maybe partner with them. Maybe, you do all the overseeing and rehab with a little bit of their money, so if this guys is doing a 100% financing, he’s gonna be visiting the house often. [LAUGHTER] to make sure I am doing what I said I would gonna do with the money. 

Mitch: True. But, after that relationship matured for a while, they know that they don’t have to worry about that–

Tamera: In that case, he doesn’t. 

Mitch: Yeah. That’s what happened in my experiences, they might be nervous for the first 2 or 3 but they find out who you are and you are the same Day 1 until Day end, and you do the right thing, that’s how you keep investors for lifetime, if you always do the right thing. 

Tamera: And [INAUDIBLE] that you make not real estate, you are lucky if make of kind of 15% on an entire year of making your money sit and that’s good, that’s really good return on an IRA or something like that. I was working with a guy, who actually just passed away with many deals, had a lot of money from other companies. He would fund my deals, and he let me do my thing and I would just hand him a check when we were done in 60-90 days and pretty much providing him a good 20-30% in 90 days on his money, you know. If you do the right thing for people, though like you said, it will repeatedly come back. You could wait for the next ones. 

Mitch: Absolutely. [INAUDIBLE] springs two. So, what kind of contracts and paperwork do you use, if you are not a professional, where do you find these stuff?

Tamera: Well, if you are buying a property, you wanna use a valid good contract, have to deal where I thought I was using a good contract but it was an outdated one, and I ended up getting into trouble, a little bit of trouble with some words. It was 5 words that were not in 12.5 font, that I got in trouble for, that I didn’t know that it needed to be in there. So, from that I learned, that you wanna use legal contracts and it’s a good idea, you know, I don’t wanna scare people but it is important to you know, use contracts that are legal in your area. So, this is where getting to know and networking with other realtors comes into play. So, maybe you can find a realtor that maybe are willing to copy their contract, and let you borrow it. To make sure you are not leaving anything out. And then, also I always have my contracts reviewed by an attorney. There’s a very inexpensive legal service that you can use, I think they are $29.99 a month. I think their business is actually $59.99 a month and they’ll review up to 3 contracts and give you unlimited legal advice. And so, there’s no really excuse not to have legal advice given to you. So–

Mitch: Tamera, as one of the interviews I did. I interviewed someone about legal shield. In the 1000houses.com list of interviews, is an interview with legal shield, just exactly for the reason that you just pointed out. So, anyone is interested in that, you can go listen to the legal shield interview here at–

Tamera: That’s what am gonna refer and am glad I didn’t say anything. But, yeah. It is highly recommended. I’ve been very happy with the results for day to day, help someone get started without having to pay thousands of dollars to get an attorney. But, that’s how you can get a contract, to have an attorney look it over and again, having a trainer and a coach, somebody who can supply you with contracts that they may already have found and have worked for them in their area, it is helpful as well. 

Mitch: You know here in Texas, we use the Trec form. Texas Real Estate Promulgated Form. Texas Real Estate Commission Promulgated Forms. And there’s a website, you can go in and just download all the forms that are promulgated by the state of Texas for residential and commercial transactions. So, I don’t know how it is in every state. But, you might just try to find out, what kind of forms the realtors are using. And find out if they have a website where you can just download them for free, which what happens in Texas. So–

Tamera: There is in California, there is nothing like that here. But, that’s good to know that it is there, that’s very cool. 

Mitch: Yeah. It is different states, then you already know. You can get a promulgate form by your state then it is already approved for business. You just need to understand what it says. but, you know we’re gonna, first of all. I wanna thank you for being on Tamera. It’s been a real pleasure. You really opened my eyes to the possibility of flipping contracts across the nation and making up to or over $100,000 a month in that profit, that is an eye opener to me. If I told, that I wasn’t intrigue that, I’d be lying to you, because it is really a big statement. So, what are some of the takeaways from this conversation, if we had to put it all in a nutshell, what are some of the nuggets or the great revelations of the conversation, what would you like to highlight?

Tamera: Well, I wanna say, based on what you just said. The $100,000 included 2 flips, so I just want to clarify’ cause —

Mitch: I understand. 

Tamera: Okay. 

Mitch: All part of the plan, you know. It is all.

Tamera: Yeah. Exactly. So, I think we repeated a couple of things that if– you wanna just called golden nuggets is that you can really profit in real estate without using none of your own money. You can get started today, knowing very little and learn as you go, by finding deals for others, you learn from those others that you are finding deals for. People that bring me more deals, I am more inclined to correspond with even if they are not on my coaching program. If they are bringing in deals and they are truly deals, I am happy to help them find me more deals. So, yeah, that is probably important, networking– high tech-high touch. Not just all about sending letters without talking to people for both finding buyers and finding sellers of properties. Anything else that you can think of? That’s probably the big ones– Oh, finding a win-win, making sure when you are talking to someone, you don’t have to find the right words or do the right thing. Your heart just needs to be about how you can help them. If you can just focus on that. How can I help them? Then, it makes a lot easier and a lot better and now comes obviously a lot better for everyone. 

Mitch: I think the really big one is that we have to change our mindset that it takes money. Once we change that mindset the whole world become a place where you can do business. So, I really appreciate your time. Again, everybody there’s a link right where you click to listen to this interview, if you wanna learn more about what Tamera has to offer. Then, click on that link. You can learn about her different coaching tools and training and mentoring programs that she has. And also, make sure that you take advantage of the 30 day email training that’s absolutely free, we have a link there as well and you can start your email training one step a day, and I guess that wraps it up, Tamera. I’d like to say thank you and we appreciate you.

Tamera: Well, thank you. And thank you for having me, I really appreciate you for the opportunity. It’s been great to knowing you better. I just wish everybody the best and I look forward to seeing– if that’s what you decide to the free one, that you decide to do. Am here to support you. 

Mitch: Sounds great. Well, you have a great day and see great things for you in the future and help a lot of people. Thanks a bunch and we’ll be talking to you soon. 

Tamera: Thank you, Bye.


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