How to Make Millions with this Real Estate Investing System

Episode 20:

Jack Bosch is a fairly recent immigrant from Germany. He came over to the US from Germany in 1997 literally with 2 suitcases and a bunch of student debt. Prior to the year 2000 Jack had never been involved in Real Estate and did not know anything about that subject.

He started in Real Estate investment in 2000 and over the course of 3 years developed and perfected a real estate investing system that allowed him to do over 3,200 deals, making millions of dollars in the process.

He has done deals all over the U.S., without even looking at most of these properties.

His students are now doing deals in the US while living all over the world. Jack just recently started sharing this unique system with the public in 2008.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The story of Jack and his wife Michelle’s journey
  • Why you need a mastermind group
  • The Ultimate Boardroom: Jack and Michelle’s mastermind group and what makes it different
  • Jack’s real estate investing system
  • The Four Pillars of Growth in any business
  • Feeling of complexity: the point where the business owner can’t do it the way that they’re doing it right now
  • How Jack helped me fall in love with my business again when I reached my own feeling of complexity
  • Why — if your business relies on you — if you can’t leave for two weeks — then you don’t have a business


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