Improve Your Credit Score | Quickly Improve Your Credit with These Tips

Episode 122:

Improve Your Credit Score | Quickly Improve Your Credit with These Tips

Attorney, Edward J. Garrett, Jr., the President and Chief Executive Officer of Credit Improvers, Inc., is a licensed attorney at law and has actively and continuously practiced law since 1983. Mr. Garrett has focused his practice throughout the past 4 decades to lending, finance, and credit underwriting.

Since founding Credit Improvers, Inc. in 1994, Mr. Garrett has successfully assisted thousands of clients in the improvement of their credit reporting. Mr. Garrett personally assists each and every client participating in the Credit Improvers, Inc. credit improvement program.

Says Mr. Garrett, “I take true satisfaction in the success of our Credit Improvers, Inc. program. Our guaranteed program truly changes lives.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to quickly improve your credit score
  • Why improving your credit score can save you money
  • The ins and outs of the credit rating process and how it is calculated
  • Where to get help if you have bad credit
  • How credit ratings impact the owner financed real estate business
  • What can hurt or improve your credit score that might surprise you
  • Why it is often the case that having too much available credit can lower your credit score
  • Using credit limits to keep your credit score high
  • Ensuring that you have the most accurate credit report possible


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