Investment Property Advice | Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing

Episode 148:

Investment Property Advice | Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing

Tom Wilson bought his first property in 1970 in California and purchased several investment properties throughout the 70’s. In 1999, after thirty years with some of Silicon Valley’s pioneering companies, he learned that his business and management experience enhanced his ability to find and empower teams that locate and manage successful real estate investments where he then turned his new career focus. Since then, Mr. Wilson has bought and sold more than 4,000 units and over $350M of real estate in 6 states, including three condo conversion projects, 13 syndications, 8 multifamily, 11 commercial, and over 600 residential properties.

Mr. Wilson founded and owns Wilson Investment Properties, Inc., a high-quality 10-year brand and turnkey provider of rehabbed rental homes, that has provided over 600 investment properties to investors. He is an active contributor to real estate investment clubs, is a frequent speaker on real estate investing, and frequently mentors new investors.

He was invited by the chief economist of Fannie Mae to give presentations three times to management on the role of investors in absorbing non-performing assets, contributing to the industry recovery, and reducing risks on future lending practices.

Mr. Wilson is the host of a weekly radio show on real estate investing on KDOW, a Salem Communications Wall Street Business Network station in San Francisco.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Investment Property Advice: Why houses are always a good place to start with investing
  • The benefits of partnering with other people on investments
  • Why you should have an exit plan for every investment that you make
  • The difference between buying a building with a long-term lease vs. a multifamily unit
  • The “under the radar” product that a lot of people don’t know about
  • Why — in some cases — it’s better to build rather than try to find a product
  • Investment Property Advice: The #1 metric that everybody uses to determine how good an investment is doing
  • The power of delegating and surrounding yourself with experts
  • Following how the economy is doing and the impact that makes
  • When we can expect our next recession & what we can expect from it
  • Distributing your investments


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