Real Estate Lead Generation | How to Get 20+ Leads Per Week

Episode 147:

Real Estate Lead Generation | How to Get 20+ Leads Per Week

Kevin Smullin is the owner of 2Q Lead Generation Strategies. 2Q Lead Generation Strategies helps frustrated real estate agents by showing them how to implement a business strategy that will double their business in 12 months.

Kevin’s mission is to empower Realtors by teaching them a proven system that will allow them to be the top producer in their market.

The focus is to show you a different way to generate new business and utilize methods that make it so that you are spending your time with people that want your help and cut out all the unnecessary and time-consuming strategies that are wasting your time.

2Q Lead Generation Strategies helps you increase the Quantity and Quality (2Q) of your leads so that you can reach the income objective you desire.

They have a proprietary real estate lead generation system that will help you double your business in the next 12 months. Your days of frustration are being replaced with excitement.

In fact, they have clients that tell them all the time how much they have hated marketing in the past, but they are now excited about it after going through our coaching. Why? Because they are seeing results!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to generate 20+ leads per week using Facebook
  • The importance of niche marketing
  • What they don’t teach you in real estate school
  • Real estate lead generation and how doing it right can make the difference between failure and great success
  • Why the best approach is to do something that no one else is
  • Refine your message: Market Domination Statement
  • The advantages of being a big fish in small pond
  • Effective ways to hone your introduction once you find your niche
  • Why a clear and informative elevator pitch is critical
  • What a unified marketing message is and why is it important
  • Understanding the difference a mentor can make
  • Scalability: one absolute requirement for sustained success and growth


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