From Destitute to $1 Million Per Year, with J. Massey

Episode 266:

A full-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, popular podcast host, author, speaker, coach and all-around problem solver, J. Massey is well known for providing best-in-class advice and strategies to help new and experienced investors the world over.

J.’s platform is simple… He invests his time looking for investment opportunities (a.k.a., problems to solve through real estate transactions), closing deals and teaching others how to find and manage similar opportunities, including getting Deals At Discounts and Raising Private Capital to Investing in Multi-Family Properties, getting leads and negotiating the deal.

By turning his real-world field work into killer training courses, new and seasoned investors alike learn win-win solutions to solve real estate “problems” for buyers, sellers and other investors. J.’s cashflow-creation strategies are embraced on a global scale by people who want to learn better ways to achieve tangible success in real estate investing, and in his words become “bigger, badder, better real estate investors.” His growing network of “Cashflow Creators” is proof that J. practices what he teaches and teaches what he practices.

Prior to real estate investing, J. held positions in insurance and financial planning as a licensed representative with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the California Dept of Insurance (CDI), and a Registered Investment Advisor Representative (RIAR).

J. is currently a landlord, lender, consultant, educator and highly sought mentor. He currently owns hundreds of units of properties and has completed hundreds more real estate transactions across several states.

He is a member of the National Sales Network, Renatus and Toastmaster’s International (CC). J. holds more than 12 awards for public speaking including 2nd Place in the 2008 Founders District International Speech Contest, 1st place in the 2009 Founders District Table Topics, and 2nd place in the 2010 Founders District International Speech and Table Topics contests.

J.’s publishing credits include a book he co-authored titled “3 Money Raising Questions.” In 2014 he released his highly acclaimed book, Cashflow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy!

He has also authored a number of educational e-books on a variety of topics in real estate investing and networking to create wealth. These are available on this site to members in good standing.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How J. accidentally found his way into the world of real estate through a series of devastating medical problems
  • How J. started his business from rock bottom, owning rental property while actually being homeless himself
  • Why wholesaling was the first step to getting out of the situation J. and his wife found themselves in
  • How J.’s real estate business evolved through many different areas before landing on short-term rentals
  • Why J. only works 90 minutes a day and has streamlined his business to require minimal effort
  • How the short-term rental market is more forgiving for beginners with barriers to entry that are easier to overcome
  • Why Airbnb is not a business type, but rather one customer acquisition platform among many options
  • Why the income potential from short-term rental properties can grow exponentially as you scale your business
  • Why the first deal is the most important, and why you will learn the process by doing, step-by-step
  • What advice J. would offer to others who are at rock bottom and at a desperate place in their lives
  • Patrick Mahaffey shares the details of a spectacular investment property win he recently had


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