Advertising is Not a Dirty Word

Episode 265:

Kellen Kautzman owns Send It Rising Internet Marketing and manages a team of over 20 internet marketing professionals.

He was the keynote speaker at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip and has spoken at Roseman University and the Lance Tamashiro podcast.

He just released his new book: # 1 on Amazon.com in the SEO Category! Everybody’s Doing it-Advertising Redefined.

Kellen holds a master’s degree in education and taught for 5 years before transitioning into his career as an internet marketer. Kellen speaks fluent Spanish and has a family with his wife Lonaeja, Daughter Anika and son Phoenix.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Kellen decided to write his book, “Everybody’s Doing It: Advertising Redefined by SEO Expert Kellen Kautzman”
  • Why heavy competition within the real estate investment business generally renders SEO a waste of money
  • Why marijuana legalization has potentially far reaching influence on the Las Vegas real estate market
  • What wisdom was shared with Kellen that can be carried into your own real estate business
  • How the availability of water has a strong impact on the Las Vegas real estate market
  • How purchasing land for solar energy collection is a potentially hot market that Kellen is interested in
  • How Kellen is entering the cryptocurrency space by thinking outside the box and finding innovative solutions
  • How Google call-only ads work and how they can be integrated into your existing lead generation strategies
  • How to tailor your advertising to target specific leads and filter deals you are interested in
  • How to get a free chapter of Kellen’s book, “Everybody’s Doing It”, and why social media and video are crucial in 2019


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