PSA: verifymyPMI.com, with Jordan Goodman

Episode 258:

Jordan Goodman has spent the past 40 years focused on one mission: to help Americans do better with their money. In a career spanning newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, live events, teleseminars, and the Internet, he has helped millions of people to solve their financial problems and realize their financial dreams.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Primary Mortgage Insurance (PMI insurance) is, and why some homeowners are required to carry it
  • Why you should be thinking about your existing PMI and how much it’s costing you each month
  • Why PMI is only required until you own 20% equity in your home, as evaluated by an official appraisal
  • Why you can’t trust the insurance company to tell you when you no longer need PMI
  • How you can use the website www.verifymypmi.com to determine if you’re able to cancel your PMI
  • How canceling your PMI insurance once you have 20% equity can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary monthly fees


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