Paul Del Pozo: Data Mining for Leads

Episode 257:

Paul Del Pozo Investment Group, LLC. is a South Florida based Real Estate Investment Company. He specializes in Buying, Selling, Rehabbing, and Flipping Wholesale properties. In his free time he lives in a fitness world building a health and bodybuilding background.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Paul went from being a bodybuilder and personal trainer to becoming a successful real estate investor
  • Paul’s process of obtaining and working leads, networking, and learning the fundamentals of wholesaling
  • Why Paul believes it’s important to develop your skills in finding leads before you do anything else
  • How Paul integrates technology into the operation of his real estate business
  • How Paul uses a MLS data program called Propstream to find lists and comps, and how it has changed his business
  • How Propstream allows you to filter lists based on different categories like equity, property characteristics and more
  • How Paul has found financial independence in the 3 1/2 years that he’s been working in real estate
  • Why getting into real estate has been a catalyst of self-improvement even in other areas of Paul’s life
  • Which markets Paul is working in now, and why he has been moving his focus more into cash flow
  • How the slogan “Flex and Flip” has become a cornerstone of Paul’s business philosophy and his professional calling card


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