Learn from a World Class Negotiator

Episode 239:

Michael Sloopka is the Founder and President of Selling Solutions Inc and negotiatingcoach.com®. Michael, better known as the Negotiating Coach®, is an internationally recognized negotiating expert, highly rated professional speaker, negotiating skills training consultant, coach, and author.

He is also a leading expert in diagnosing selling and buying behaviour and the decision-making dynamics that directly affect the outcome of a negotiation, as well as teaching persuasive proposal development.

The Negotiating Coach® conducts tailored, engaging, and impactful presentations, seminars, and learning workshops on various negotiating and sales topics for organizations and associations around the globe.

Michael also assists organizations by joining their team for specific negotiating projects or by training members of their organization to negotiate more effectively to improve performance, business results, profitability, and outcomes.

Michael has delivered his powerful programs to over 50,000 people in over 31 countries. Michael has written articles or contributed to articles for Canada’s national Globe and Mail newspaper, Investors.com, Forbes.com, AMEX Open Forum for Small Business, and Selling Power and Profit magazines.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Two important questions to ask to negotiate better deals in almost any situation
  • How to outmaneuver inexperienced negotiators and make appropriate concessions to improve negotiations
  • Why it’s important to be creative and look for other concessions when there isn’t room to negotiate price
  • What a “tradeoff gambit” is and how it can benefit you, or harm you if you aren’t prepared for it
  • The four negotiation types and why it’s important to understand your type and the type of the person you’re negotiating with
  • How “maximum plausible position” can assist you in finding the right opening offer
  • What gambits and counter-gambits you need to be aware of to ensure that the negotiations go in your favor
  • How to get access to Michael’s audio program to learn the gambits and counter-gambits you can use in negotiation
  • Why reading your negotiating partner can give you valuable insights into their personality and establish trust
  • Many negotiating examples, important scripts, and tactics to turn the negotiating process in his favor
  • Which major companies Michael has consulted for in the science of negotiation
  • How “blueprinting” your negotiating partner can give you important information to anticipate how they will respond to your offers


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