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Episode 311: Millionaire In 5 with Stefan Aarnio

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REIS 311 | Become A Millionaire


You’ve read the books. You’ve seen the blogs. You’ve watched the videos.. but you still have no idea how to jump-start your career. Canadian self-made multimillionaire, author, and Rich Dad Hall of Famer Stefan Aarnio will show you how. As someone who entered the real estate industry with only $1200 in his pocket, Stefan dishes out practical and realistic ways on getting deals and properties, relentless searching for opportunities, and making your first million. He’ll also share his candid opinions on bad ventures and the realities of navigating the real estate world. If you’re interested in becoming a millionaire in a short period of time, hang around.

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I’ve got Stefan Aarnio with us. He’s from Canada and we’re going to be talking about how to raise capital, how to find discounted properties and how to become a millionaire in five years, which has gotten my attention because I know it can be done. I did it. I know some other people that did it and I know people that are in the middle of doing it right now. If you’re interested in becoming a millionaire, even a multimillionaire in a short period of time, hang around. Stefan, how are you doing?

I’m good, Mitch.

Fill us in a little bit on your background. I know that you’re an award-winning investor. In 2014, you got put into the Rich Dad International Hall of Fame. Tell me about that. That seems like a great accomplishment.

The Rich Dad brand is the biggest personal finance brand in the world. They’ve sold over 40 million copies of the Rich Dad book. I took some real estate investment courses with Rich Dad in 2012 and in 2014, I won the Rich Dad Hall of Fame and I was the only one in Canada they gave out for the year. I’m a Canadian. They give out five a year in the states. There are five or six awards every year. I got one of them and I always say there are more Olympic gold medals out there than Rich Dad Hall of Fame. That’s a pretty cool one.

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What did you have to do and what did you do to get their attention?

There are three things I do, Mitch. I buy real estate $0.40, $0.60 on the dollar. I do that up here in Canada. Canada’s very difficult to do this business but I do it in Canada. I raise millions of dollars and the third thing is I built a personal brand. I built a brand and my brand attracted the Rich Dad organization. I had a nice little house flipping company, flipping lots of houses. Through my YouTube videos and my branding, I was putting out so many blogs and so much information. I wrote a book. I got their attention because I was rock and rolling in Canada where not so many people are doing this.

I’m going to ask you about Canada here a little bit, but I was also looking at this. You’re an author, but you didn’t write just one book. You wrote a lot of books. You wrote Self Made. You wrote Money People Deal, X: The Ten Commandments Of Negotiation and The Close: 7 Level Selling and Hard Times Create Strong Men. I like that last one, Hard Times Create Strong Men. I did have a question on that one book, Money People Deal, help me with that title. Where’s that going?

I made my money in real estate through joint venturing. In Canada, it’s tough to get financing. The banks are tough. You’ve got to have 20% down. The prices are high. The average home in Canada is $500,000. You need a lot of money to play in Canada. Joint venturing is one of the ways that you do it. In Money People Deal, there’s a triangle. There’s the money, the people and the deal. If you have two of the three, you get the third one. I built my entire game around getting the deal at $0.40 to $0.60, tying up the team. I would take that package deal to an investor and I’d sell the deal to an investor. I’d say, “If you invest with me, we can do this. We can split it 50/50.” I was a punk kid starting with $1,200 of cash when I was 22 years old. I tie up deals and I get joint venture partners and we’d split it. I kept doing that over and over again. That’s how I made my first million.

REIS 311 | Become A Millionaire

Self Made: Confessions of a Twenty Something Self Made Millionaire

That’s exactly my story too. I was broke, but I remember a little twist on it. Now, I have $60 million worth of private money and growing. It seems like now I need $1 million more every month because I owner-finance houses. My money didn’t go out and come right back. It stays out for five, six, seven, eight years. When I spend $1 million, it’s not coming back tomorrow. 80% of it is not coming back because 80% of the houses I do, I carry the note on for 30 years. I try to tell everybody when you’re broke, you’re a professional deal-writer-upper. You write them up. If your deal’s good enough, the money will show up. There are a lot of excuses. I had a course, Private Money Changes Everything. I still have it. It’s hugely ignored and I don’t know why because private money will change your whole life. In that course, people have so many excuses about why they don’t think they can raise private money. From, “I’m too old. I don’t speak the language. I had a bankruptcy,” the list goes on and on. I tell people, “It’s not about you. It’s about the deal.” They don’t care how fat or ugly, Charles Manson should have been able to get this money from prison if the deal’s good enough. Tell me about one of your first deals.

My very first deal was in November 2009. I was at a real estate seminar with a bunch of newbies and I met a couple of guys. We went and played the cashflow game, the Robert Kiyosaki cashflow game. We were buying these fake houses at one of the guy’s houses and we did two fake deals. The phone rang and there was a real deal on the phone and the realtor at the table says, “I’ve got a desperate seller.” All of us think, “We’re so smart. We have a desperate seller. Let’s make money.” We’re a bunch of newbies. They wanted $115,000 for this house or $130,000 or something. That was the asking price and the six of us at the table said, “Let’s all split this house.” We’re a bunch of aggressive young guys. “Let’s offer him $50,000.” We went off and offered $50,000 on a $130,000 asking price, which is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

Here we are, thinking we’re going to take advantage of this guy who has to move out of town. He bought a flip and he has to move out of town. We make a deal and we say, “We’ve got a guy who’s going to manage it. We’ve got a guy who’s going to be the realtor, we’ve got a guy who’s going to be the handyman, all these different things.” I say, “I’ll hold the mortgage because I had a job putting chips on shelves at Frito Lay.” It’s the stupidest thing I could have done. The six of us, we each put $1,200 in as a little down payment on this house and we figure it will make $900 to $1,000 of rent, so $300 to $400 of cashflow.

We say, “We’re not going to pay a penny over $100,000.” The next day the realtor calls me and says, “Congratulations, you bought the house for $115,000.” It was the stupidest negotiation. We paid more than we said we were going to pay. Here we are, six seminar junkies buying a house six ways, $1,200. It’s the stupidest thing. We got a tenant in there and we were getting $1,000 a month. We get a $300, $400 cashflow and it’s good for two months. The third month, the tenant smashes it up and leaves. I say to my friends, “Do you want to fix this up or put some money in?” No one wants to put any more money in because they don’t have enough in the first place and nobody wants to do the work. I ended up getting an investor, I bought everybody else out and then I ended up owning the house for five years and we sold it for $169,000 some years later. The first deal was a little bit rocky and it was a pretty stupid deal, but the first deal is the first deal.

My first deal, you’re going to laugh. One of my first deals, I was so afraid. I went and got someone to be my partner and I put up all the money. I did all the work, I sold the house, I ran the rehab and I gave him half. I was scared. I wanted to hold hands with somebody and the guy was like, “Let’s do this again.” I’m looking at him going, “Why would I ever do this again? What did you do? You didn’t do anything?”

You lay there and you did all the work.

I put up all the money and I found the house. It was a ridiculous thing in the world. Sometimes when you’re new, you want to hold hands. I bought my first 450 houses with credit cards because no one would give me any money. That led me to find some private money people and after that, I didn’t need the cards anymore. Where are you finding the money’s coming from? When you have a deal, where are you soliciting for money?

The thing that I train all my students to do is they start with friends and family. They start with private people around them. We get them to make a list of 150 people they know. We go from the first generation, second generation and third generation. We analyze who’s got the money in the network and we’ve got a formula for figuring out approximately how much money people have. The game that I get my students on is you get one or two rich guys to back all your deals. I got a guy right now who backs my deals. He has $140 million of liquid cash. Everything I bring, he funds. I’ve got another guy with an investment fund to invest with me and I’ve got those two sources of capital.

REIS 311 | Become A Millionaire

Become A Millionaire: You’ll find discounted properties in places where you also find the three Ds – death, divorce, and downsizing.


I used to have eighteen different investors that would invest with me. That was a lot of dinners, lunches, suppers, phone calls and I love you baby calls. I got too busy and I said, “I’m going to switch to one or two rich people.” You can make a very good life out of one or two rich investors handling all your deals. It makes them a lot of money. It makes you a lot of money and it’s a nice relationship because you don’t have to go out there and do a million chicken dinners, a million suppers and a million I love you phone calls.

What about the argument that you got a lot of eggs in one basket? I’m a little bit different and I don’t have that much problem coddling the people because a lot of them have been with me for a long time. They don’t ask me anything. They just send the check. I’ve been sending checks along, but I like to go out with them at least once a year because I like to socialize. It’s cool to take at least your bigger guys and take them out. I’m having an early dinner with a person that’s got a couple million with me. It will be that once a year thing, but I’m looking forward to it myself. If these two guys shut down, you’re not worried about finding someone else. That’s the main thing with you.

I can sell it. I know how to sell and I know how to raise money. I’ve got 30,000 investors in my database I can call. I prefer to work with one or two good ones. I look at it like being married. You can have one great girl or you can have ten fives, not as good of a girl. I’m a pretty heavy marketer. I’ve got five books, I’m promoting all this stuff. I’ve got multiple companies. I don’t want to be dicking around with a bunch of small investors. Although I’m opening a new company, we’re starting doing turnkey rentals to investors. That’ll be a different game. We’ll have the lunch seminars and all that stuff where we’ll cram everybody in. It depends on your game. I used to have a whole bunch of investors and I’d always be soliciting and always hustling and always raising money and then I got a stable source of capital. Once you get stable, it’s like right now. I would deal with the real banks. On my buy and holds, I got real banks. My business has real bank financing. I started out with credit cards like you though and private people and street hustling. You get to a point where you’re established and then you’ve got real good financing and you don’t need to move from good financing.

I’m in that phase for whatever reason. After 22 years, I’m finally getting the circles where the people have $100 million, $150 million and $200 million. I’m starting to have those conversations right now with those folks. Let’s talk about buying discount properties. Nothing happens until you get a property. People think you need the money first. You need the property first because this was going to attract the money. Talk to us about discounted properties.

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It’s the three D’s: Death, Divorce, Downsizing. Everybody gets into real estate for cashflow and they get out of real estate because there’s no cashflow. It’s either cashflow in or cashflow out. I bought a mansion here in Winnipeg. It was a divorce sale. This is almost 6,000 square feet of living space. I’m getting that for $690,000. That’s the same rate as I buy crack houses in Winnipeg because it was a divorce. It’s irrational sellers. That divorce, downsizing, they’re afraid, somebody has the property, they didn’t earn the equity or they don’t care. They just want it gone. That’s the game that we play. It’s getting those opportunities before they hit the market. It’s getting those opportunities before they go to realtors. If you can get that, that’s your game of $0.40 to $0.60 on the dollar all day long.

I love the sentence, “Wealth comes from chaos.” I didn’t invent it but I use it all the time when I sign my books because it’s an unknown quote, but I like it a lot. You live where the chaos is. You live wherever there’s change. Are you a proponent of outbound calling these days or are you sending out postcards? What’s working these days for you?

What I teach people all the time is I say, “Do your 50 and 10, 50 calls a week and ten offers.” If you’re doing 50 phone calls to people who are touching real estate, like realtors, lawyers, accountants and property managers, you make 50 phone calls a week for deals and ten offers. You do that and any other strategy and you will have too many deals. What I teach people is I say, “Let’s say there are 2,000 realtors in town. You’re going to call 50 of those every week. You’re going to say, ‘I have a couple of questions. Number one, do you work with investors? Number two, do you have anything messed up I can buy? Number three, do you have anything coming in that I don’t know about? The last one is, do you have anyone in the office who deals with the messed up properties?’”

That little four-line script, you make 50 phone calls every week, get ten offers out there every week. If you do that every week, you’re going to have deals all the time. What I think a lot of people should do is pick one or two farms like a neighborhood, some neighborhoods they like and I say do the bandit signs on the exits and entrances of the neighborhood, the neighborhood McDonald’s, the neighborhood Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts, the drive-throughs and then you do flyer drops. Straight up drop in the most basic handwritten flyer on mass on everybody in that one spot and you do those a couple of things. You do the calls, the signs and the flyers. I’ve got young kids who are 21 years old doing 40 wholesales a year with one flyer. It’s the most basic stuff. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

REIS 311 | Become A Millionaire

Become A Millionaire: Activity spawns activity. You’ve got to get out there and get into conversations.


It’s not complicated. You’ve just got to put up the numbers.

I get people who say, “I did bandit signs this weekend.” I said, “How many did you do?” They’re like, “Eight.” I was like, “Eight signs?”

I was going to say the same thing. It’s like, “How many people will you call this weekend?” “I’ve been making calls.” “How many people did you call?” “I called six people.” It’s the same thing with money. How many people did you call on? How many people did you show your deal that you need to borrow on and explain to them that you only need half of what the house is worth? How many people?” “I didn’t call anyone.” People call, “I have trouble finding private money.” “How many people are you calling in a week?” “I’m not.” “There’s your problem.”

That’s the thing, Mitch. I say 50 and 10, and that’s part of my program, “Did you get your 50 and ten?” They’ll say, “I did 40 and 8.” I’m like, “Why not 50 and 10?” There are 180,000 homes in my town. You can’t do 10 offers out of 180,000. The other thing is with the capital list, everybody knows 150 people and I say put those 150 people on a list because tribally you can remember that with your brain. That’s names and faces. One hundred fifty people, no matter if it’s a little Susie who’s eight years old, call up little Susie and say, “Little Susie, I’m looking for some money. I know you’re eight years old. Who do you know has money?” She’ll say, “My daddy.” “How do I call your daddy?” Now, you call her daddy. “Daddy, do you have any money?” He’s going to say, “I don’t have any money.” “Who do you know has money? Your uncle? We’ll call Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim, who do you know has any money?” “I don’t have any. Call Jan.” You call Jan next. Every single person is a money source, even little Susie who’s eight years old because she has a daddy, she has an uncle, she has a dentist, she has a doctor. You have a dentist, you have a doctor. I hope otherwise you’ve got no teeth. Everybody’s got money. It’s a matter of having a conversation.

I found myself sometimes in the office trying to buy houses. I became like an office hermit. The minute I walked out to go check on a house, I bought the neighbor’s house next door. When I got out there around my house and when I was out in the field, I start seeing things. I started acquiring. I talked to the neighbors and pretty soon I’m buying a house. I wasn’t even looking for a house, but you’ve got to get out there. I’m always looking for a house, but my purpose of going in there wasn’t to go talk to the neighbors to buy a house. I just got in a conversation with a neighbor and I bought their house. Activity spawns activity is what we’re saying.

You’ve got to get the reps. It’s pure and simple. If you want some muscle, you’ve got to do some pushups. If you want endurance, you do some laps. If you do the laps and the pushups or you do the reps, you’re going to be good. I had a guy who asked me that. He said, “How’d you become such a good public speaker?” I said, “I was on the road for several years. You go on the road and you do it and do it until you can do it in your sleep.” I love what you said. When you go to one of your houses, you’re buying another house. I was walking around my neighborhood. I said, “I know who owns that. I know this guy. This guy’s got this thing going on.” You know every single door and you start knowing the deal, what’s going on at those houses. You put some flyers in the mailbox or something basic and the next thing you know, you’re getting deals.

I always tell people right now because it’s so competitive, it’s speed and consistency. If you do your 50 and 10, just like Stefan is saying, and you put out your signs in your flyers, then I don’t see how you don’t buy houses. If you walked in a neighborhood and knocked on 100 doors and say, “Do you know anybody who’s got a house I can sell?” There’s hardly any way you don’t find a house. If you went from realtor office to the realtor office, introduce yourself, hand in the card to a hundred people a day, which is very easy to do or 50 people a day. It’s easy to talk to 50 people a day. Call them. Call 50 people a day. In my town, there are 17,000 realtors and two million people. I don’t know how many houses. If you called a hundred realtors a day, it is easy to do. I’ve got VAs from the Philippines calling 200 people a day. There’s no way you can’t call 100 realtors. Introduce yourself, tell them what you’re looking for and mark them down if they’re not a jackass and seem lukewarm. Write them down and get their email address and their cell phone number so you can start to automate your notices.

This is what I do, Mitch. I go green, yellow, red. Green is he gets it and he understands. You’ll call him again. Yellow, you’re not sure if he’s smart or not. Red is don’t call him.

REIS 311 | Become A Millionaire

Become A Millionaire: If you want to find properties, become famous among the realtors. Get in touch with them and stay connected.


Get rid of them. You’ll hone it down. Out of 17,000, if you found 1,000 realtors you could talk to, which is more than enough, then those are the ones you send the Thanksgiving card to, the 4th of July card to and you get it all automated. I can’t afford to do what HomeVestors did, “We buy ugly houses.” Are you familiar with those guys?

They have big billboards.

They branded themselves so magnificently across the country. If you tell anyone that you flip houses there, the guy on the other side of the conversation is almost bound to say, “Are you one of those ugly house guys?” That’s real branding. This person branded their ass off. I knew Ken D’Angelo personally, the founder of it. I know his daughter. He wanted me to be the second franchisee with his daughter. We had long conversations. You nor I or a lot of people cannot or do not want to afford or don’t need to afford to brand a whole country or even a whole state or even a whole city.

When you don’t have a lot of money, you just bring your brand down to a tighter niche, something that you can afford. One pool that you can become famous in fast because it’s usually very small but very focused is realtors. You can become famous among the realtors. You don’t want to become famous with the red ones because who cares? They don’t care. You can even eliminate it from the 17,000. You could go to the board of realtors and find out who are the top 50% producers. Get rid of the bottom.

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I’ve got a trick, Mitch. This is this what I teach guys. You go on Realtor.com or Realtor.ca. You go to the neighborhood and you mouse over the listings because they’re all on the map. Mouse over the listings and you call the listing ones because they’re the good ones. That’s automatically the cream. You go and you mouse over these houses. You call all the guys on the map because they’re all on the map. You call them on the map and then sometimes you’ll call the guys that aren’t on the map. Those are the loser agents who have one listing or zero listings. You’re going to find the same five guys of all the houses and you know those same five guys and if they get it, you can take him for lunch and that stuff. Those are the five guys with the flow. When they got flow, you want to know them because they’re going to have some garbage come in the flow every now and then. That’s what you want.

What I did was I got the general realtor list and then I start calling people. The ones that are interested, I moved to my realtors and then the ones that actually call and say, “I’ve got something for you,” whether it’s good, bad or not, I move them to my exclusive realtor. Those are the people I start taking to lunch. They might not have brought me a great deal, but they thought about it, they meet and they call me with a deal and they took action. Anything from my realtor, on those lists, I set up automatic postcards, automatic text messages and automatic ringless voicemail drops, but don’t bug them a lot. You can’t run them off. Once every three weeks they get something from me. Every holiday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, they always get a card and I don’t have to do it myself. It’s automated.

I’ve given it to PostcardMania or whoever and it happens. These people think I’m their best friend and I’m out doing whatever it is I do. All this stuff’s happening in the background, but it takes a little while to set it up. You have to be committed to say, “I’m going to get 500 realtors or 200 realtors on my team.” You don’t need much more than 100 realtors because if you bought 25% of a house from each one of them, you wouldn’t be able to afford half of them. Most people wouldn’t. The thing about finding houses is it could go on forever. Just become famous among the realtors and you’ll find deals. Last but not least, this is the one I want to talk about, your track on how to become a millionaire in five years. That’s a very interesting sentence to me.

REIS 311 | Become A Millionaire

Money People Deal: The Fastest Way to Real Estate Wealth

I had the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine reach out to me and I won some awards for that magazine. They said, “Can you give us a plan to be a millionaire in ten years? You start with $100,000 and we want you to be a millionaire in ten years.” I said, “We’ll take $100,000 and let’s find a way to invest it.” Let’s imagine a guy who has no experience. He’s not very smart, just an average guy and he’s going to do this. I’m going to spend half of that money. The first 50% of that $100,000 on a kick-ass real estate coach. 50% is going to the coach. I’d put about an $18,000 budget for deals. I took an $18,000 budget for an assistant back office and then the rest was for investor marketing. I said, “Let’s take the whole $100,000, we’ll do it all in soft costs and let’s do nothing in houses.

That’s not exactly what I thought you would say. That’s interesting.

The first year, we’re only going to do six flips. We do six flips in the first year. Let’s do flipping houses model to make $1 million. The houses I was doing in the model, it was $250,000 or so. It was $25,000, $30,000 a house, you’re making a profit. I say, “Let’s do six the first year, the second year let’s do twelve, 30 let’s do eighteen, last year we do 24 and then you stay at doing 24, two houses a month. When you add that up or five years, that’s $1 million in cash.” That’s one way to do it. The other way that I recommend people do is you buy, fix, refinance and hold. Maybe you take a triplex or fourplex. Up here in Canada, triplexes and fourplexes are $400,000 or $500,000. You do a couple of those. You make a $100,000 something of equity per house and then you refi it and you keep the cashflow. You do a mix of those types of flips and a mix of those buy and holds. Over five years, if you can’t make $1 million doing that, we’ve got problems because it’s not that hard to be a millionaire these days. In fact, a millionaire is the new middle class.

The $1 million is not what it used to be. You need to be a multimillionaire these days to be the millionaire of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s.

If you’ve got a house, a car and a cottage, you’re a millionaire these days. I know in the States, what’s the average home in America? It’s $200,000 or something.

In my town, it’s $270,000 but my town is very cheap, so I’m going to say the average home in America is around $375,000 to $400,000.

The average in Canada is $525,000 or something. If a guy owns two houses in Canada, he’s got $1 million of property. It’s not that crazy anymore. It’s not like the 1960s where the house was $30,000 and a teacher makes $30,000. That was a golden age, if you look at that. We’ve got a world now where it’s mandatory to be a millionaire. You have to be a millionaire these days to even have a good life.

Tell us a little bit about your coaching program. We’re going to send everybody over to 1000houses.com/MI5, which is Million in Five. First of all, do you have anything that my audience can get their hands on for free?

For the audience, we’ll give a copy of Money People Deal, my first book. We’ll do a giveaway. They’ve just got to pay the shipping. We’ll send it right to their house and that’s my first book. That’s all about joint venturing, partnering up with people, finding rich people to fund your deals. The coaching program we have, it’s a company called BlackCard. We do the MI5 program. Year one, we want you doing one, three, six deals, something like that to start out, get a couple deals your first year. We encourage to buy, fix, sell because if you’re paying for training, you’ve got to make your money back fast. The second year, we call it the Platinum Program. You do at least a dozen deals your second year. Year three, four and five, we focus on multiple streams of income. The idea is instead of going to university for five years, come to us for five years and instead of having a degree and having a bunch of debt and begging for a job, you’ll probably be a millionaire in five years doing what we tell you to do, which is buying properties, cashflow properties, flipping properties, raising money, learning to sell and all those entrepreneurs skills.

REIS 311 | Become A Millionaire

Become A Millionaire: The first deal is always the hardest, and that’s where you need the coaching and the help.


I like it because you’ve made it very realistic. The first year is hard for everybody and you’re not putting that much demands. Mostly it’s about getting your confidence that you can even do a deal. Doing one, two or three deals your first year is not a bad way to start because it’s all about catching that fever. If you get your first private lender, the next ones are easy. If you get your first house, the next one’s easier. It’s always the first one that’s hard and that’s where you need the help and you certainly don’t want to make a mistake on your first one. That’s where the coaching comes in because a lot of people probably would have been multimillionaires, but their first couple of deals, they screwed up because they were guessing and then got out of the game forever. That was almost me.

I’ve screwed up some deals too. I’ve had deals where I’ll lose $100,000. I can afford that these days, but if that was your first deal, you lose $100,000 and you’ve got $50,000 or $20,000, you’re done.

The spouse is way up to your keister and the whole family members are laughing at you and you can’t take it. Not many people can handle that. The main thing is to get on your first couple of houses and make anything. I don’t care if it’s only $3,000. Just make a profit, don’t lose, and then keep going. Sometimes they think the worst thing that’s ever happened to some people that I know is they went out and they made $100,000 on their first house. I’m like, “That’s not good.” They’re buying the boat. They already think that this is going to be easy. I said, “Be careful. Figure it out over time. What’s your average? Because not every house is a homerun.”

That’s what I say. I built my whole game around $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 at a time. It’s the little belt of money to make you rich. When I was doing my heavy flipping game, I would take a wholesale fee every deal, so $3,000 to $5,000 on the front. I would take maybe $10,000 to $15,000 on the back and then we’d get a little home staging fee. We would get a little accounting fee and I ran my rich guys through a whole bunch of joint ventures and made $300,000, 400,000 a year doing that. It was super great. They had everything done turnkey. I was making money every deal. When you’re a young guy making $30,000, $40,000 a month, that’s a great life for anybody. That’s nice money.

For our audience, go to 1000houses.com/MI5. Check it out. If you want to know more about Stefan’s training program, then everything you need is there. You can also get the free copy of the book, Money People Deal. Just go the website. I like to thank you for taking the time to come on, Stefan.

Thanks, Mitch.

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