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Episode 532: Vacant Land Profits With Joe McCall

  Are you in need of simple ways to make money in real estate? In this episode, Joe McCall discusses lease options and vacant land profits. Joe has been in the real estate industry mostly by selling and leasing houses. However, he shifted his interest in lands because the market is hot right now. He…

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Episode 531: How To Build On Land With Jerome Maldonado

  How do you build on land and diversify your passive income? Mitch Stephen welcomes Jerome Maldonado, who created an eight-figure empire in his real estate business. Jerome shares how he buys land and builds a house on it, making a hundred grand each time. Repeating the process held them together during the recession. The…

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Episode 530: Learn Self-Storage Investing With Scott Meyers

  People should have a basic understanding and grasp of what they are about to break into. The different things you should consider when investing in real estate, specifically in self-storage, are discussed by our guest in this episode. Like most real estate business people, Scott Meyers also started with single-family houses. However, he gradually…

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Episode 529: Buying On Terms / Selling On Terms With Brian O’Neill

  Are you planning on buying or selling your home? Join Mitch Stephen as he sits down for a conversation with Brian O’Neill on buying and selling homes on terms. Brian mainly focuses on seller financing and wants to help people having problems with the traditional market sell their houses. But he doesn’t just accept…

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Episode 528: Attn Wholesalers: Create A Hands-Free Business With Rafael Cortez

  Working with a hustle mentality will only get you so far. What you need is a hands-free business system so you can take your time back. Mitch Stephen welcomes Rafael Cortez, who started real estate investing in his 20s. Hustle is a season, not a business strategy. You need to have a systematic linear…

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