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Episode 537: Office Setup For 80-100 Deals Per Year With Sean Zavary

  What does an office setup for 80-100 deals per year look like? Mitch Stephen sits with Sean Zavary, who does 7 figures/year wholesaling and flipping houses. Sean shares how he has about eight people on his team. Half of them are in the office, half are virtual – that’s why he calls his company…

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Episode 536: Why Multifamily Could Be Your Best Investing Choice With Charles Dobens

  Are you looking for the right asset class to invest in? Multifamily investing might be the choice for you! Charles Dobens is a multifamily investor, attorney, and mentor to multifamily investors all around the country. He is also the principal at Dobens Law and founder of the Multifamily Investing Academy. In this episode, Charles…

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Episode 535: 0-75 Units In One Year With Sam Kwak

  Many people dream of migrating to a different country where they believe success is. That is exactly why Sam Kwak’s family decided on applying for a US visa even though they were already denied eleven times and finally got it on the 12th try. They had to rely on their skills to make a…

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Episode 534: Pro Finds the Perfect VA for You! Featuring Bob Lachance

Find the Perfect VA for YOU! You can’t always do everything on your own in your business and expect to grow. It’s time to accept the reality that you may need help to scale your business. In this episode, Bob LaChance shares the secret to success: hiring virtual assistants. Bob is an ex-professional hockey player, a college…

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Episode 533: Transforming Business And Unlocking An Exceptional Life Through Breathwork With Sophie Jones-Wright

  Join Mitch Stephen as he talks to Sophie Jones-Wright about transforming your business and life. Sophie is a business coach who helps people find fulfillment and joy in their careers, bringing awareness to what they truly want in their lives. As part of her coaching plan, she uses a technique called Breathwork that helps…

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