Probate Properties | How to Find & Flip Probate Properties Quickly

Episode 153:

Probate Properties | How to Find & Flip Probate Properties Quickly

Jason Lucchesi founded real estate investment company, Global Fortune Solutions, in the year 2008. Jason has been enjoying a successful career in the real estate industry since 2002 where he started as a Loan Officer for Illinois brokerage, Bancgroup Mortgage. In 2004, Jason joined the Management team at Countrywide Home Loans, which was the nation’s #1 lender. In 2008, Jason established his own company to pursue his dream of being a full-time entrepreneur and business owner.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The main reason why Jason got out of corporate America
  • The importance of knowing what your “why” is
  • How Jason approaches probate properties
  • How to avoid sending out thousands of pieces of mailers
  • The key information you can get from quick claim deeds and how you can get access to them
  • Why it’s important to develop relationships with attorneys
  • Why having a lot of heirs to a property can work in your favor
  • Why you should seek out referrals for probate attorneys who specialize in real estate
  • How to find and flip probate properties quickly with Jason’s online training program
  • Why you should focus on mastering a specific niche



Mitch: This is Mitch. Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Summit podcast. I have Jason Lucchesi on the line and we’re going to talk about how to find and split probate houses.

This is a great place to make some money in real estate investing, because there’s short fuses that lots of people there with anxiety trying to collect their funds, settle up their estates, and get everything in order. So it’s a great place to be.

Mitch: All right, this is Mitch and we’re back with Jason Lucchesi. How you doing Jason?

Jason: I’m good, Mitch. How’re you doing, buddy?

Mitch: I’m doing, really, really, really good man. I’m glad you’re on the call and I wanted to tell you, I really enjoyed you group when I went up there and spoke in front of all your people at your group. You have a great group there. So tell us a little about your group and tell us where you’re from and how you got to this call right here.

Jason: Ha ha. Well, I am in Indianapolis, Indiana and yes, we had a great time having you come up here and speak at our [inaudible 00:03:35]. That’s one of the associations that I’m a board member of and we love having folks like yourself come and give some really great insight into real estate investing and our people talked about when you came for a couple months afterwards. So you definitely left a strong impression on them just within the 60 minutes that you spoke. So that was great and we’ll have to have you come back.

And I’m here in Indianapolis, full-time real estate investor since 2008 and have been doing a bunch of different things in several different niches in real estate and it’s been really great. We got to this call because your staff reached out, thought it would be a really great idea for you and I to do another show together and we have a lot of synergy together.

When we do these shows, we give a lot of high value and I just love being on the show with you, Mitch. I think you’re a really great guy, you’ve been doing a lot of great things for folks, helping them out and…I’m trying to go on the same path. Trying to give back as much as possible and do the real estate investing business the right way.

Mitch: Man, thanks for the kudos, I appreciate it. You really had a fantastic group up in there in Indianapolis. It was really a nice group. You treated me super nice and I can’t say enough about your group and how good they were to me.

You’re up there trying to teach people how to find their own financial freedom, which is the point. I mean, I guess not everyone is in it for financial freedom.

Jason: Well, I mean some people could be in it just for some extra income or…I don’t know, even a hobby, I guess. Some people just like to buy some houses and fix them up because that’s what turns them on.

But most of the time, I find people have a financial motive and would really like to break free of their boss or their J-O-B and getting control of their own destiny and that’s my favorite thing to do.

My favorite thing to do is to hear someone who calls me up say, “You know, I quit my job today and thanks to you and some other people out there who helped me figure it out, I was able to quit my job and I make more money at my job…I make more money now than I did at my job and I get to go watch my kids play sports whenever I want to without asking permission and I get to go on vacation. I can stay as long as I want and I don’t have to have someone telling me when I have to be back or what time I need to show up or what kind of clothes I need to wear or any of that.”

So if that’s what it was about…so that’s what it was about for me and that’s what I like to do is help people find their independence. And that’s what you’re doing too, right?

Mitch: Oh, gosh. I absolutely love doing that. That’s one of the main reasons that I got out of corporate America. I was with one of the big giants in the mortgage business for a few years and when the collapse happened, I really had no other place to turn to because I don’t have a college education, so I turned to real estate because I always had the fire to really just make it happen on my own.

And now I have to revert to a plan B. Because when you have a plan B in place, you’re never gonna truly focus on plan A and that’s what I tell folks.

Jason: It’s really rewarding to work with individuals that are wanting to break out of the regular mundane day of, “Hey, go to work 9 to 5. Or go to work 8 to 5 and have to do this or that, depending on what the boss says.” I didn’t really like that anymore.

I had all these nice suits and button downs and all this nice stuff that I would wear to work and all that stuff’s like in the closet. I don’t think I’ve worn it since I left the country. I wear like a nice suit jacket every once and a while like you do, Mitch, but other than that I’m a jeans and T-shirt type of guy and that’s what I like.

Mitch: Most of the folks I encounter, they…

Jason: They want the money to come because it leads to them accomplishing their why and most of the time their why is spending time with family, maybe going on vacation, maybe spending more time on themselves, whatever it may be. But most people need to look at money as a way that takes you down a different…that takes you down the avenue that you want. Money’s not just money to be there. You have to have a reason why you want it first of all.

Some people may have a why like, “I want to get a nice house. I want to get a nice car.” That’s it? Cool. That’s your cup of tea. But 95% of the people we’re talking to, Mitch, and I’m sure you’re probably in the same boat here, most people want to get out of their job so they can spend time with family, go on vacations and just be able to…if they want to go see a movie in the middle of the day with their wife. Hinting that’s what I do.

In the middle of the day and have a date day with their spouse, you can do that without having to suffer the repercussions from having your boss asking you, “Hey, where were you for the last two hours?”

Mitch: Hey, that’s one of my favorite things to do, man. Go with the wife and like go to a movie in the middle of the day. There’s no one there, you get in. You just feel like you’re playing hooky and it’s so fun.

Jason: It totally does feel like you’re playing hooky.

And most of the time when we go during the day, there’s absolutely nobody there and it’s awesome. The new place that we go to, they’ve got those nice leather sofas and you can recline all the way back and if it’s a movie the wife wants to go see and I’m not like super excited about it, I might take a quick siesta during the day.

Mitch: [laughter] Don’t say that. We’ll cut that out, okay? We’ll cut that out, Jason, so you don’t get in trouble.

Jason: It’s too funny.

Mitch: You found a niche where you’re going to probate. You’re finding these probate properties and able to mind for probate properties and it’s a little big tricky doing the probate. So tell us about your angle on probates?

Jason: No, it absolutely is. It’s become much more of a difficult situation ever since a lot of these counties across the country have gone completely online and you need case numbers and file numbers and all this kind of stuff now.

What we’ve been doing is, we’ve been going about it in a way that allows us to get the correct information for the individual that just passed and get in, get the information that we need, and it can be remotely. You can do it from virtually anywhere across the country. There’s a couple key things that we go over in the training program that we have that really helps folks go about this in a way to where they don’t have to send out thousands of pieces of mailers to get one deal.

Because I always recommend when you’re getting in a new niche, try and spend as less money as possible so that you can at least see if it works for you. And then once it does, I’m all for the direct mailer, because we do about 5 to 10,000 pieces a month and there’s nothing wrong with it.

A lot of people say, “You should be doing this, this, this, and this. It’s whatever’s working for you, in my opinion. You’re going to hear from a lot of different people out there, but the one thing is if something’s working, don’t try and fix it. You can always improve upon it, but there’s no reason to try and fix something that’s not broken, in my opinion.

So one of the things that we do, we go after probates and we go after what we call, AODs, affidavits of deaths. And we really like this approach because it’s getting to maybe the spouse or the significant other of the person that just passed away. So we’re getting to these folks in a unique situation where they maybe have this house, they’re all by themselves now and they just want to wait to get out of the property that they’re in and maybe go live with one of their children or maybe go to assisted living. But they essentially want out from what we’re seeing from 85 percent of the folks that we talk to that are in a situation where they’ve just lost a loved one.

A couple key things that they could…how they could find this out, Mitch, they could talk to their title company and find out, “Hey, can you notify us of when quick claim deed are happening? Because that’s a key indication of you could find out a lot of things from that, actually. You could find out divorces, bankruptcies. You could find out the probates of somebody just passed away and there’s a certificate of death associated with that. That’s why the quick claim happened.

So there’s a lot of different ways you could find this information out instead of going down to the county recorder’s office and trying to get in there. Because when I started this business, Mitch, you know I was able to go into the recorder’s office and take a look at all of the previous probate files from however long I wanted to look. But that was 2008 and for like 2011 and then most of these counties started going online.

Now when they’re online, you have to make sure you have the right information to go there and one of the key things is having relationships with attorneys. That’s really key. Having relationships with attorneys and letting them know you’re a real estate investor and that you’re wanting to work with folks who are going through a hardship right now of losing somebody.

And most of the time these folks are wanting to sell off their assets. A lot of it’s going to come down to the actual heir of the estate is going to come in and talk to an attorney and see what they can do.

And a lot of times, you can get in there and get really great deals by liquidating these estates for folks and then being able to just sell the property off, not have to worry about listing it for months on end and having to pay taxes, and having to do upkeep to the yard and also keeping the interior of the home in a position where it can be sold.

Because you and I know, Mitch, some of these properties, if they’re left vacant, they could go in a bad direction.

Mitch: Yeah. Nothing good happens to vacant properties, right?

Look, I got a bunch of questions and a bunch of comments. Number one, you said you go to the title company to find out where quick claim deeds are happening. Now it seems to me if the title company is watching quick claim deeds go across their desk, it’s already too late. Why is it still a good place to go to find where the quick claims. Is there still time to get in on?

Jason: Especially with the affidavit of deaths, we’re seeing once the quick claim deed has been executed, we’re seeing that a lot of the times, especially folks that are a little bit older and maybe they just the lost the spouse they’ve been married to for 40, 50 years.

Most of the time they’re in a situation where they don’t know what to do. They’ve got the property and we’ve see in multiple times. They don’t know what to do. They end up going to assisted living and they end up giving up their property to their executor to maintain it and then the executor has the burden of having the property. And they really don’t know what to do.

So when we find out when these quick claims have been executed, there’s still plenty of time for us to get in there, talk to them, because when the spouse passes away or the significant other, or whoever’s on title, as joint tenant, what typically happens is the other person really doesn’t know what to do.

So we come in. We send out a mailer. We use the service which you have, Mitch, which is to skip trace them and get their contact information.

Mitch: Yeah. Then I wanted to make a comment about the attorneys. First of all, attorneys are a great place to go for a multitude of reasons. They can end up being your private money investors if they like how you do business. Typically, attorneys make decent money. If they don’t make decent money, they just make average money or they don’t save much of their money, then they know people that have money and they get to be the lawyer for those people and draw up the top documents between you and them. So there’s a lot of incentive for them to introduce you to their clients because it means more work for them.

The big reason you would…that I like about probate attorneys and becoming friends with probate attorneys is because they don’t care about what [inaudible 00:17:24] the estate settles for. They just care that it gets settled because guess what? No one gets paid. None of the heirs get any of their money and the attorney doesn’t get paid until everything is settled. Everything. And it always comes down to that one last house that’s leaning a little bit to the left and the front door won’t close and no one knows really what to do with it.

A lot of times this last property is holding up millions of dollars to be dispersed among the heirs and that’s really a good sign. Because when there’s millions of dollars waiting on a tiny little house, no one cares how much the house goes for.

And sometimes having a lot of heirs can be in your favor because if there’s a house with one heir, then the heir wants as much as he can get for the house. But if there’s a house with ten heirs, then a $100,000 house just means $10,000 to each one of ’em and they don’t really care so much whether they get $9,000 or $10,000 or $8,000. They just want their million dollars released.

So in the greatest part about the attorney is, the attorney has no stake in what the estate settles for, but he has to settle it to get paid. And that’s what I really like about a probate, is that you’ve got the attorney on your side. The attorney can actually be saying, “Hey. Let’s just get this house over to Mitch Steven or Jason. Let’s get this off the books right now and let’s settle this estate.

And someone might say, “Well, they’re not really giving us very much for the house.” He says, “Don’t worry about that. Every day that goes by, you don’t have $500,000. You’re losing money on the other end. Let’s just close it.

The attorneys are really astute at how to work the people that get it closed because they want to get paid. So they’re kind of working for you in a way.

Jason: Exactly, Mitch. And you bring up some phenomenal points there with working with the attorneys. I’m always big on relationships. You have to have relationships in this business or else it’s more than likely not gonna work with you because attorneys are a key to your business. As a team member, because like Mitch was just saying, they want to get the estate closed out as quickly as possible.

So it doesn’t matter if there’s three brothers, Johnny, Bill, and Mark. And let’s just say the oldest, most of the time it’s how it happens. Johnny is the executor and let’s just say the home is worth $200,000. And we come in and we present an offer for $140,000. At that point, they’ve probably just wanna get the estate as closed out as quickly as possible. And the attorney’s just gonna be like, “This is a fair offer. It’s cash. You guys get your money. You don’t have to worry about a loan and all this kind of stuff going through. You can just get it closed out. We’ll be good to go.”

Because at the end of the day, most of these individuals have life insurance policies, they have other things that are part of the estate. They can’t get a hold of it until the estates close it out.

So exactly like Mitch was saying there, you really need to focus on the aspects of getting in with these key relationships with these attorneys, because at the end of the day, you can really get deals at discounts and not feel bad about it because you’re helping somebody close out the estate to a loved one that they just…they want to be able to move on. They want to be able to deal with what just happened in their own time.

Mitch: They want to turn a page.

Jason: Yeah.

Mitch: They wanna close the chapter because it’s painful. They don’t want to deal with it. And so there’s another dynamic there. When you’re dealing with probates, it can work for or against you. They’re very emotional. And that emotional can cause you problems, or that emotional can be, “I don’t care. Someone write me a check and get me out of this.” You know?

So you have to try and size it up. Your attorney can help you size that up like Jason said if you have a relationship with them.

Now I would like to propose something to the audience, Jason, if you don’t mind. I know it’s your course and we’re gonna hear all about it, but I feel very strongly about something. Can I tell ’em?

Jason: Sure. Yeah. Go ahead.

Mitch: If you guys out there did nothing. If you became a professional attorney solicitor and all you did was call on attorneys and not to ask them for business, but to invite them to be on your round-table. I’m looking for attorneys to be on my round-table. I have this business where I buy and sell properties. I’m looking for the advisors and the people that are gonna make my world go round. I need a couple of different kinds of attorneys. I would like to show you my business model and see if there’s a place…if you fit at my round-table and we can do some business together.

Now no one’s going to say no to that. So you get in there to show them your business model. That’s when you start making a relationship. You show them your business model. You show them why you make money and while you’re at it, talk about the private money that you use and give them a chance to plug themselves in.

Don’t ask them for private money, just show that you have a place in your business for private money and this is how it would work. They would loam me the money for this and I would give them a first lean on the house and I get [inaudible 00:22:44] and they either get paid or they get my house.

And then you also show them the different kinds of deals that you do and ask them where they fit. And if they’re a probate attorney, you can actually act naïve like, “Is there a place for you here?” Like you don’t know that a probate attorney has a place for you…has a place at your table.

And he’ll jump at the table, “Yeah! I gotta liquidate estates all the time!” And you like look up and go, “Oh, really!” Be surprised! “Oh yeah, that’s a really great idea!” You know?

And so this is my challenge to everyone out there. I bet you cannot call on 50 attorneys to show them your business model and to see if they might wanna be on your round-table and not make money. Either get private money or find deals. I bet you can’t do it. I bet you can’t get 50 zeroes in a row. And that’s all you’d ever have to do.

Because if you had 20 estate attorneys or even 10 estate attorneys in your network that your good friends with, you would never probably have to look for houses again.

The biggest deals, Jason, that I’ve ever done, the fastest, most lucrative deals I’ve ever done were with probate attorneys. The last one was $93,000 net profit in three weeks. Had a deal with the attorney last month [crosstalk 00:24:01] that brought it. Yeah. Because the attorney doesn’t care what it settles for and he’s going to work for you to help settle the estate so he can get paid. Period. Now you can’t pay attorneys or bribe attorneys to do anything. You wouldn’t want to. It’s unethical. But at the end of the day when attorneys do have a big hand in getting you a nice slice of pie, don’t give ’em a check. Just invite ’em to front row seats at the basketball game or something. You know what I mean?

Like I don’t mean second row. I mean front row. Do you get it?

Jason: Yep.

Mitch: You know they put it together. Anyways, I didn’t want to take you off your track there, but I just get excited about probate because it is a very lucrative place to be. My records prove it in my own business that it’s a great place to be.

So how do you talk to attorneys when you get to their offices, Jason?

Jason: Typically what I do is I try and look for referrals from other individuals. So when I first started doing real estate, I started connecting with folks that are also real estate investors in the area and I would get referrals from them on who their attorneys were.

Because a lot of them, I’ll be honest with you, not everybody does probate. They don’t see the opportunity and they don’t put forth the work that is needed. So most of these individuals would be fine. I would go and talk to them and get referrals. Referrals are the best, especially when attorneys are real estate centered and they’re not so much centered on going to court and doing all the things that…a lot of attorneys typically are the ones that do…go to court and do all this nonsense.

The ones that I’ve really been focusing are on that do a lot with real estate because they obviously know that I’m trying to do and as soon as you get your foot in the door. As soon as I closed my first referral from an attorney, the attorney saw how much money could have been made if I had a private money lender come in and help out with the rehab.

Because all I did was I did a wholesale on it. We still did pretty good on that first deal, that referral. It was, I think 12 grand? But if I were to have somebody to do private money on that deal, at that time I didn’t have my own money to do my own [inaudible 00:26:45] work.

We could have made probably north of $60,000. So as soon as I did that first deal, the attorney saw exactly what happened because I also presented them, “Hey, this deal went well. If you’re ever interested and wanting to get, do a partnership on a deal. This is what we could have done on this transaction and from there, it just turned into a really good relationship and I was able to put together 250 grand right away in private money and the individual only wanted 8.5% as an interest rate and two points when the deal closed.

So we got it at really great pricing for private money because you go and get hard money, you’re going to get 15% to 17% interest rate with…

Mitch: Yeah.

Jason: Crazy points…crazy points.

Mitch: Let’s talk about the magic of this relationship. It’s unethical for the attorney to want a piece of that pie, even after the estate’s closed. It’s unethical for him to partner with you on that house. It makes him look really bad if anyone was to find out.

Now I’m not saying that attorneys out there won’t do it, because there are good attorneys and bad attorneys, but most of them, I know, are not going to jeopardize their reputation and so they can’t ask you for a percentage of the deal themselves, but here’s another way you can grease the skids is when…you know, the attorney is sitting there and he’s contemplating finding you the private money.

If he needs a little nudge, you just before you walk out the room, you say, “You know what, I know that it’s a lot of extra stress for you to be between me as your client and your client as the private money lender. And that’s a lot of stress. So I’m willing, because you’re going to have to watch out for both of us. I’m willing to…one, say that I’m not your client, because you can’t represent both people in a transaction. I’m willing to say I’m not the client, but I’m also willing to pay a premium for the paperwork. I normally pay $450 for the documents for this kind of thing, or whatever your number is. I’m willing to pay $1,000 for these documents because I know it’s going to be a lot of stress for you.”

And basically what I’m saying is, you bring a hard money lender and I’ll pay a premium for those documents. So it’s like, the reward for him putting me together with him. And I had, at one point, a friend of mine found multi-millions of dollars because he told his attorney that he would pay his attorney $1,250 purch for the documents…these kind of documents because he knew they were more sophisticated. Now they weren’t more sophisticated, but that was the out for the attorney. And the attorney says, “Yeah. They are very sophisticated and I appreciate that very much. And that attorney brought my friend multi-millions of dollars of private money and did lots of documents.

I think in one year, that attorney did 67 sets of documents for my friend at $1,250 a piece. One client.

Jason: Wow.

Mitch: So the attorney did well. My friend did well. The lenders did well. And everything went perfect. You have to find a way to get people on your side, right?

Jason: Yep. Exactly, Mitch. You nailed it. Nailed it better than I could. That’s exactly the way to go about it.

Mitch: Well, I mean I just have 22 years of experience with the attorneys and they’re all different and all have different motivations. When you go into talk to them, you just need to talk about…you need to figure out what they’re motivation is.

Some attorneys are really…you know, it’s like that color-coding. You have to find out if they’re blue, green, red or yellow, you know? Even attorneys can be blue. You know what I mean?  

Jason: [inaudible 00:30:48]

Mitch: You have to figure out who they are and how to talk to them. So tell us, when you…when we…when our listeners here want to know more about the finding, the flipping of probate properties, what’s involved in this course? What all do you teach them.

Jason: Well, the greatest thing about it and I’m glad you asked. We have really put together a [inaudible 00:31:12] and nuts training program to where folks can do this business literally from home. So the excuse of saying, “Hey, my area doesn’t have a whole lot of probates.” That goes completely out the window because you can literally find any county across the country with how we outline it in the training program and start getting probates and start getting deals under contract, whether it be your first deal or your next deal, you can be doing this literally from your laptop and cell phone. That’s how easy it is for finding ’em.

Mitch: This is an excellent point because people tell me all the time, “Man, I wish I was in San Antonio. I would go to work for you, Mitch.”

You don’t have to be in San Antonio. I mean, here’s the perfect case. You want to be probates and you need a partner in San Antonio, call me! I mean…I never take on partners per say, but it’s…the way to become partners with a bigger name investor in your area, or whatever, Jason might say, “Well, I’m not really taking on more partners or I’m not doing anything right now.

Just bring him a deal and watch how fast he changes his mind. Just bring him a $200,000 house for a $140,000 floating around on probate somewhere and ask for his help with it and you’d like to get some money for bringing the lead to the table and watch Jason change his mind about how many partners he wants in his town.

Jason: Oh yeah.

Mitch: I ended up with my business partner, who’s a student, and I told him, “I’m not doing any more partners. He brought me 33 houses in a row. He’s my partner. You know?

He brought me…the guy was a prolific house finder. So you want to get in with someone that’s big, just start bringing ’em real deals. Not bullshit deals. Real deals. And that’s why you need to take on someone like Jason to master a niche. It’s all about the niches, right Jason? This is a tight, tight niche. And you’ve gotta become an expert in a tiny piece of pie, right?

Jason: Yeah. Exactly. And you do have to…I would highly recommend just what Mitch said with mastering a niche. There’s no problem with doing multiple niches, but don’t do that at first because that was my problem, Mitch. I’ve bought probably $40,000, $50,000 worth of training programs right off the bat and there wasn’t anything on the training programs that was my fault because I bought all these programs and had no idea where to begin.

Mitch: You got overwhelmed.

Jason: Overwhelmed.

Mitch: You got overwhelmed.

Jason: Yep.

Mitch: Yeah.

Jason: I got overwhelmed so…yep.

Mitch: Today, I know how to…I don’t do every single one of these niches. I partner up with someone who wants to do probate. I might even buy the course and give it to ’em. Say, “Learn how to do probate, stick to probate. I’ll introduce you to all the lawyers I know. I’ll call my lawyer friends and get references from my lawyer friends and I’ll get you in front of lawyers. Learn how to talk to ’em. Learn how to get probates. Bam. I just opened up the probate line in my business and I’m working with one guy in probate. I don’t want to work with 8 people in probate. I just want to work with one person in probate. Just like I only want to work with one person who’s doing the tax leans because I don’t want to be competing against myself bidding on tax…you know, bidding on tax things or competing to buy houses that are behind in taxes.

So if you want to know exactly how I buy 100 houses a year, it’s because I’ve employed, I give incentives to all different kinds of people to work all these different lanes. So I’m effectively working all the lanes all the time, but I’m not working personally in any of ’em. I’m just monitoring the deals and they come in to Grand Central. They all funnel into Grand Central, which is my office. That’s how I’m able to buy so many houses as I’ve got someone for every lane and they’re an expert in it. That’s exactly how I do it.

So you want to get in one of those lanes for Jason or me or whoever’s someone in your town that has the money, that has the where with all to close and take a course like “Finding a Flipping Probate” and become an expert in that niche where no one can deny you.

So how long is this course? How long does it take someone to get up to speed on finding and flipping probate houses?

Jason: Literally, it’s a 6 lesson training program and we designed it in a way where someone could get through it within a 4 hour period and they could start going out and finding probate properties that they could get under contract and really start making it happen.

The whole thing I’ve designed it in such an easy to learn way to where the information gets absorbed and it’s not like an overwhelming amount of information. It’s information that they could absorb and they could get their first deal on a contract and have it close from the next 30 days that they actually get done with the training and start the implementation process and taking action. A deal’s going to be closed within a 30 day period as long as they’re doing the implementation and taking action.

And the great thing about that is, Mitch, we have set everything up for them to have an implementation key, an implementation sheet that they can follow and an action step training that we’ve put into place. You said it’s something that they can print off and they can start, “Hey, this is what I should be doing today. This is what I should implementing…this is what I should be implementing.

So everything is 100% out there. All they need to do is go through the training and then start the implementation and taking action process to start seeing them reap the rewards and reaping the results that they desire.

Mitch: Well that’s exciting. In 4 hours, you could be taking action and getting into business. I mean, that’s a lot better than looking at a big stack of manuals that you gotta go a million hours into before you feel comfortable. So I like that. That it’s quick and easy.

It is online? Is it a hard copy you get mailed to you? What is it? Is it online?

Jason: The whole thing is online. That’s the beautiful thing about it is. It’s on our online platform. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can go through the training at your pace. The other cool thing is I paid a ton of money for an absolute, phenomenal membership site.

So chances are, Mitch, you’re going through training module number one, which is our lesson one. You’re going through it and say something comes up. Maybe you need to stop for a second, log out, and then take care of whatever you need to do. You need to come back two hours later. The cool thing about it is you log right back in, it’s going to show you exactly where you left off.

The other thing to is, say for instance, you finished lesson one, but you don’t go back in for a couple of days. Well we’re going to be following up with you to make sure that you’ve finished it because we want you to see the results. We’re going to be sending you an email just to reminding you, “Hey! You finished lesson number one. Go on to lesson number two. You’re taking the right steps and you’re going to finish the training program and start seeing thee results that you desire.”

So from a support standpoint, Mitch, we’re with them at every step of the way. I like to say, we’re in this together, because we truly are. My support team is going to reach out. We’re going to reach out through email. We want to make sure that you’re going through this and if you have questions, let us know. That’s what we’re here for.

Mitch: So you’re accessible…you’re available for questions to help people if they get stuck or they don’t understand? That’s great. You have a support group now.

Jason: Yep. We don’t want people to just buy the training program and never hear from us again. I’ve been doing investing since ’08 and I became an educator in 2012 and the biggest thing that I wanted to make different when I got into that side of the business was nobody would ever go left with a question unanswered. So we do our best to get back to people within a very fast period of time so that they can start seeing the results that they want.

Mitch: Sure. So how much can someone expect to pay for this course?

Jason: To get access to the training program, it’s just a one-time payment. There’s nothing monthly. It’s only $97.

Mitch: Ninety-seven bucks for a four-hour course that could open up a lane for you or give you a set of expertise so you could start finding partners or maybe private money. But you’ve got to be an expert at something and it’s got to show when you walk and talk that you are an expert in it.

So you learn to be an expert in something and then you start letting people know you’re an expert in that field and that’s when you start putting up your network and putting it all together. When the partners come, when the money comes, when the deals come is because you obviously know what you’re talking about because you educated yourself. And I don’t think anybody in any business anywhere doesn’t appreciate someone that knows their business inside and out. And that’s what you gotta do. So in this case, you learn how to deal with probate. You learn the language of probate.

I mean, I didn’t even know what an AOD was until you said just said it just now. So I learned something. Affidavit of death. And the reason why I don’t know is someone else is handling probate for me.

Jason: But you know what, Mitch? I’m sure they knew what an AOD was.

Mitch: I think $97 is like a crazy price. Is that a special price or is that the everyday price? I mean, I don’t think you can lower it any lower than $97. I’m not going to ask for that. I’m just saying, is it always $97?

Jason: No. We’re doing that for your subscribers, Mitch. We’ve got a special link that we created to give them the $97 pricing. Normally, it’s a $197 and what we wanted to do was…since you and I have a relationship. We’re friends. You know, I really wanted to make this a no-brainer decision for your folks and completely give them an opportunity to see the success happen within the probate, Mitch.

Mitch: Well, I honestly didn’t know because I had computer issues before I got on here. I’m doing this interview over my phone and not my computer. So if it’s not quite as clear as the normal ones, that’s why.

I didn’t have time…I mean, through technical difficulties read about it, so I was sincere when I was asking you if it was a regular request, not because I didn’t know. But I really appreciate the fact that you gave us a 50% discount because it always helps. Everybody’s tight and needs to make the best of their money. I don’t know how you get $97 worth of almost any course if it has any value at all. I mean even this call could’ve been worth $97. I mean we’ve talked enough about probate on this call to be worth $97.

The idea that to talk to probate attorneys never crossed your mind and you’re on this call then just that one door opening in your mind is worth it because it’s not too hard to take…you don’t have to have too many good ideas to make up $97, right?

Jason: Right.

Mitch: I mean, it’s pretty hard not to recoup your money if you’re an action taker and you can retain what you read and listen to, you know? Nothing’s free. You gotta work at it a little bit. But I don’t know how you don’t make $97 back.

We’re gonna send everyone to REInvestorsSummit.com/probates. And that’ll get you over to the link where you can register for Jason Lucchesi’s finding and flipping probate houses for $97. Ridiculous offer. I appreciate it very much. Anything we need to add before this? Am I leaving anything out? I kinda feels like we’re wrapping it up, but we don’t have to wrap it up. If we got more to talk about, we got more to talk about.

Jason: Well, one thing I wanted to bring up Mitch is one of the things that people can know we’re doing with all the training that we produce are events. Any of that…we’re putting a good portion of that back into our non-profit, our 501 C3 which is are No-Flipping Excuses company is we’re going out and helping folks that are living with a disability, either it be them in a wheelchair or whatever it may be that they’re facing because everybody’s different.

What we’re doing is we’re coming in and helping these folks live a better quality of life. So maybe they’re having difficulties because their bathroom isn’t handicap accessible. We come in, we do the remodel for them. And when I say we come in, we have an application process on our non-profit site, which is “No Flipping Excuses.org” and they can fill out an application to become a candidate and what we do from there is we decide on an individual.

We go in and do the home remodel for them absolutely for free. So we are doing this as a way to give back to the community of kind of some folks that really need attention and they’re not giving the attention that they need, so we’re coming in…so if you or anybody you know knows somebody’s in a situation where they have a disability that doesn’t allow them to maneuver around their home or get out of the house, we’d love for you to fill out an application.

We charge $5 for an application. All that goes towards funds that we use for doing these home remodels and we also do home giveaways.

So it doesn’t matter. It could be a child. It could be somebody middle-aged. It could be an older individual. It could be a veteran. Whomever it may be. We are going across the country. We’re helping folks out that really need help, either it be expanding and opening up a doorway or an entryway.

We’re wanting to come in and truly give them a better quality of life because some folks don’t really have that. And the stats makes…I’m not sure if you know this or not, but every 45 minutes somebody’s becoming paralyzed and two million Americans this year are becoming disabled.

So this is something a lot of folks aren’t aware of it. I wasn’t aware of it and I’m glad I became aware of it because it’s something that’s really heavy on my heart and I want to give back to our community in a way that’s going to make a gigantic difference.

So people can go to our site, Mitch, and they can also find us on YouTube for “No Flipping Excuses” and we’re going to be tons of videos to where you can see us coming in doing these remodels for these people and doing some really amazing things to improve the quality of life for people living with a disability.

So we would love you to become a subscriber to our YouTube channel for “No Flipping Excuses” and again, if you know folks that would like to fill out an application or fill out an application for somebody, it’s about NoFlippingExcuses.org. Just go fill out an application. It’s just a one-time charge of $5. So it’s a really phenomenal opportunity to give back to the American people.

Mitch: Okay, folks. What you just witnessed was called a purpose-driven company. They have a cause bigger than themselves and bigger than just profit. And it’s another lesson on this show. You can take find a purpose and get behind it. Purpose driven companies are…many times go further than normal companies that are just operating by profit because it’s just karma. It’s just karma.

You’re just reaching out and you’re doing something extra. You’re taking your time. You’re taking your resources. You’re spending your time and applying yourself and purpose-driven companies like Lucchesi’s “No Flipping Excuses” they…they just go places that other companies don’t go. Study purpose-driven companies and find your own purpose that’s bigger than yourself.

I’m really proud of you, Jason, for taking that on. I’m going to think about if I have anyone to nominate. And you do this all over the country so if you find someone in San Antonio and I can help, let me know, okay?

Jason: No, we absolutely will. For folks that may be listening in other countries, don’t worry. We’re not going to limit it to just America. We want to get it started here in our own country, but don’t…please. Applications can be given to anybody right now. We will expand this thing as we start to grow.

Mitch, absolutely. If you know somebody down there or somebody listening to this that knows somebody, we’d love to come down there Mitch and hang out in your neck of the woods and really just change somebody’s life and improve the quality of their life.

Mitch: All right, folks. You heard from Jason Lucchesi. I want you to really consider following, going over to 1000houses.com/probate and take a look at that $97 course for finding and flipping probate properties. I don’t know how you lose on that.

Anyways, I think we’re about out of time, Jason, but I really appreciate you taking the time to be on this call. I appreciate your expertise in this probate and you’re offering such a value to my listeners at $97. And I also want to congratulate you and give you a big ‘ole pat on the back for your purpose-driven company and No Flipping Excuses.

So you’re a tremendous guy and I appreciate you very much.

Jason: Thank you very much, Mitch, for having me on as a guest. You’re a great guy. Love doing this.

When you were here in Indy, I could tell that you’re a super down to earth guy and I really like that about you. Super great guy.

For everybody that’s doing stuff with Mitch, keep doing stuff with Mitch. He’s a great guy.

If you wanna also do some stuff with us too, that would be great. But definitely Mitch is a great guy. Would not steer anybody away from working with Mitch. He’s one of the good guys in this business and proud to have you have as a friend. So thank you so much for having on your show, Mitch.

It’s been great. Glad I could give away contact for your show. It’s always a good time.

Mitch: All right. I appreciate it very much. That was a heck of a discount. A 50% discount. Thank you so much.

This is Mitch Steven with the Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast. I wanna thank every one of you listeners to stop by and get you some Jason Lucchesi and listen to about how he’s finding and flipping probate houses.

Hope you have a great week. Hope you have a great month. Hope you achieve all your goals this year and this is Mitch Stevens and we’re out of here. Bye now.

You’ve been listening to the owner financing master, Mitch “Be the Bank” Steven on the Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast. Let us now blatantly and without apology, ride with you towards financial freedom by offering you a whole bunch of free stuff.

Go to 1000houses.com and get you some. Now you all come back now, you hear?


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