Dawn Rickabaugh | How to Become a Successful Owner-Financier

Episode 152:

Dawn Rickabaugh | How to Become a Successful Owner-Financier

Dawn Rickabaugh is the founder of Note Queen Capital. In 2004, she quit her nursing job and became a full-time entrepreneur. Through her small, family-operated investment company, she’s been building a portfolio of seller-financed notes since 2009 and helped many people get started investing in notes. She frequently consults in real estate transactions that involve owner financing and buys & sells real estate in the Reno-Tahoe area. She loves to use her expertise to increase homeownership in her local market. She helps retirees understand how to escape the wealth vampires on Wall Street and safely increase their accounts while doing something good for the community. When we understand “the dance between property & paper”, we can create home-grown financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to become a successful owner-financier
  • Why you shouldn’t rely solely on Washington and Wall Street for financial security
  • Alternative investments to diversify your holdings
  • The importance of properly creating your notes to get paid top dollar
  • Solid retirement income strategies that don’t rely on traditional financial institutions
  • How to use non-traditional real estate strategies to help your community and build a legacy for yourself and your heirs
  • Why mobile homes on land are a great place to get started in the seller-financed real estate investment market
  • How Dawn’s ebook “Seller Financing on Steroids” can help spur your success
  • Information about creating affordable housing options that are a wise investment
  • Why the traditional financial system is a stacked deck against the average citizen
  • Ways that financial freedom is not always about the money
  • How to trust yourself and grow your business your own unique way


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