Problem Properties | How to Generate Revenue Via Owner Finance

Episode 161:

Problem Properties | How to Generate Revenue Via Owner Finance

Mac Ford Jr. is from Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from University of Mississippi with a degree in Managerial Finance. After graduation, he started in the insurance sector. He saw an opportunity to be a mentee under Mitch and decided to take full advantage. He has been in the real estate field for a little over a year and has grown a true passion for the industry. With Mitch’s guidance and expertise, he is turning many problem properties into revenue churning vehicles via owner finance.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The predicament that Mac was in and how he got there
  • Why you should find a good property manager to work with
  • The value of finding tenants who will stay and take care of the property
  • How marketing has helped substantially with Mac’s problem properties
  • What Mac’s negative cash-flow was 12 months ago and how it’s improved
  • How LiveComm was instrumental in helping Mac to sell problem properties
  • Why finding a qualified buyer is so difficult
  • How Mac turned things around with the properties that he was buying
  • The power of changing your mindset
  • The importance of just sticking with it and seeing things through


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