Ron Douglas | Take Your Business to 6 Figures in Less Than 6 Months

Episode 160:

Ron Douglas | Take Your Business to 6 Figures in Less Than 6 Months

Ron Douglas is a husband and father of 8. Kicked out of high school in the tenth grade, Ron went to street racing and broke his back in a car accident at 18. He was paralyzed from the waist down and learned to walk again, making a full recovery. He became a prison guard at 19 and was on the riot team by 20. He worked death row from 22-24 and gained a unique perspective on life while there.

He has been an entrepreneur since he was 24 and has started and sold many companies. He has started several companies that were making over $1M in the first 12 months of operations. Ron has been on Discovery Channels Blue Collar Backer TV series for season 1. Realizing how much time it took away from his family, he turned down the offer for five more seasons and continues to help people on a more personal level. He has been featured in NY Times, MSNBC, CBS, and FOX. He is the author of Six Figures in Six Months and loves the art of creating business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The story behind how Ron joined Discovery Channel’s Blue Collar Backer TV series
  • What inspired Ron to write his book, “Six Figures in Six Months”
  • What business owners tend to do wrong most often
  • The importance of liking to sell if you own a business
  • Why you shouldn’t take on every opportunity that comes your way
  • One of Ron’s biggest successes
  • The best way to help yourself
  • Why you shouldn’t hire family or friends
  • Why there is nothing to it but to do it


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