Real Estate CRM | Systems to Use in Your Real Estate Business

Episode 166:

Real Estate CRM | Systems to Use in Your Real Estate Business

Shane Kidwell is a full-time branch manager and mortgage advisor for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation who loves to help people. He graduated from the University of Washington and continues to make the Seattle area his home with his beautiful wife and dog Lola.

Prior to getting into lending, Shane was a full-time fireman working at the busiest station on the West Coast. You will quickly find out that his life as a fireman bleeds into everything he does. From open, direct communication to proactively preparing his clients for success, it’s a part of who Shane is. He prefers to work really fast!

He will never turn down a good cup of coffee and loves educating people on wise long-term financial decisions. Shane believes that making it right and being honest (at all times) is better than making an extra dollar.

Lending is stressful and involves a lot of mutual trust and strong communication. Shane would love to introduce you to his family-oriented approach and become your trusted advisor.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Shane implemented systems and organization into the mortgage lending business
  • Why you need to be clear on the types of clients that you serve
  • How partnering with a tech company helped Shane to expand his company’s sphere of influence
  • Building systems that work for small and large real estate organizations
  • Streamlining client communications with BombBomb
  • Why you need to be consistent with your touches to prospects
  • The real estate CRM that’s built for real estate and how you can get a discount on it
  • The real estate CRM Shane is offering a discount on
  • Why you’re going to be left behind if you’re not embracing technology


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