How to Work with Community Banks and Private Money

Episode 194:

As an author of one of the top real estate investing books, MY LIFE AND 1,000 HOUSES, Mitch Stephen hosts real estate investing seminars and teaches real estate investing classes to help anyone who wants to create additional income through real estate investing.  From real estate investing 101 to advanced real estate coaching, Mitch Stephen has guided many real estate agents to advanced success!

With extensive real estate experience, Mitch’s guest Mike Wallace helps buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives. He has a broad knowledge of communities located within the Southeastern Wisconsin area and works diligently on his clients’ behalf to make their home buying or selling experience a pleasant and successful one. He is committed to helping people sell their home or property in a timely fashion while attaining the highest possible price for their real estate.

What you’ll learn about in this real estate investing podcast episode:

  • Mental roadblocks that prevent people from going after private money and what you can do to overcome them
  • Options to consider once the initial term of the investment is up that continue to make you money as the investor
  • Reasons selling notes is something investors might wish to avoid
  • Why smaller banks are preferable to larger banks for getting financing that is a little outside the box
  • Why private lenders are even better for getting creative financing that goes more than a little outside the traditional lending box
  • How real estate investors really win when they have people competing to offer them money
  • The reason bringing in a bookkeeper may be the most important thing you can do when just starting out
  • The importance of building relationships when investing in real estate
  • Creating a rinse and repeat formula for your business and why it’s the real difference maker
  • Things to avoid when dealing with traditional lenders, like prepayment penalties

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