Real Estate Marketing Techniques | Get More Leads and Deals Online

Episode 97:

Real Estate Marketing Techniques | Get More Leads and Deals Online

Dan Barrett helps real estate investors get more leads and deals online through various real estate marketing techniques.

Dan is Head Nerd at AdWords Nerds, the world’s largest Google Partner agency working only with real estate investors. He’s managed over a million dollars a year in client ad spend, found hundreds of real estate deals for his clients, and been behind extensive experimentation and original research into lead generation for REI.

Dan and his team have worked with investors and companies like Joe McCall, Alex Joungblood, Tom Krol, 1-800-Fair-Offer, Investor Carrot, Investor Fuse, and more. Their unique “Lead Stacking” process helps investors automate 90% of their lead acquisition process, so they can get more leads in the door while working less.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Google AdWords & Google Search Ads work
  • Real Estate Marketing Techniques: Behavioral ad targeting & how to retarget people who visit your website
  • A new ad method that targets your direct mail list online
  • How to improve the quality of online leads
  • Why direct mail is the default marketing tool for real estate investing
  • How to stand out from your competitors in a crowded marketing space
  • Strategies that you can use if you have a smaller ad budget
  • The importance of understanding how online advertising can benefit your business
  • Why utilizing Google AdWords may not be the best option for everyone
  • How to monetize a higher percentage of your leads


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