Flipping for Profit | The Ultimate Guide to Getting 7 Minute Leads

Episode 96:

Flipping for Profit | The Ultimate 7 Minute Leads

Jamel Gibbs is a successful real estate investor, marketer, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, and mentor.

He is the owner of Mill Street Properties LLC, a successful real estate investing firm. He is also the owner of the REI Education Academy LLC, which is a successful real estate investment education firm and publishing company that teaches their clients how to build successful real estate investing businesses.

Jamel Gibbs is the author of the Best Selling Flip for Profits Manifesto as well as the creator of several home study training and membership programs that include the Real Estate REPO Riches System, The Wholesale Cash Generator System, The Flip Vault Inner Circle Club, The REI Xtreme Access Club, The Instant Wholesaler Training Program, The Property Umbrella Blueprint Training Program, and The How to Flip for Profits Double Video Series.

More recently, Jamel Gibbs has adapted his training for investors in today’s market with products like the 30K Pay Days System, and other unreleased products that are coming soon.

Jamel coaches and consults people all across the country in an effort to help them achieve true financial freedom through real estate investing. and.

He has helped thousands of students become real estate investors and he can also help you too. His coaching program takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the process of flipping for profit.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jamel’s “Flip for Profits Manifesto” book
  • What a typical month and overall year look like for Jamel in the real estate business
  • Time and freedom – why you should value these two things the most
  • Why it shouldn’t be about the number of deals you do, but rather profitability and your quality of life
  • Flipping for profit tip: Things to look for in rehab deals in order to get a quick sale
  • How offering incentives can help you sell a property faster
  • How appraisers can quickly kill deals and why you need to challenge them
  • Flipping for profit tip: A ‘cheat sheet’ on how to find motivated sellers
  • Marketing and driving leads – what separates people who make money or don’t make money in the real estate business
  • Why you need tenacity and patience to succeed in any business, not just real estate
  • Using wholesaling as a gateway to get into rehabbing


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