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Episode 46:

Emilio DiSpirito is a Realtor, Team Leader of the DiSpirito Team, national radio show affiliate with Real Estate Radio Network and co-owner of EnterMyHomeOnMLS. Founded in 2013, the DiSpirito Team ranks top 6 out of nearly 5,000 agents in Rhode Island for real estate units sold and sales volume. With a commanding 1% market share, nearly 1 out of every 100 homes sold in Rhode Island are facilitated by the DiSpirito Team.

In 2014, Emilio was offered to host a radio show on iHeartradio through the Real Estate Radio Network covering Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts. Having launched over 200 radio shows around the country, the network seeks top tier real estate professionals. Each year, Emilio’s show, the Round Table educates, empowers and engages nearly half million American’s to take advantage of the real estate and financial markets through radio, podcasts, emails, blogs & social media.

Emilio is working feverishly on bringing the service, marketing, technology and principles that have caused the DiSpirito Team explosive growth to agents and brokers nationally. His dream is to allow professionals the opportunity to earn high incomes and to stimulate and give back to their local communities.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why realtors need to stop with automated MLS listings
  • Why investors asking too much starts the investor-realtor relationship out on the wrong foot
  • Why realtors need to stop taking camera phone photos of properties
  • Pay to play: giving realtors incentive to sell your property
  • Enter My Home: Emilio’s new flat fee listing service
  • Constantly working on the relationship with realtors who get it
  • Why your reputation is the biggest asset that you have


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