Average Guy Buys Notes

Episode 242:

Scott Arpan started brokering seller carryback notes in 1994. As he gained experience, his company grew to six people. Scott bought as many notes as he could while brokering; enough to cover expenses. When the subprime lenders disrupted the seller carryback note market, he moved his focus to rehabbing homes and non-performing notes. As the note business roared back from it’s recessionary lows, his focus returned to seller carryback notes which are his passion.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Scott’s his history of experience in the business of buying and selling real estate notes
  • How Scott made his first note purchase and why it led him to find his career path
  • How Scott turned a small $10,000 IRA into a seven-figure account
  • Scott’s story of the best note he ever bought and how he turned a surprising profit
  • What advantages and risks are associated with purchasing notes and why doing your due diligence is crucial
  • Why the option to cash out early can be advantageous in note-buying
  • Why controlling the terms of the deal can be at least as valuable as getting a discount on the price
  • Why creativity and flexibility are the key to making money in real estate notes


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