Sharon Vornholt: Mining in Probate

Episode 253:

Sharon Vornholt has been investing in real estate in the Louisville, KY area since 1998. In addition to being a full-time investor, she is the creator of the Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog and hosts a popular podcast called “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing”. Sharon writes articles for a number of sites for real estate investors, and she is a regular contributor to REI Wealth Magazine. She is also a coach, a mentor and hosts several live events every year.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Sharon specializes in probate, marketing and branding; and how she got involved in real estate
  • Sharon’s advice for getting started in probate and for tracking down leads and getting probate lists
  • Why you only need to know the name and address of the deceased and the name and address of the executor
  • Why it’s vitally important to make connections and form relationships of trust with probate attorneys
  • How persistence can be the pillar of successful direct mailing campaigns, especially in probate homes
  • Why Sharon doesn’t mail to surviving spouses, and why she likes using professional letters
  • How to use Bonjoro Video Email to reach out to prospective sellers and get their attention
  • Why the key to success in probate real estate is maintaining momentum and sending repeated, low-key contact


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