Tiny House Benefits | Everything You Need to Know

Episode 86:

Tiny House Benefits | Everything You Need to Know

Steve is a passionate force within his agency. He has a deep understanding of the home and building industry and brings valuable insights on current trends and how they relate to consumers, architects, distributors, builders, remodelers, designers, and manufacturers. Steve’s past presentations and white papers include an exploration of Small Spaces, Social Media and Search as it relates to ROI… and consumer trends in relation to specific demographic groups.

He is president of the National Remodeling Foundation and the immediate past president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Center for Kitchen and Bath Education and Research. He can talk about real estate, housing trends, the state of the housing economy, he can give a recap of IBS and K/BIS 2017.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Steve’s background
  • Why the tiny house trend is so popular with baby boomers
  • The tiny house benefits you need to know
  • Why we need to be building better, not bigger, with tiny homes
  • The future of building tiny house communities
  • The sustainability of tiny homes
  • What people look for when purchasing a tiny home
  • The average cost of a tiny home
  • Why more tiny homes pop-up in urban spaces vs. suburban areas
  • Popular reasons for owning a tiny home


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