Tony Javier: Leveraging Your Relationships With Like-Minded People

Episode 185:

Tony Javier: Leveraging Your Relationships With Like-Minded People

Tony Javier is known as one of the top Residential Real Estate Investors in the U.S. and a speaker/trainer. Tony started his Real Estate Investing career in 2001 in Wichita, KS but now resides in San Diego, CA while his team runs his Real Estate Investing operation back in Kansas. Tony now dedicates his time to helping other Real Estate Professionals grow their businesses. He focuses on working smart by surrounding yourself with the best people, automating your processes and more importantly investing in the most important Real Estate you have; your mind.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Tony’s background and how he started buying properties with no money down
  • The challenges Tony faced starting his real estate business
  • What Tony’s first deals were like in the beginning
  • A tactic seasoned investors use to buy properties
  • How Tony made money and rolled the profits back into purchasing more properties
  • Why flipping houses works great during an economic downturn
  • The various marketing strategies Tony apples to fill his pipeline
  • The importance of why real estate investors need to be aware of the decisions they make for their business.
  • Lessons learned during the recession
  • Why you should not rely on banks or institutions to acquire properties
  • How to find greate private investors
  • What it takes to run a real estate business from a different state
  • Three things you need to have in place for your real estate business in order for it to succeed
  • The importance of investing in your employees
  • How Tony helps real estate investors find financial freedom
  • How mastermind groups can build a strong network for real estate investors
  • The importance of hiring the right people and creating a systematized business


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